#emc | Logs for 2004-11-10

[04:22:14] <rayh> Hi Paul
[04:42:57] <paul_c> Hi Ray
[05:08:25] <alex_joni> g'evening
[05:10:11] <cradek> hello
[05:10:39] <alex_joni> hey... how's it going?
[05:10:54] <alex_joni> seen you did some more work on the plot3d
[05:11:12] <cradek> just a bugfix I think
[05:11:58] <cradek> I like the live plot now that it works right
[05:12:34] <alex_joni> ;)
[05:12:48] <cradek> too bad about the license.
[05:12:49] <alex_joni> I tested backplot (the tcl one) on a M$
[05:13:12] <alex_joni> I managed to run emc with ssh with X-forwarding
[05:13:20] <alex_joni> to a Cygwin/X server on M$
[05:13:33] <alex_joni> couldn't believe it's that easy...
[05:13:36] <alex_joni> and free .. btw
[05:13:45] <cradek> yeah I have several programmers that tunnel X with putty when they're at home
[05:13:58] <alex_joni> I do that a few years now...
[05:13:59] <cradek> vnc is faster
[05:14:08] <alex_joni> but I wasn't aware I could tunnel X too
[05:14:22] <alex_joni> at least not to windoze
[05:16:14] <alex_joni> * alex_joni lost his mouse...
[05:17:45] <alex_joni> I did try vnc some time ago...
[05:18:04] <alex_joni> didn't like colors & such (guess I didn't spend too much time setting it up)
[05:34:19] <alex_joni> paul_c: are you around?
[05:35:50] <paul_c> Sort of...
[05:36:00] <alex_joni> as always...
[05:36:02] <alex_joni> ;)
[05:36:15] <alex_joni> I'll send you an e-mail about the latest stuff...
[05:38:57] <paul_c> * paul_c hovers over the in box
[05:40:10] <alex_joni> * alex_joni sent the e-mail...
[05:45:33] <alex_joni> cradek: short question
[05:46:09] <alex_joni> can't make emcplot3d to display the whole image before done...
[05:46:31] <alex_joni> I tried Toggle display of programmed plot .. p
[05:51:11] <paul_c> * paul_c waits...
[05:51:21] <alex_joni> no e-mail yet ?
[05:51:45] <alex_joni> it's been 15 minutes now...
[05:52:01] <alex_joni> these things get more unreliable as they progress... :(
[06:10:14] <alex_joni> * alex_joni figured out he needs to load a program and pass the inifile as param to emcplot3d, now it works beautifully
[06:25:50] <paul_c> alex_joni: You sure you used the correct address ?
[06:27:11] <alex_joni> looks like that...
[06:57:16] <les> hello
[06:58:15] <paul_c> Yo Les.
[06:58:31] <alex_joni> hey les...
[06:58:34] <alex_joni> bye les ;)
[06:58:36] <les> was finally forced by a bad ap crash to load winxp and I hate it hate it hateit
[06:58:43] <alex_joni> bye guys...
[06:58:48] <les> bye
[06:58:50] <alex_joni> I'm gone for today...
[07:00:45] <les> I got a third hdd to run the silly XP on....still have the raid one pair with all the old data
[07:00:55] <les> dual boot?
[07:00:58] <les> hmm
[07:02:23] <les> will check if Promise Raid controller can do LINUX
[07:02:26] <les> should
[07:03:32] <paul_c> 'pends which kernel you use.
[07:04:08] <les> so now I have 240G on here
[07:04:40] <les> I was afraid the xp install would wipe my data on the raid pair
[07:04:56] <les> couldn't copy it well with dos
[07:05:33] <les> cheaper and less risky to just pop in another Seagate 80 as primary IDE
[07:06:02] <les> (the raid controller looks like SCUSI)
[07:09:14] <paul_c> never messed with raid
[07:09:59] <les> it turns out to be not that useful for datasecurity
[07:10:28] <les> if software trashes the file system it does it to both in raid1
[07:10:51] <les> it does protect well in case of HDD failure
[07:11:08] <les> it is faster as well
[07:12:40] <les> I was going to put all data on the RAID pair dumb xp on the third
[07:12:50] <les> it seems to not like that
[07:13:15] <les> damn this is a ridiculous os
[07:13:26] <les> gates=hitler
[07:14:35] <les> opps...haha it has to phone home within 30 days so gates can interogate my drives fully
[07:16:07] <les> if you put on an ap that doesn't have "windows logo verification" is tells you to NOT install it
[07:16:20] <les> gawd
[07:16:54] <paul_c> wait till you get fully DMCA aware software...
[07:17:11] <les> ?
[07:17:25] <les> not sure about that, but it sounds bad
[07:17:49] <paul_c> look up the M$ Longhorn project.
[07:18:17] <les> oh I heard about that some
[07:19:17] <les> But I am forced to use this crap...customers use it as well as most commercial software
[07:20:56] <les> oh well...I'm just pissed....I had better get back to reinstalling 40G of software....AGAIN
[07:21:45] <les> doctor said I have severe stress symptoms and this ain't helping
[07:22:31] <les> later
[08:08:38] <pfred1> les smearing the good name of hitler with the gates comparison
[08:24:28] <daryl_v> Rats... I think I missed a good rant and this thing doesn't allow me to scroll.
[08:25:15] <paul_c> http://www.theregister.co.uk/2004/11/07/blue_state_to_reds/
[08:27:01] <pfred1> daryl_v try page up
[08:28:11] <daryl_v> Get's ~'s.
[08:28:27] <daryl_v> * daryl_v forgot the /me
[08:28:47] <pfred1> daryl_v then switch to bitchx :)
[08:29:26] <daryl_v> Yeah... will definitely find a better one than this if I keep irc'ing. Or maybe I'll just figure out how to use this one. ;)
[08:29:40] <paul_c> * paul_c thinks the next BDI should not be called "lite"
[08:30:26] <paul_c> this build is currently at 14 CDs
[08:31:33] <pfred1> 14 CDs?
[08:31:57] <paul_c> yup plus the source disks.
[08:31:59] <pfred1> ah the last BDI I got was one CD what's going on?
[08:32:13] <daryl_v> Now it designs your project too.
[08:32:23] <paul_c> Oh... Just a few extra apps.
[08:39:01] <pfred1> paul_c you're kidding with 14 CDs I hope
[08:39:59] <paul_c> this is the first build....
[08:41:09] <paul_c> might get away with 15 for the final ;O
[08:41:14] <daryl_v> * daryl_v hands paul_c a runtime linker.
[08:41:19] <daryl_v> ;)
[08:41:50] <paul_c> * paul_c hands daryl_v 29Megs of Debian mirror
[08:42:07] <daryl_v> * daryl_v falls over.
[08:42:29] <paul_c> and that's just for i386
[08:44:35] <pfred1> paul_c will there be a network install option?
[08:44:49] <pfred1> oh wait this is the debian based one?
[08:45:01] <paul_c> using me as a server ?
[08:45:25] <daryl_v> * daryl_v plugs an ethernet cable into paul_c.
[08:45:27] <pfred1> well it's less bandwidth in the long run to network install than serve isos
[08:45:52] <paul_c> You like maths ?
[08:47:34] <paul_c> how long would it take for you to download 14 images on a 128K line ?
[08:50:03] <pfred1> paul_c oh I'd say maybe 2 days
[08:53:16] <paul_c> * paul_c downgrades the line to dialup speeds...
[08:53:52] <pfred1> I downloaded slack 3.4 on a dial up
[08:54:09] <pfred1> all 128MB of it ran it too!
[08:55:59] <daryl_v> How big is a normal debian install?
[08:56:13] <pfred1> daryl_v there's no such animal
[08:56:21] <pfred1> there's a minimal install
[08:56:36] <pfred1> you can get debian up and running off of 6 floppies
[08:56:50] <pfred1> but no X etc
[08:58:49] <paul_c> now there's a challenge
[08:59:16] <paul_c> The bare minimum install for a fully functioning EMC
[09:01:08] <daryl_v> ~30MB?
[09:01:48] <paul_c> Probably less than that
[09:02:08] <daryl_v> With X?
[09:02:22] <paul_c> of course
[09:02:23] <pfred1> there's X distros on 2 floppies
[09:02:37] <paul_c> gotta have a GUI interface.
[09:02:47] <pfred1> yup X on 2 floppies
[09:06:21] <daryl_v> Does RTAI work on ARM's?
[09:07:16] <paul_c> some of them
[09:08:59] <daryl_v> I like the idea of a small embedded box to do all the rt stuff, with an ethernet cable to plug into an x-server.
[09:09:19] <pfred1> served X can be a little doggy
[09:09:43] <paul_c> If you are running a remote GUI
[09:09:43] <pfred1> maybe with GB ethernet it's not i don't know
[09:10:09] <paul_c> there is no need for vnc or remote x servers
[09:10:11] <daryl_v> I typed the wrong thing... meant to say with the GUI running remote. Not served.
[09:10:20] <paul_c> via NML ?
[09:11:05] <daryl_v> I have no idea what the term is.. but something like that I imagine. I just followed the instructions to make the GUI run on a separate machine. Works well.
[09:12:30] <paul_c> If you followed the remote GUI instructions, then you are using NML to pass data
[09:12:35] <daryl_v> Only issue is making sure the path to the gcode program directory is the same on both machines. NFS mounts work.
[09:12:41] <paul_c> http://www.balloonboard.org/
[09:13:07] <paul_c> The programs/ dir is a known issue...
[09:15:15] <daryl_v> re: balloon. SA1110 is no longer in production.
[09:16:22] <paul_c> Xscale is planned
[09:31:31] <asdfqwega> @#$%@#^@!!!!
[09:32:18] <asdfqwega> ...ever hear of the saying "Don't ASSume - it makes an ASS of U and ME"?
[09:32:35] <pfred1> asdfqwega on The Odd Couple
[09:32:46] <asdfqwega> ...
[09:32:57] <pfred1> asdfqwega Felix said it
[09:33:28] <asdfqwega> ...well, I suspected, but didn't replace, some wire on the HV supply for my laser...
[09:33:49] <asdfqwega> ...I think the guy who worked on this before me used audio wire instead of HV line.
[09:34:28] <asdfqwega> Consequently, I have had some electrical problems, and smoked one of my Xylotex stepper drivers
[09:35:38] <pfred1> asdfqwega was it regular or mentholated?
[09:36:40] <asdfqwega> * asdfqwega give pfred1 a bilabial fricative - Pbbbbbbbbbbbbb! :P
[09:37:15] <asdfqwega> * asdfqwega let the smoke out - and now is going to Xylotex hell
[09:39:33] <pfred1> asdfqwega yeah see all of high tech runs on smoke and once you let the smoke out things no longer function
[09:41:43] <paul_c> and you want to see how much smoke they pack in to those little gecko drives.
[09:46:10] <pfred1> paul_c geckos have the unhealthy habit of smoking?
[09:53:41] <paul_c> Only when you mistreat them like I did.
[10:36:25] <paul_c> Yo Ray
[10:36:36] <paul_c> Was about to send you a note...
[10:36:44] <rayh> Hi Paul.
[10:36:54] <rayh> What's up?
[10:37:53] <paul_c> First build to boot and run
[10:38:20] <paul_c> The HDD gets partitioned & formatted...
[10:39:50] <rayh> So anaconda is working?
[10:40:07] <paul_c> up to a point...
[10:40:32] <rayh> Will we have the same partitioning flexibility we had with RH?
[10:40:42] <paul_c> yes
[10:40:57] <rayh> That will be nice.
[10:42:38] <paul_c> It is barfing out in the early stages of the install though...
[10:42:59] <paul_c> Looks like I'm missing a script somewhere.
[10:44:00] <rayh> Anaconda calls other scripts to handle specific tasks?
[10:44:59] <paul_c> anaconda calls some scripts on the target installation to configure certain things
[10:45:37] <paul_c> but in this case, it is trying to rename a file that does not exist.
[10:45:38] <rayh> Ouch. Debug hell!
[10:46:50] <paul_c> well... At least the CD is building now - That is a big jump forward from the weekend.
[10:47:33] <rayh> You have some tools that help with that?
[10:47:39] <paul_c> Also need to work on reducing the number of CDs in the set.
[10:48:07] <rayh> You want to package both source and bin?
[10:48:36] <paul_c> Hadn't considered source packages..
[10:49:09] <rayh> because of the different ways that deb handles them?
[10:50:03] <paul_c> nope - Just more CDs to generate
[10:50:44] <rayh> Could you fit all of the deb packages that make up Live-rc46 on a single cd with the installer?
[10:50:53] <paul_c> Currently at 14 CDs for the binary only distro.
[10:51:54] <rayh> Right but there is stuff in there that none of us use.
[10:51:59] <asdfqwega> Well, I just did something incredibly stupid
[10:52:10] <asdfqwega> I just broke my laser
[10:52:37] <rayh> Oh.
[10:52:39] <asdfqwega> I'm going to leave now, before I get the urge to pick up a hammer
[10:53:04] <rayh> Sorry to hear that.
[11:20:55] <paul_c> OK - Looks like something real screwball has happened here...
[11:23:28] <rayh> paul_c: That doesn't sound so good.
[11:27:04] <paul_c> I'll figure it out in the morning.
[11:29:45] <paul_c> I have to build some more packages & test ISOs with the BDI branding anyway
[11:32:05] <rayh> Catch you later. Thanks for all your work on this, Paul.
[20:05:50] <alex_joni> * alex_joni is back
[20:11:39] <asdfqwega> Morning, Paul
[20:13:18] <asdfqwega> ...or not, as the case may be.
[20:13:25] <paul_c> Morning Tom
[20:15:55] <asdfqwega> * asdfqwega is going to see if he can get through the morning without any more catastrophic events
[20:16:39] <alex_joni> hello paul
[20:20:55] <paul_c> * paul_c replies to list mails..
[20:21:24] <alex_joni> asdfqwega: sorry about your laser...
[20:24:12] <asdfqwega> Yeah, so am I :P
[20:25:17] <asdfqwega> Well, this is the kind of thing you run into with used equipment...even if I've been doing extremely well so far
[20:26:21] <asdfqwega> If I had just replaced the wire the first time around...but, shoulda coulda woulda.
[20:34:38] <alex_joni> I know the feeling..
[20:34:44] <paul_c> buggerit - Looks like the NTL mail servers have gone tits up.
[20:38:01] <asdfqwega> alex_joni: Oh, the kicked-in-the-gut kinda feeling?
[20:38:57] <asdfqwega> Well, all is not lost: I'm going to start calling some laser tube repair shops...
[20:39:58] <asdfqwega> Unfortunately, I'm out in the sticks...it every place I can find online is over 6 hours away
[20:41:11] <asdfqwega> [snaps fingers] Dangit, I *knew* I should have taken those glass blowing correspondence courses...
[20:53:27] <alex_joni> lol... can't be that hard to learn
[20:53:49] <alex_joni> you take a chunk of molten glass and blow in it
[20:53:57] <alex_joni> and rotate it while doing so...
[20:54:08] <alex_joni> can't be harder than emc stuff :))
[20:58:21] <asdfqwega> heh...I know, I'm fairly competent with my hands...however, the real problem comes with 1) the vacuum system 2) the laser gas mix 3) the different grade of glasses needed to make a vacuum-tight glass-metal seal.
[20:58:52] <alex_joni> use ducktape
[20:58:55] <alex_joni> lol...
[20:59:12] <asdfqwega> Yeah, I'll use some duck tape. C'mere!
[20:59:24] <asdfqwega> * asdfqwega tapes alex_joni to his chair
[20:59:32] <alex_joni> I am already...
[20:59:35] <paul_c> kinky
[20:59:38] <alex_joni> my boss did that
[20:59:38] <alex_joni> :D
[21:00:50] <asdfqwega> I can learn and do practically anything...it's just those little details of cost and materials that get in the way :(
[21:03:53] <asdfqwega> * asdfqwega dives into his pile of computer junk to find stuff for eBay
[21:18:16] <an0n_> * an0n_ sighs
[21:23:13] <asdfqwega> Pinin
[21:23:16] <asdfqwega> oops
[21:23:34] <asdfqwega> Pinin' for the fijords?
[21:23:52] <asdfqwega> * asdfqwega can't spell
[21:24:18] <an0n_> * an0n_ just stress renewed 2 domains
[21:26:32] <asdfqwega> Well, if you need some more stress to do a third, I have a barrow-load here you can have
[21:27:03] <an0n_> lol
[21:27:07] <an0n_> give me your cc
[21:27:24] <an0n_> and I'll renew all of them for you
[21:28:13] <asdfqwega> Ha! I'm not falling for that...again
[21:28:52] <an0n_> :)
[21:28:57] <an0n_> well, I am not paying your domains either..
[21:28:58] <an0n_> sorry
[21:29:12] <an0n_> ^_^
[22:26:02] <asdfqwega> * asdfqwega prods les
[22:32:11] <asdfqwega> Dang, have to reboot
[22:42:21] <pfred1> pfred1 is now known as pfred1_
[22:43:44] <pfred1_> rayh morning
[22:55:55] <rayh> Hi. How you doing today?
[22:56:08] <rayh> * rayh was of reading my mail.