#emc | Logs for 2004-11-12

[00:16:33] <paul_c> Hi Ray.
[00:34:36] <rayh> Hi Paul
[00:35:19] <paul_c> first successful install from BDI-3.xx last night
[00:39:22] <rayh> Really. That's great. Got past the script problems?
[00:39:35] <paul_c> A couple of issues to resolve
[00:40:05] <paul_c> No mount points for cdrom & floppy created
[00:43:22] <rayh> That is one of the issues that I have with morphix and knoppix when installed.
[00:44:02] <rayh> Even 2xx gets into a bind between automount or supermount or whatever they use.
[00:50:57] <paul_c> If it comes down to it, I can do some trickery in a post-config script
[01:10:23] <rayh> What auto mounter do you like? Or do you like automount?
[01:11:49] <paul_c> supermount has been pretty reliable for me
[01:12:58] <rayh> Okay. Is that the one where the icons need to point to the directory rather than the device?
[01:14:39] <paul_c> yes..
[01:17:10] <rayh> Good. I had a few issues with live. Everytime you crossed / while looking at the fs it hung while it tried to load floppies and cdrom.
[01:17:40] <rayh> Might have had something to do with the transparent directories.
[01:18:16] <paul_c> Live also uses supermount
[01:18:49] <paul_c> The way round this would be to have the cdrom/floppy mount points in /mnt (for example)
[01:20:35] <rayh> cause supermount looks at the directory tree one step down?
[01:21:16] <pfred1_> rayh trees have branches not steps :)
[01:21:23] <rayh> right.
[01:21:34] <rayh> It's still to early for me.
[01:21:37] <pfred1_> unless you're swiss family robinson
[01:21:42] <rayh> Bad night.
[01:21:51] <pfred1_> oh yeah?
[01:22:00] <rayh> Or star wars.
[01:22:54] <pfred1_> hey is there like an emc rom you can put into any linux distro that's rpm based?
[01:22:57] <pfred1_> rpm even
[01:23:11] <pfred1_> s/rom/rpm/g;
[01:23:24] <rayh> I like the idea of /mnt/floppy and /mnt/cdrom but is Linux moving away from this?
[01:23:42] <pfred1_> rayh I think that was always a distro thing
[01:23:43] <rayh> pfred1_: ouch!
[01:23:58] <rayh> Okay.
[01:24:04] <pfred1_> /mnt is like linux standard anything under it is anyone's game
[01:24:23] <pfred1_> tho that's how i happen to do it create dirs in /mnt
[01:24:25] <rayh> pfred1_: The problem with an rpm of EMC is that you need a real-time kernel
[01:24:29] <paul_c> pfred1_: There is an emc.rpm around
[01:24:32] <pfred1_> that and make aliases to do common mounts
[01:24:49] <rayh> Then that kernel has to play nice with the distro.
[01:25:04] <pfred1_> yeah you'd have to make special kernel I'd imagine
[01:25:52] <paul_c> It gets a lot more involved than that....
[01:26:07] <pfred1_> heh suse makes some funny aliases for you
[01:26:11] <pfred1_> alias unmount='echo "Error: Try the command: umount" 1>&2; false'
[01:26:55] <pfred1_> I knew a guy once that scripted his whole shell for every possible typo and the shell would give out jokes for each
[01:27:01] <cradek> on our CSE machine on campus we had alias la='echo la laaa la laaalala!'
[01:27:21] <pfred1_> cradek yeah sounds like guy I knew was there
[01:30:20] <rayh> Installing an old MS 98 on laptop so I can do some PLC programming...
[01:30:26] <pfred1_> hmmm Some Linux kernel security vulnerabilities http://lwn.net/Articles/110486/
[01:31:09] <pfred1_> just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water
[01:32:01] <pfred1_> is emc 2.4.X or 2.6.X based these days?
[01:32:36] <rayh> most of the users are 2.2.x Sherline and such.
[01:32:49] <rayh> Live users are 2.4.x
[01:33:07] <paul_c> Some still hang on to 2.0.36
[01:33:12] <pfred1_> 2.2 the good old days well actually i liked 2.0 better than 2.2 2.2 had to have been my least favorite version
[01:33:20] <pfred1_> 2.0.36 best linux kernel ever!
[01:33:25] <rayh> I got one of those here someplace.
[01:33:40] <pfred1_> that's when Linux was Linux
[01:34:38] <rayh> By the time you added 09j to the kernel and compiled emc...
[01:35:01] <rayh> and started four emc parts each in their own terminal...
[01:35:08] <rayh> you were way out there.
[01:35:22] <CIA-1> 03alex_joni 07auto_configure_0_1 * 10emc2/ (configure configure.in): fixed a stupid typo
[01:36:17] <rayh> Hey. Did all the ms-98 product keys contain a "4Q"?
[01:36:50] <pfred1_> rayh I thought someone came up wiht a hack to generate fake keys that'd work
[01:37:09] <pfred1_> something about they were divisible by some number or something and they were valid
[01:37:19] <rayh> Probably within a few hours of the first release.
[01:37:49] <pfred1_> I got a cracked MS-DOS 6.22 here with a serian number of FFFFFFF
[01:38:09] <pfred1_> some guy at a computer store gave it to me
[01:38:46] <rayh> That was a DOS! My floppies died a few years ago. Wish I still had them.
[01:39:13] <pfred1_> yeah i should see if mine still anygood could post them for you then dd would probably copy them OK
[01:39:25] <pfred1_> actually i think i burned them to a CD
[01:39:33] <pfred1_> just so they wouldn't die
[01:40:15] <pfred1_> my MASM died and I could never get another copy that pissed me off!
[01:40:33] <rayh> My connection is so darn slow. I can watch the bits coming down the wire.
[01:40:36] <pfred1_> MASM was cool!
[01:40:49] <pfred1_> it's only 6 floppies dial ups can get that
[01:41:07] <pfred1_> I installed slackware 3.4 off a dial up
[01:41:13] <pfred1_> all 128MB of it!
[01:41:39] <pfred1_> I thought it was so elite to download a whole OS over the Internet back then and run it today I think nothing of it
[01:43:06] <pfred1_> rayh a guy I knew on the net and I figured out a way to increase bandwidth we'd mail HDDs back and forth to each other 80GB in 2 days is some bandwidth!
[01:43:49] <cradek> Never underestimate the bandwidth of a station wagon full of magtapes.
[01:43:53] <rayh> No kidding. That is fast.
[01:43:55] <pfred1_> yup
[01:44:10] <pfred1_> yeah we'd share movies that way
[01:44:38] <pfred1_> my upload is only like 29 kb/s it's pretty slow
[01:44:41] <rayh> My second computer experience was with an IBM 360-50 and the disks were loadable.
[01:45:15] <rayh> I once asked for a large core job 512 bytes as I remember.
[01:45:35] <pfred1_> the HDDs in the PDP 11/34 i gutted were pull outs I think well i pulled them out at anyrate :)
[01:46:00] <pfred1_> you should see the rolling cabinet i made out of it
[01:46:25] <pfred1_>
[01:46:40] <pfred1_> the drawers are the HDD cases
[01:47:08] <rayh> Used a pdp-10 when it was new!
[01:47:32] <pfred1_> well I'm still using this PDP for storage
[01:48:01] <pfred1_> the metal rack was probably the best thing I got out of it
[01:48:28] <pfred1_> a geek wristwatch has more horsepower than that thing had!
[01:48:58] <pfred1_> we stil lwant to make a go kart out of the HDD spindles
[01:50:28] <rayh> nice cabnet.
[01:50:57] <pfred1_> oh thanks yeah nice drawer slides
[01:51:14] <pfred1_> they like full extention types I had to put them to some sort of use
[01:51:44] <pfred1_> here's the coolest page on my site print it out hang it in your shop!
[01:52:06] <pfred1_> I looked all over the net for a file like that couldn't find one so I made it myself
[01:52:36] <paul_c> eeuww... Funny fraction thingies.
[01:52:58] <paul_c> What is this "inches" bit ?
[01:53:02] <pfred1_> paul_c welcome to the world of real machining
[01:53:11] <pfred1_> metric is crap!
[01:54:01] <cradek> americans are loony for using this
[01:54:05] <pfred1_> what size is that nut? why it's 10mm they all are!
[01:54:09] <paul_c> 'pends where your market is
[01:54:11] <cradek> but, thanks for the chart
[01:54:25] <pfred1_> I hate metric hardware it sucks
[01:54:47] <paul_c> * paul_c doesn't have a choice.
[01:56:07] <pfred1_> when i went to school we tried metric for a whole 2 weeks
[01:56:12] <pfred1_> the whole country did
[01:56:20] <pfred1_> back like in the 70s
[01:56:45] <cradek> well my Ford is all metric today
[01:56:48] <pfred1_> lets just say that it didn't go over very big
[01:57:15] <cradek> when I'm working on it and the 11 wrench is too small, I get the 12
[01:57:23] <pfred1_> yeah well auto manufacturers don't do things ot make thing easier or better it's not business smart for them to
[01:57:46] <cradek> I don't understand what you mean
[01:57:59] <pfred1_> if a car was anygood why would someone want to buy another one?
[01:58:20] <pfred1_> auto industry survives with the idea that you buy a new car every two years
[01:58:31] <cradek> that's a good question about everything
[01:58:45] <pfred1_> well autos it's especially bad
[01:58:48] <cradek> one possible answer is "for the new style"
[01:59:12] <cradek> another is "to look wealthy"
[01:59:17] <cradek> another is "to keep up with the joneses"
[01:59:21] <pfred1_> they could make you a car today that'd be fuel effecient and last you a lifetime
[01:59:29] <cradek> this is what advertising does
[01:59:32] <pfred1_> but then the rich wouldn't get richer
[02:00:22] <cradek> fwiw, I have a 50 year old car
[02:00:27] <cradek> I do the work on it myself, and it runs great
[02:00:32] <pfred1_> what kind?
[02:00:35] <cradek> 52 chevy
[02:00:43] <pfred1_> probably handles like a dream
[02:00:53] <pfred1_> a dream you wake up from in a cold sweat
[02:01:01] <cradek> ... except for the 1/4 turn of slack in the steering
[02:01:12] <pfred1_> US cars never handled anygood
[02:01:22] <pfred1_> they drive like couches with wheels on them
[02:01:24] <cradek> it drives nice but it's not practical - top speed of about 65, bad emissions, no safety equipment, etc.
[02:01:35] <cradek> so there's reason to buy new cars.
[02:01:49] <pfred1_> yeah put something through the windshield today and shiver violently
[02:02:02] <pfred1_> it doesn't have safety glass!
[02:02:17] <cradek> or seat belts or air bags or turn signals
[02:02:26] <pfred1_> try to trade up to the 57 much more classic
[02:02:43] <cradek> * cradek shrugs
[02:02:49] <cradek> it's just a toy. I have a real car.
[02:03:02] <pfred1_> well 57s are cooler toys
[02:03:31] <pfred1_> why it only go 65 MPH?
[02:03:37] <pfred1_> it should do at least 90
[02:03:44] <cradek> uh right
[02:04:00] <pfred1_> what's it got in it a 265?
[02:04:04] <cradek> 216
[02:04:16] <cradek> it might go 90 down a steep hill in neutral
[02:04:34] <pfred1_> this doesn't sound like the most fun toy to me
[02:04:54] <rayh> I had a 216 once. File the rod caps or pour new babbit to stop the clanking.
[02:04:55] <pfred1_> my toy goes over 150 how far over i well I don't got the guts to find out truth be told
[02:05:13] <pfred1_> because at 150 I get awfully religious
[02:05:33] <cradek> my real car is a modern mustang with tires only rated to 120
[02:05:43] <cradek> you gotta watch those tire ratings
[02:05:43] <pfred1_> so you do it on a cool day
[02:06:30] <pfred1_> when i go fast i do it like 3:30 AM
[02:07:29] <cradek> I set the cruise at 90 on the interstate, but any faster than that is a bad idea.
[02:08:33] <pfred1_> only ford i ever liked was the shelby cobra
[02:08:51] <pfred1_> the 289s were cool
[02:09:03] <pfred1_> the 427s front end slid too much
[02:26:50] <pfred1_> Kerry went over to Bush's place to concede the election in person. Bush asked Kerry, "Why the long face?"
[02:35:22] <rayh> paul_c: Installing suse now using YAST. Interesting.
[02:35:35] <pfred1_> rayh woo go SuSE!
[02:36:11] <pfred1_> rayh what version?
[02:37:26] <rayh> enterprise server 9 eval
[02:37:48] <pfred1_> yeah seems like after 8.2 suse got a little funny about the freebie releases
[02:38:13] <pfred1_> I guess they want people ot buy the disc sets
[02:38:17] <rayh> Got this with one of the mags I read.
[02:38:31] <pfred1_> it still should be pretty sharp
[02:38:40] <rayh> The limitations is probably a novel thing.
[02:38:57] <rayh> YAST is an interesting installer.
[02:39:05] <pfred1_> well use was always funny about the freebie vers like not too many isos
[02:39:11] <pfred1_> yast or yast2?
[02:39:24] <pfred1_> probably yast2
[02:39:32] <rayh> Must have been 2
[02:40:00] <pfred1_> my copy of suse has both
[02:40:08] <pfred1_> yast2 is pretty nice
[02:40:38] <pfred1_> I should download a mirror of the ftp site
[02:40:55] <pfred1_> I got an old 9.0 on this system I use on my network
[02:41:20] <rayh> I'm curious to see how this looks for configuration.
[02:41:46] <pfred1_> yeah thing about yasts is check the runlevel editor out lots of stuff you'd expect to find someplace else is actually in the runlevel editor
[02:41:51] <pfred1_> so give that a good looking over
[02:42:17] <pfred1_> you can actually do almost all system admin through yast2 if you look hard enough
[02:42:39] <rayh> Okay.
[02:42:55] <pfred1_> heck the few things I didn't find i probably didn't look hard enough myself
[02:43:03] <rayh> * rayh is a network idiot.
[02:43:17] <pfred1_> well suse makes it all pretty point click and shoot
[02:43:17] <rayh> sneakernet here still.
[02:43:30] <pfred1_> like you can setup your nfs through it
[02:43:37] <rayh> I never could figure out the dialup interface to a network.
[02:43:47] <pfred1_> you can do masquerading
[02:43:53] <pfred1_> that's under firewall config
[02:44:06] <pfred1_> just say yes to firewall then yes to masq
[02:44:15] <pfred1_> and you'll setup NAT
[02:44:26] <rayh> I'll have to have you help when I get this installed.
[02:44:40] <pfred1_> then any PC behind the masq box you just tell it that the masq box is it's gateway
[02:44:50] <pfred1_> and it's on the Internet!
[02:44:56] <rayh> My box has a winmodem that I've got to setup with linmodem before I can get it on line.
[02:45:18] <pfred1_> suse usually really good with hardware detection and configuration you'll have to put it to the test
[02:45:36] <rayh> Should I set up a separate box for the gateway rather than the box I surf with?
[02:46:04] <pfred1_> well my main PC I have direct to the net because masq can have some issues with passing packets sometimes
[02:46:25] <pfred1_> then all my other PCs around the house are on secondary NIC to a switch out to rest of my LAN
[02:46:43] <pfred1_> so I can like web browse or what have you from other boxes
[02:47:01] <rayh> Okay. That sounds like something similar would work for me.
[02:47:16] <pfred1_> yeah it's simple but useful
[02:47:48] <pfred1_> essentially unless you try really complex networking things you're pretty much connected to the Internet on any system
[02:48:04] <rayh> suse shows a 2.6.5 kernel.
[02:48:13] <pfred1_> like if I'm in the celler fiddling wiht my electronics i can google a part number
[02:48:21] <rayh> I need demand dialing and such.
[02:48:22] <pfred1_> yeah suse uses the 2.6 now
[02:48:41] <pfred1_> well we'll have to see how all of that works
[02:48:46] <pfred1_> I got cable always on
[02:49:04] <rayh> Lucky. 6 miles to the nearest cable.
[02:49:09] <pfred1_> RX bytes:1073636352 (1023.8 Mb) TX bytes:91325828 (87.0 Mb)
[02:49:14] <pfred1_> my ISP lubz me :)
[02:49:22] <rayh> I guess.
[02:49:46] <pfred1_> heck comcast been pretty good they reliable haven't evne changed out my IP since i signed up with them
[02:50:11] <pfred1_> only thing that sucked is they auth with NICs HWaddr
[02:50:35] <pfred1_> so when the cable guys showed up I had old box with win98 on it they hooked that up then when they left i had to take NIC ouf ot that system put into this one
[02:50:58] <rayh> Ah.
[02:51:00] <pfred1_> then I was good to go!
[02:51:07] <pfred1_> yeah they don't do Linux
[02:51:25] <pfred1_> I'm living for the day when companies do!
[02:51:26] <rayh> I've got a whole pile of lightning fried modems in the corner.
[02:51:37] <pfred1_> heck i could mail ya a stack of modems
[02:51:42] <pfred1_> I save them when i gut PCs
[02:51:51] <pfred1_> US Robotics!
[02:51:53] <rayh> Really.
[02:51:59] <pfred1_> yeah I'
[02:52:13] <pfred1_> yeah I'll probably snag a PC today kinda hankering for one and gotta hit the dumps
[02:52:16] <rayh> Anything faster than 19k is more than enough here.
[02:52:28] <rayh> Where you located?
[02:52:38] <pfred1_> this town pretty rich people throw out perfectly good stuffs
[02:52:58] <pfred1_> http://www.city-data.com/city/Summit-New-Jersey.html
[02:53:16] <pfred1_> one thing I'll miss when i move from here is the town dumps
[02:53:23] <rayh> Not many of those kind round here.
[02:53:29] <pfred1_> you wouldn't believe the electronics they toss
[02:53:58] <pfred1_> last time I was there i picked up this thing called an HP Kayak 450 II
[02:54:21] <pfred1_> it basically works
[02:54:50] <rayh> I was near there once working for a clockmaker.
[02:54:59] <pfred1_> but I'm going to strip it for parts because overall performance is lackluster
[02:55:11] <pfred1_> yeah everything around here
[02:55:21] <pfred1_> not going to miss that so much too crowded!
[02:56:17] <pfred1_> I could mail you a few modems though I mean what am i going to do with them?
[02:56:38] <rayh> That would be great.
[02:56:51] <pfred1_> they out of like Compaqs or HPs
[02:56:58] <pfred1_> I was looking at them the other day
[02:56:58] <rayh> Where you moving to?
[02:57:03] <pfred1_> Delaware
[02:57:12] <pfred1_> much better tax structure
[02:57:25] <pfred1_> that's the understatement of the eon!
[02:57:37] <pfred1_> here they're out of control!
[02:57:44] <rayh> Okay. Drove through once. Took about 8 minutes on the freeway.
[02:57:52] <pfred1_> I78 ?
[02:58:06] <rayh> Big bridge is all I remember.
[02:58:12] <pfred1_> hmmm
[02:58:37] <pfred1_> Median house value: $469,200 (year 2000)
[02:58:44] <pfred1_> be nice to gat that for this place!
[02:58:57] <pfred1_> I'm thinking more like 400K
[02:59:15] <pfred1_> this isn't the "better" side of town really
[02:59:32] <rayh> Way up there compared to here. 18.5 for a corner lot with 2 story 3 bdrm.
[03:00:21] <pfred1_> wow!
[03:00:43] <pfred1_> that's reasonable
[03:02:57] <rayh> That was a couple years ago. Got my place on a lake for <50
[03:03:09] <pfred1_> woo waterfront
[03:03:13] <pfred1_> I'm jealous!
[03:03:37] <rayh> Course there are the downsides, snow and bugs and a 2 mile gravel driveway
[03:05:28] <pfred1_> snow? where I'm going the locals tell me it's always gone by noontime
[03:05:33] <rayh> Upside is few neighbors. area wide there are about 1.2 humans per acre.
[03:05:41] <pfred1_> I'm kind of looking forward to that!
[03:06:05] <pfred1_> hmm axe murderer in the neighborhood?
[03:06:07] <rayh> I'm guessing, you'll like it.
[03:06:25] <pfred1_> * pfred1_ thinks how that .2 of a human got onto an acre ...
[03:07:39] <pfred1_> yeah my whole life i've lived here and it was OK up until this one neighboor moved next door
[03:08:03] <pfred1_> so I'll give them a little going away present when i sell :)
[03:08:17] <pfred1_> I'll sell the place to Dominican gangsters
[03:08:25] <pfred1_> then they cna say something to them!
[03:09:00] <pfred1_> they'll be the .2 of the humans hanging in the shower!
[03:09:48] <rayh> Musta counted while he was relieving himself through the fence.
[03:10:41] <pfred1_> looking out my one window I can count 14 houses wihtout trying too hard
[03:10:59] <pfred1_> it's just too crowded here!
[03:11:28] <pfred1_> and to think my town is raking everyone $7K a year of better in taxes!
[03:11:42] <pfred1_> what do they do with it all?
[03:12:59] <rayh> Ouch. I thought 1k was bad.
[03:13:11] <pfred1_> like i said they're out of control here
[03:13:33] <pfred1_> this town isn't evne the worst in the area but it's pretty high up there
[03:13:44] <pfred1_> new providence it's worse
[03:14:05] <pfred1_> new providence one of the Enron crooks came from there
[03:14:17] <pfred1_> kid younger than me
[03:14:23] <rayh> Okay. That sounds abour right.
[03:14:45] <pfred1_> shows ya the strong morals built in this ara huh?
[03:14:50] <pfred1_> area even
[03:17:39] <rayh> what's a moral these days?
[03:18:28] <pfred1_> I honestly don't know I used to think people had some scruples
[03:20:23] <pfred1_> OK I'm off for a bit to finish up the yard then go shopping at the dumps bbl
[03:20:41] <rayh> Catch you later.
[03:48:49] <paul_c> hey Ray - It looks like we will be using autofs in place of supermount....
[03:57:55] <rayh> The new suse uses an auto show when you stuff a cd in.
[04:03:37] <paul_c> Gotta take a look at that and see how it is set up...
[04:09:32] <rayh> they use /media/cd and floppy
[04:10:19] <rayh> Don't see a module specifically for this.
[04:11:14] <rayh> There is a cdrom module
[04:12:05] <rayh> etc/fstab lists file type as subfs and there is a subfs module.
[04:20:07] <paul_c> there's some kernel compile time options that need to be set
[04:27:17] <rayh> Oh. That's how they do it.
[04:28:24] <rayh> I've decided I like the synaptic package manager better than yast. Just a first impression.
[04:30:08] <paul_c> There is a version of synaptic for RPM packages
[04:30:46] <paul_c> but I dn't want to go back to the rpm dependency nightmare
[04:31:35] <paul_c> gotta go & eat - Then go out for a couple of hours.
[04:32:00] <paul_c> * paul_c is away: Food and meetings
[04:49:31] <tbl> hey paul
[04:50:34] <tbl> pfred1_, the infamous fred proctor! How goes it?
[08:31:52] <gezr> wow, its been a while I guess
[08:38:32] <gezr> does robin still get on here?
[08:38:46] <gezr> im gonna guess paul_c is sleeping hahahaha
[09:16:37] <paul_c> * paul_c is back
[09:18:31] <gezr> howdy Paul
[09:20:06] <paul_c> Yo gezr
[09:20:06] <gezr> ive been trying to keep up with reading the list mails :)
[09:20:06] <gezr> lots of new folks and changes have been made for sure :)
[09:20:06] <gezr> how have you been?
[09:20:06] <paul_c> the list(s) have been fairly quiet...
[09:20:19] <paul_c> * paul_c has been busy with the next BDI variant
[09:20:20] <gezr> yeah thats true
[09:20:24] <gezr> oh cool
[09:20:41] <gezr> im using it as my firewall believe it or not, the last version I burned
[09:20:51] <paul_c> Live or 2.xx ?
[09:21:26] <gezr> live accually
[09:21:57] <gezr> I had a main drive failure almost a year ago, and I use live, with iptables, and I mount a scsi drive with all my settings on it, pretty neat
[09:23:08] <gezr> we using a rtlinux kernel?
[09:23:25] <paul_c> despite it's shortcomings, Live is pretty soid
[09:23:28] <gezr> I cant remember, Im going to get back into things during the comming weeks and try to pick up where I left off.
[09:23:54] <paul_c> Live uses 2.4.25 with the RTAI patches
[09:24:07] <gezr> I need to migrate a bunch of files to this box before I can get back into linux
[09:24:13] <gezr> oh okay, thats right,
[09:24:28] <gezr> I sorta perked up over the recent mails concerning i/o cards
[09:24:37] <paul_c> got some stuff in dev for a 2.6 kernel
[09:24:46] <gezr> oh cool
[09:24:59] <paul_c> but not sure if it should be committed just yet
[09:25:06] <gezr> I still keep wondering if usb has a use.
[09:25:42] <paul_c> the USB hardware screws up realtime support from what I've heard
[09:26:16] <gezr> I did a search a while back, closest thing was a usb camera and using what I imagine are the rtai calls to move the cameras positional motors via parallel
[09:27:20] <paul_c> I don't have any usb gadgets to plug in, so can't say for sure
[09:27:22] <gezr> I know I left a bunch of important words out, and steps
[09:28:05] <gezr> maybe thats something I can work with trying
[09:29:07] <gezr> it would be a good way to learn the things I need to learn, and it wont have me in the main mix of things
[09:30:21] <paul_c> You still looking at doing stuff with emc[1|2] ?
[09:30:35] <gezr> im just trying to find a place to start a new, with learning code, and things along those lines, I still dont have the capitol to start with the accual machine parts I need
[09:30:40] <gezr> well yeah ofcourse I am
[09:31:00] <gezr> I just needed a break from everything going on at that point in time when I had to go for a while
[09:31:58] <paul_c> There's always something that needs doing...
[09:32:11] <gezr> you know my level, im not very competent with things, packed full of ideas, and I can understand some things. others not so well, but maybe with the break I had Ill be able to look at things In a different way
[09:32:18] <paul_c> just pick an area to work on
[09:34:34] <paul_c> If any changes you want to make run the risk of breaking things, we can set you up in a cvs branch..
[09:35:58] <gezr> I dont know enough to be making changes, I found the last time I was looking at thigns it was still a bit large for me to comprehend, I have yet to look at HAL but I bet its very clean and more readly understandable to me
[09:36:46] <paul_c> * paul_c doesn't want to be drawn in to a discussion on HAL
[09:37:04] <gezr> some of the things such as the motion or generation of the motion I would like to learn, I understand G code completely, how the G code acculay is interputed to motion I dont know
[09:37:49] <gezr> I wasnt trying to draw you in, just a mention of it, I dont know enough about how the files in the code tie together, I was unable to accually find the parts that produced the "motion" for example
[09:37:52] <paul_c> the interp breaks each line of G code down into simple functions
[09:38:14] <paul_c> these functions are then passed to emcmot
[09:38:24] <paul_c> and converted in to motion
[09:38:44] <paul_c> (except for M most codes)
[10:03:53] <gezr> im sorry, im back now, had a phone call to deal with
[10:12:32] <paul_c> where did we get to ?
[10:14:08] <gezr> not too far, mainly looking for something simple to look at
[10:14:43] <gezr> were you guys able to remove everything you wanted to remove?
[10:15:03] <gezr> that was the last thing I was sorta involved with, I dont think I got very far but I was able to look at a lot of code
[10:16:02] <paul_c> cleaned out as much of the code that was incompatable with GPL as we could find.
[10:16:53] <gezr> oh that must have come after what I was looking into then
[10:16:58] <gezr> but thats good
[10:17:23] <paul_c> plenty of documentation left to do...
[10:17:55] <gezr> I dont know enough code to effectively document things
[10:18:16] <paul_c> there are several stages....
[10:18:46] <paul_c> adding doxygen tags to the functions
[10:18:57] <gezr> your using doxygen now?
[10:19:16] <paul_c> Some of the code has the tags needed.
[10:19:18] <gezr> I lost all of my stuff when I had that drive failure, really bummed me out,
[10:20:01] <gezr> I started understanding a lot of things, or more easly, when tinkering with ctags
[10:20:24] <paul_c> level two would be to add simple comments to go with the tags
[10:20:41] <paul_c> level three, write full descriptions
[10:22:46] <paul_c> other tasks on my list - Grep the code and add gettext tags
[10:23:24] <paul_c> and isolate translatable strings in the tcl code
[10:23:34] <gezr> do you currently have a server up with the current doxygen output file?
[10:23:38] <paul_c> both for i18n support
[10:24:08] <paul_c> no server with the doxygen docs
[10:24:30] <ottos> day gents
[10:24:41] <paul_c> figured it was better to supply the code and let the developer generate his/her own docs
[10:24:50] <paul_c> Morning ottos
[10:25:43] <gezr> okay, so I basically need to get a few things going then, get my other box cleaned up for a clean current install, get back in touch with my linux side and cvs down, install and learn doxygen, and start with that
[10:27:30] <paul_c> some of the code already has doxygen tags, and the config file is in cvs
[10:27:59] <paul_c> so you could use these as examples, or....
[10:28:16] <paul_c> pick a totally different task to take on.
[10:28:42] <gezr> im going to need to go ahead and get an instalable system ready first
[10:29:08] <paul_c> Live provides most of the base system
[10:29:32] <gezr> not that I think I can work on this, just asking but was the motion portion fixed that we had been discussing last year?
[10:30:19] <gezr> it involved the accual motion being smooth, its just been soo long
[10:30:26] <paul_c> not much work has been done with the core RT code since emc2 was created
[10:33:34] <paul_c> jmk has messed around with the variable names & structs, and re-written the homing sequence
[10:33:40] <gezr> it looks a lot cleaner since I last played with it
[10:34:02] <paul_c> * paul_c has added G33 support to the interp
[10:34:09] <gezr> when I was looking at it, versions for all sorts of archs existed, Im not seeing that
[10:34:31] <paul_c> zwisk & alex_joni have been working on autotools
[10:36:47] <paul_c> http://cia.navi.cx/stats/project/emc
[10:45:25] <paul_c> time for bed
[10:46:08] <paul_c> gezr: Have a look at emc2 and see what you want to do with it..
[19:10:47] <A-L-P-H-A> loggin what?
[22:08:55] <alex_joni> hello...
[22:09:51] <paul_c> Hi Alex
[22:10:18] <alex_joni> hey paul...
[22:10:30] <alex_joni> I've seen autoconf still doesn't work on BDI-TNG
[22:10:31] <alex_joni> :(
[22:10:58] <alex_joni> too bad I don't have a TNG here to test things out...
[22:12:26] <paul_c> I need to get some other work out of the way befre I can look at testing TNG
[22:12:55] <alex_joni> * alex_joni has been reading the FHS (Filesystem Hierarchy Standard) at http://www.pathname.com/fhs/
[22:14:58] <alex_joni> paul_c: no need to hurry...
[22:15:15] <alex_joni> TNG autoconf can wait
[22:19:30] <alex_joni> Fada an l�, go s�mh..
[23:54:25] <paul_c> Afternoon Ray
[23:54:40] <rayh> Hi paul
[23:55:50] <rayh> Got Tony on the line with a boot problem with the new disk.
[23:57:24] <paul_c> what's the prob ?
[23:58:35] <rayh> Boots back to the old system.