#emc | Logs for 2004-10-27

[00:00:31] <paul_c> Ooo... fft in realtime...
[00:01:20] <les> I had a $250k B&k analyzer at Cicago
[00:01:33] <les> but a pc can do that just fine too
[00:01:50] <les> chicago
[00:02:08] <les> now that typo wasn't a bad keyboard
[00:02:17] <les> it's my bifocals
[00:02:28] <les> computer glasses are in the other room
[00:03:04] <les> I used the signal analyzer for modal analysis of machine structures...very handy
[00:03:07] <A-L-P-H-A> go over there :)
[00:03:30] <les> That is just what they are asking me to do
[00:03:45] <les> whoa
[00:04:38] <A-L-P-H-A> welcome to efnet. :)
[00:04:52] <les> haha
[00:07:02] <les> ok designing a pulse multiplier here
[00:07:09] <A-L-P-H-A> holy shit...
[00:07:15] <A-L-P-H-A> I was thinking about that the other day.
[00:07:29] <A-L-P-H-A> not that bad with an atmel...
[00:07:41] <A-L-P-H-A> give me an hour to discuss this, if possible.
[00:07:51] <les> hmmm one 556 timer, two resistors, two caps...how's that for quick and dirty
[00:07:56] <A-L-P-H-A> 555?
[00:07:59] <A-L-P-H-A> 556??
[00:08:01] <les> one pulse in, ten out
[00:08:05] <A-L-P-H-A> oh...
[00:08:10] <les> 556=dual 555
[00:08:16] <A-L-P-H-A> ahh.
[00:08:31] <A-L-P-H-A> see, I know assembly... not well, but enough to follow it.
[00:08:35] <les> one half monostable...
[00:08:51] <A-L-P-H-A> that's why I like atmel 90s2313-10mHz.
[00:08:53] <les> other half astable enabled by the monostable
[00:09:12] <A-L-P-H-A> I can use that to generate...
[00:09:39] <les> cool
[00:10:18] <les> Well I have to use Winders USB for this junk and it is of course far from rt
[00:10:27] <A-L-P-H-A> it's a micro controller.
[00:10:39] <A-L-P-H-A> have you checked out the gecko 2000 project?
[00:10:48] <A-L-P-H-A> they're using a PIC to do things.
[00:10:56] <A-L-P-H-A> I don't want a PIC, but I can now.
[00:11:14] <A-L-P-H-A> want to use
[00:12:29] <les> pic is good but I am not set up for programming
[00:12:41] <les> aieee
[00:13:11] <A-L-P-H-A> I have a programmer on the way from HK.
[00:13:18] <A-L-P-H-A> should be here today or tomorrow.
[00:13:23] <les> I need to get one
[00:13:27] <A-L-P-H-A> eBay.
[00:13:49] <A-L-P-H-A> $58 with shipping.
[00:13:55] <les> good deal
[00:14:12] <A-L-P-H-A> I'm kinda peeved, and it should have been here by now.
[00:14:26] <A-L-P-H-A> well... mail gets delivered in an hour... so I'll know then.
[00:14:33] <les> ok figuring time constants here...
[00:15:08] <dmwaters> {global notice} Hi all! It appears that one of our hubs is having some major routing problems. I'm working on working around this problem, and any further messages will be given in wallops
[00:15:13] <les> two 100k resistors, 1 .45 uf cap, one .033uf cap
[00:15:28] <les> about a buck or so...that works
[00:15:57] <A-L-P-H-A> 90s2313 is one unit... with a ton of outputs.
[00:16:08] <A-L-P-H-A> what I want to do is, have it control.
[00:16:09] <les> I see
[00:16:14] <A-L-P-H-A> giving it a TTL data.
[00:16:26] <A-L-P-H-A> such as: Step, Direction, pulse rate.
[00:16:55] <les> I am running this thing from a board called a labjack
[00:17:05] <A-L-P-H-A> never heard of that.
[00:17:12] <les> usb digital and analog i/o
[00:17:15] <A-L-P-H-A> why not use a crystal.
[00:17:27] <A-L-P-H-A> and clean powersource... you'd be so nice.
[00:17:47] <les> well this has an on board timer counter
[00:17:55] <les> $59 oem
[00:18:03] <les> www.labjack.com
[00:18:12] <les> it's dog slow though
[00:18:29] <les> cause usb has a slow packet rate
[00:19:47] <les> This is for a sales demonstration unit for an encoder product I designed
[00:20:36] <les> I hope to hell my code runs on winders 2000
[00:21:11] <les> That's what the sales team has on their laptops
[00:21:39] <les> I don't use it because I don't like it "phoning home" to MS
[00:38:52] <A-L-P-H-A> uh... firewall?
[01:00:24] <learath> 2k isn't too bad about phoning home, it's xp you have to worry about
[01:07:09] <A-L-P-H-A> les, holy shit... that labjack stuff is EXPENSIVE!!!!!
[01:15:27] <A-L-P-H-A> les, okay... movie done.
[01:15:49] <A-L-P-H-A> les, the ifyou just wanted a pulse multiplier, that's not too bad.
[01:16:01] <A-L-P-H-A> ahh... I'm gonna make some lunch.
[03:46:58] <alex_joni> good evening...
[03:49:25] <alex_joni> hey martin...
[03:56:08] <Imperator_> Hi Alex
[03:56:26] <Imperator_> what's going on ?
[03:59:33] <alex_joni> nuttin... I'm pretty down:(
[04:00:05] <Imperator_> :-)
[04:00:10] <alex_joni> didn't have the best results today & yesterday :(
[04:00:18] <Imperator_> hm
[04:01:42] <Imperator_> same her, i have to presentate my little project next week in south africa, but there are no results up to now :-)
[04:01:57] <alex_joni> what project? emc stuff?
[04:02:17] <Imperator_> rapid tooling in micro injection molding
[04:05:23] <alex_joni> sounds nice ;)
[04:05:40] <Imperator_> hmm
[04:05:57] <Imperator_> but my baby is working
[04:05:58] <Imperator_> http://cimweb.cim.fh-aalen.de/Menue/RapidProto/stereo/camera.html
[04:06:31] <cradek> what is this we're seeing?
[04:06:55] <Imperator_> a stereolithographie machine
[04:07:09] <cradek> I see a moving line (and can't figure out any of those long nouns!)
[04:07:10] <Imperator_> www.3dsystems.com
[04:08:05] <Imperator_> http://cimweb.cim.fh-aalen.de/Menue/RapidProto/stereo/galerie/index_sl_galerie.htm
[04:08:38] <cradek> is it one of those systems where a laser hardens the material?
[04:08:58] <Imperator_> there is a laser it hardens the surface of epoxid resin
[04:09:06] <Imperator_> jep
[04:09:17] <cradek> that's very neat
[04:09:55] <Imperator_> at the moment it is a little bit dark here in germany, and i haven't conected the light of the chamber to the webside
[04:10:06] <Imperator_> so you see more tomorrow
[04:11:03] <cradek> looks like it is done now
[04:11:59] <Imperator_> at the moment it builds three lionmens. You can see a other one in the gallery. Look at "L�wenmensch"
[04:12:21] <Imperator_> no it is working until friday on this job
[04:13:09] <alex_joni> that's you in the pic?
[04:14:20] <alex_joni> neat process...
[04:14:44] <cradek> yeah I definitely need one of these to play with
[04:14:52] <Imperator_> do you think i an so old ?? :-)
[04:14:57] <Imperator_> no my boss at the left and the director of the museum in Ulm
[04:15:33] <cradek> what is the significance of this lion man?
[04:15:38] <Imperator_> www.loewenmensch.de if somebody would like to read more about it
[04:16:29] <Imperator_> it is the oldest figure made by men
[04:17:25] <cradek> ah cool
[04:17:37] <cradek> I would have never figured that out without knowing German
[04:17:48] <Imperator_> it was found about 40km from here
[04:18:14] <Imperator_> there is a english version too
[04:18:30] <alex_joni> sorry bout that one martin ;)
[04:19:18] <Imperator_> hmm ??
[04:19:27] <alex_joni> the pic stuff...
[04:19:39] <alex_joni> I thougt you should have been younger ;)
[04:19:46] <Imperator_> :-D
[04:20:33] <Imperator_> hm on "Kontakte" my picture is not visible
[04:21:22] <Imperator_> http://cimweb.cim.fh-aalen.de/Menue/Kont_Vorl_Sonst/kontakt.htm
[04:22:52] <Imperator_> hm i cant access the webcam anymore ???
[04:23:30] <alex_joni> cool...
[04:23:31] <alex_joni> aalen?
[04:23:38] <alex_joni> where's that?
[04:23:51] <Imperator_> do you know Ulm ??
[04:23:58] <Imperator_> or Stuttgart ???
[04:24:02] <alex_joni> sure
[04:24:07] <Imperator_> it is in south germany
[04:24:17] <alex_joni> Ulm is near Friedrichshafen?
[04:24:20] <Imperator_> about 50km in the north of Ulm
[04:24:28] <alex_joni> A7?
[04:24:30] <Imperator_> no
[04:24:38] <Imperator_> A7 yes
[04:25:34] <alex_joni> my german geography is a little bit rusty ;)
[04:26:09] <Imperator_> Friedrichshafen is about 100km in the south of aalen I think
[04:26:46] <alex_joni> I see...
[04:27:04] <alex_joni> well.. I had mainly stuff to do in north-west germany
[04:27:08] <alex_joni> near Siegen
[04:27:33] <Imperator_> and where are you now ?
[04:27:36] <alex_joni> and south near Friedrichshafen
[04:27:41] <alex_joni> right now... :D
[04:27:51] <Imperator_> ahh
[04:27:51] <alex_joni> I'm in a hotel in Dragasani LOL
[04:28:32] <alex_joni> but I guess that doesn't really tell you much...
[04:28:43] <Imperator_> :-)
[04:29:14] <Imperator_> where is it ?
[04:30:11] <alex_joni> well it's near Hermannstadt ;)
[04:31:12] <Imperator_> Siebenb�rgen
[04:31:53] <alex_joni> http://www.siebenbuerger.de/ortschaften/hermannstadt/
[04:31:56] <alex_joni> genau ;)
[04:32:42] <Imperator_> Sibiu
[04:33:30] <Imperator_> i was last year in Bukarest for one day
[04:33:40] <alex_joni> bukarest sucks ...
[04:33:48] <alex_joni> ;)
[04:33:54] <Imperator_> when i traveld to Ruse
[04:34:05] <Imperator_> but Bukarest looks nice
[04:34:32] <Imperator_> the Paris of the east or something
[04:35:18] <alex_joni> russe is nice ;)
[04:36:30] <Imperator_> jep
[04:37:11] <Imperator_> but travelling from Bukarest to Ruse is hell
[04:37:34] <alex_joni> yup...
[04:38:03] <alex_joni> I've been driving from Varna through Russe, Bukarest and till Timisoara
[04:38:15] <alex_joni> I started around 5 PM
[04:38:24] <alex_joni> and got home around 6 AM ;)
[04:38:52] <Imperator_> we took about two hours from M�nchen to Bukarest, and the half night from Bukarest to Ruse :-)
[04:39:55] <alex_joni> lol
[04:40:03] <alex_joni> btw... CIA is cool ;)
[04:40:11] <alex_joni> http://cia.navi.cx/stats/project/emc
[04:40:18] <Imperator_> jup
[04:43:44] <alex_joni> well... I'm gone
[04:43:58] <Imperator_> chaio
[04:44:02] <alex_joni> hope I'll be home tomorrow night... Then I can get back to some coding ;)
[04:44:03] <alex_joni> ciao
[04:44:16] <Imperator_> :-)
[04:47:01] <alex_joni> try this: http://cia.navi.cx/stats/author/alex_joni/.rss
[05:20:13] <paul_c> * paul_c returns from Tea.
[05:27:49] <paul_c> Hi Imperator_
[05:28:01] <Imperator_> Hi Paul
[05:28:44] <paul_c> Have yo heard from Thomas Formella ?
[05:29:01] <Imperator_> do you think adding gettext is a big deal
[05:29:11] <Imperator_> no
[05:29:25] <Imperator_> the guy from Stuttgart ?
[05:29:46] <paul_c> adding i18n support to (most) of the C/C++ code is fairly easy
[05:30:17] <paul_c> tkemc might be the troublesome one though...
[05:31:19] <Imperator_> hm
[05:31:57] <paul_c> The hardest part is wading through 150,000 lines picking out the bits that need translating
[05:32:11] <Imperator_> maybe i can help a bit, but not the next tree weeks, I have to go to south afrika at the end of the month. I will return at 12 of November
[05:32:27] <Imperator_> of tkemc ???
[05:32:41] <paul_c> coordinating our efforts is another issue...
[05:34:16] <Imperator_> maybe we can also make the interface between emc and the GUI a bit better, you said it is like a nightmare
[05:34:52] <zwisk> paul_c, aren't there tools that will rip out the strings for you?
[05:35:10] <paul_c> Hi zwisk
[05:35:22] <zwisk> greetings...
[05:35:23] <paul_c> Yes - There is xgettext
[05:36:00] <paul_c> but you still need to go though the code putting in markers so that the tools know what to extract
[05:36:11] <zwisk> I put comments in configure.in related to some of the other packages that seem to exist to help out with i18n... though I know nothing of them.
[05:37:30] <paul_c> As long as libintl.h exists, the libs will be linked automatically.
[05:38:10] <paul_c> xgettext & msgmerge are only required if you are developing i18n support
[05:38:24] <zwisk> is intltool useful? There's configure stuff around that available as well.
[05:39:59] <paul_c> * paul_c googles intltool
[05:40:31] <zwisk> I ran into it here:
[05:40:32] <zwisk> http://cvs.gnome.org/viewcvs/intltool/doc/I18N-HOWTO?rev=1.3
[05:40:44] <zwisk> It may be specific to gnome, I dunno... didn't look at it too hard.
[05:40:55] <zwisk> I just wanted a simple starter/primer on i18n for configure purposes.
[05:43:26] <paul_c> looks like it is geared towards a gnome environment.
[05:46:38] <zwisk> have any idea how to deal with the relative paths in all the tcl scripts? They start out with "exec bin/iosh" and similar...
[05:46:50] <paul_c> * paul_c needs to do some more reading on the subject.
[05:48:58] <paul_c> relative paths are always a pain once you start installing stuff
[05:49:08] <zwisk> indeed. Even before you start installing stuff :)
[05:49:53] <paul_c> The choice is to export an environment variable or
[05:50:08] <paul_c> use a directory in the usr's PATH
[05:51:02] <zwisk> I'm tempted to try to get everything to find emc.conf and source it, which can contain pointers to everything else.
[05:52:48] <Pigi> Ciao all
[05:52:54] <zwisk> hello...
[05:52:56] <paul_c> Greetings
[05:53:29] <paul_c> zwisk: I'm not sure sourcing is the right answer
[05:54:09] <cradek> I think it's better to have an emc config file than depend on the user's path (and hence all the users' personal config files)
[05:55:24] <cradek> things like iosh don't belong in the user's path, because they can't be run at the user's shell.
[05:55:29] <paul_c> well.... emc requires a config. That is for sure.
[05:56:05] <cradek> subprograms like that belong in libexec
[05:56:13] <cradek> true, it certainly does
[05:56:50] <Pigi> I hope I wont' hurt anyone, but I suspect that what could be nice to have a bit of documentation for "selfbuilding" the whole EMC ambient
[05:57:42] <cradek> Pigi: nobody will argue with that - we would all like it. However none of seem to want to write it, and the build is rapidly changing
[05:58:04] <paul_c> There are a number of docs on building a system up and compiling EMC
[05:58:43] <paul_c> but as cradek points out - It is a moving target...
[05:59:04] <Pigi> They really are ? I can't find nothing on the base (linuxcnc) site or link. I was trying to build it, starting from what I've found on BDI cd....
[05:59:13] <zwisk> so, if not sourcing... do you have another suggestion, paul_c?
[05:59:34] <cradek> the two best ways seem to be 1) use BDI 2) ask here after trying for hours to figure it out
[05:59:58] <zwisk> I think the linuxcnc site needs a serious overhaul. But, I certainly don't mean to minimize the work of any webmaster. It's great that it's there. It's just a bit dated, and very hard for a newby to navigate.
[06:00:26] <paul_c> zwisk: Can I get back to you on the question of paths..
[06:00:30] <Pigi> eheheh second choice is more near my standard, and ( being an old linux user ) I found BDI not really usefull for me.... you know, my desktop is soooomuch configured...
[06:00:57] <cradek> Pigi: I had the same problem and I built a system based on Redhat 9 and rtlinux
[06:01:04] <paul_c> Pigi: What is your distro of choice ?
[06:01:13] <zwisk> sure, paul_c. Consider too, if you'd like, that the problem exists in some places with relative paths for "configs/", which doesn't even exist in the install tree...
[06:01:31] <Pigi> slackware for boot, then I do like to install myself whatever do I need
[06:02:13] <paul_c> never tried Debian ?
[06:02:38] <Pigi> I've been able to boot with a 2.4.25-adeos ( really easy must say ) but up for now I need to recompile the drivers....
[06:02:52] <Pigi> I use to use a debian like for my ipaq
[06:03:16] <cradek> wow, I didn't know Slackware was still around
[06:03:28] <paul_c> which drivers do you need to compile ?
[06:03:48] <Pigi> cradek: slakware is still alive :)
[06:04:01] <Pigi> paul_c I think I need freqmod at least.
[06:04:12] <Pigi> I need to modify it for a board I made....
[06:04:20] <paul_c> Ah... Recompiling EMC
[06:04:51] <Pigi> so my idea was to start from freqmod, wich is almost near my needings, and patchinf only for what I need
[06:04:55] <paul_c> and you have installed BDI-Live
[06:05:01] <cradek> Pigi: I used slackware 1.0 in about 1992
[06:05:46] <Pigi> I started with infomagic, if someone remember it .....
[06:05:50] <Pigi> 0.99.13
[06:05:53] <cradek> Pigi: I remember downloading approximately 20 floppies (I drove to campus and used many computers in the lab at night)
[06:06:25] <cradek> Pigi: my first was also .99.13 (yggdrasil), slackware was later
[06:06:36] <Pigi> cradek: and 24+ hours of kernel compile ? yeahhhhh that's history.....
[06:06:55] <cradek> no, I had a 386/40 - mine was FAST.
[06:07:25] <cradek> and it had .... SIXTEEN MEGS OF RAM!!
[06:07:45] <Pigi> I still remeber how much attention was needed in config phase.... if you do some error.... other 24+ hours...
[06:07:56] <Pigi> nice. 16 megs. You were a lucky man then :)
[06:08:00] <paul_c> pah... My old ZX81 had 1K as standard.
[06:08:10] <cradek> I worked hard for that RAM
[06:08:22] <Pigi> but there isn't a linux port on it ( not yet at least )
[06:09:13] <Pigi> I think it's better not to ask eachone how old we are, if we all know yggdrasil.....
[06:09:33] <cradek> just 30 here
[06:09:45] <Pigi> so you'r young... 37 here
[06:09:48] <cradek> no spring chicken
[06:10:07] <paul_c> Yggdrasil is in Wales isn't it ?
[06:11:23] <cradek> don't know for sure
[06:11:24] <Pigi> google says that there should be some relation between wales and yggdrasil, but my english can't help more...
[06:11:41] <cradek> I remember I got yggdrasil on a CD
[06:11:51] <cradek> CDs were so new there was one store in my city that had them
[06:11:55] <cradek> named CD-ROM WORLD
[06:12:04] <cradek> that was all they sold
[06:12:08] <cradek> it's very funny now
[06:12:22] <Pigi> yeah. I have orderd my from USA, and they took a couple of month to arrive....
[06:12:34] <Pigi> InfoMagic.... so far.
[06:13:23] <Pigi> Do you mind if I start with some questions ?
[06:13:30] <paul_c> sure
[06:14:15] <Pigi> Ok. After booting with my new kernel I build up the rtai from /usr/src/kilauea
[06:14:44] <Pigi> Now I suspect I should rebuild the emc-rcslib sources... Am I right ?
[06:15:21] <paul_c> there was no need to recompile BDI kernel
[06:16:04] <Pigi> there is, for me at least. I've recompiled it on my machine, that has different ambients and probably compiler versions.
[06:16:14] <paul_c> but you will want to recompile rcslib & emc now
[06:16:29] <paul_c> Which compiler version ???
[06:16:41] <Pigi> gcc version 3.2.3
[06:17:14] <Pigi> is it a problem ?
[06:17:26] <paul_c> * paul_c has never had much success with gcc-3.x and realtime kernels
[06:17:44] <cradek> I used 3.2.2 with no problems (redhat 9 + rtlinux)
[06:17:49] <Pigi> * Pigi wish to be able....
[06:17:55] <cradek> 3.2.2 is the redhat 9 default compiler
[06:18:14] <Pigi> ok. so 3.2.3 shouldn't be a problem
[06:18:20] <cradek> I have never tried rtai
[06:18:40] <paul_c> Now that you have a shiny new kernel...
[06:18:54] <paul_c> unpack the emc-rcslib sources
[06:19:03] <Pigi> ( an old shine kernel eheheh ) I'm actually on 2.6.7 for my allday job.
[06:19:37] <Pigi> and I end in having a couple of dir tree.... emc and rcslib, right ?
[06:19:43] <paul_c> yup
[06:20:06] <Pigi> then ( i suspect ) I go to rcslib and.... buildsource
[06:20:23] <paul_c> save rcslib/etc/linux_rtai.def and rcslib/etc/rtai.def somewhere safe
[06:20:25] <Pigi> ooops buildsrc
[06:20:39] <paul_c> ignore the shell scripts
[06:20:50] <Pigi> ok.
[06:20:53] <paul_c> save the two defs
[06:21:08] <paul_c> then rm -fR rcslib & emc
[06:21:30] <Pigi> ok.
[06:21:43] <paul_c> checkout the latest sources from cvs at Sourceforge
[06:22:00] <paul_c> (they contain a few bug fixes)
[06:22:18] <Pigi> ok.
[06:22:22] <paul_c> then copy the two def files back to rcslib/etc
[06:22:54] <paul_c> It is these two files that contain RTAI-3.x specific customisations
[06:23:04] <Pigi> can I cvs with anonymous or I need to be registered AFAYK ?
[06:23:16] <paul_c> You can do an anon checkout
[06:23:24] <Pigi> ok
[06:24:03] <paul_c> once you have the sources
[06:24:23] <paul_c> cd rcslib/src
[06:24:25] <Pigi> what's the module name in cvs ? emc ?
[06:24:41] <paul_c> make PLAT=linux_rtai && make PLAT=rtai
[06:25:06] <paul_c> You need modules: emc and rcslib
[06:25:18] <Pigi> ok .
[06:25:28] <Pigi> that sound easy ( now ) :)
[06:25:44] <paul_c> then cd to emc/src and do another
[06:25:46] <paul_c> make PLAT=linux_rtai && make PLAT=rtai
[06:26:13] <paul_c> BTW Did you do a "make install" with RTAI ?
[06:26:39] <Pigi> yes, I did. It creates a /usr/realtime tree
[06:26:50] <paul_c> and "make devices" ?
[06:26:56] <paul_c> or "make dev"
[06:27:09] <Pigi> no, not this step. will do it now
[06:27:50] <Pigi> but they are in make install phase.
[06:28:19] <paul_c> to check, do a "ls /dev/rtf*"
[06:28:57] <Pigi> yes, they are there.
[06:29:13] <Pigi> 150,[0..9]
[06:29:50] <paul_c> good - You'd be suprised at the number of people that miss that step out
[06:30:13] <Pigi> luckely someone added this in install tag in makefile :)
[06:30:31] <Pigi> I will save out this log for reference and maybe write a little howto.
[06:31:19] <paul_c> * paul_c has something better in mind for Pigi
[06:31:29] <paul_c> Much better ;}
[06:31:53] <Pigi> I'm almost scared...... what's the idea ?
[06:32:14] <paul_c> How good is your English and Itallian ?
[06:32:42] <Pigi> eheheh what do you need I translate ?
[06:33:05] <paul_c> Started on i18n support for emc2
[06:33:12] <Pigi> For the english I can't pronounce myself, for italian..... it's my language....
[06:33:26] <Pigi> ok, so do you need the translation of messages ?
[06:33:31] <paul_c> will need loads of help translating the pot files
[06:33:50] <Pigi> np if you are not too much in a hurry.
[06:33:58] <paul_c> * paul_c can do English<=>American
[06:34:20] <paul_c> and have offers for German
[06:34:30] <paul_c> maybe Hindi as well...
[06:34:49] <Pigi> np for italian. Do you want to send me the files ( or they are in cvs ? )
[06:35:18] <paul_c> Going to see how it goes with German to start with
[06:35:27] <Pigi> find . -type f -a '(' -name \*.c -o -name \*.cc -o -name \*.h -o -name \*.hh ')' | etags - and /bin/sh: line 1: etags: command not found
[06:35:28] <paul_c> then get the files in to CVS
[06:35:43] <Pigi> seems not a really goood message :)
[06:35:52] <paul_c> etags is an emacs thing... Ignore it
[06:36:08] <Pigi> ok. I've seen
[06:36:23] <paul_c> It just indexes the functions so that you can use emacs to edit the code a little easier.
[06:36:48] <Pigi> so rcslib ended, Let's see for emc now :)
[06:36:57] <paul_c> Are you on any of the emc mailing lists ?
[06:37:20] <Pigi> not yet. But you can write directly to me.
[06:37:27] <Pigi> pigi@frumar.it
[06:39:33] <Pigi> I'm on emc user list now.
[06:41:03] <Pigi> Arghhhhh /home/pigi/emc/emc/src/emcio/iosh.cc:1579: undefined reference to `Tk_Main'
[06:41:11] <paul_c> OK - When we are ready, I'll post a request for help with translations
[06:41:14] <Pigi> that's worst then before.
[06:41:29] <Pigi> which tcl version is needed for this ?
[06:41:33] <paul_c> install tcl & tk dev packages
[06:41:46] <paul_c> 8.0 or higher
[06:42:09] <Pigi> /usr/bin/wish -> wish8.4 ....
[06:42:40] <paul_c> find /usr/include -name tk.h
[06:43:48] <Pigi> I have a couple of tk.h One is in /usr/include, the other in usr/local/include
[06:44:31] <Pigi> is the tclx mandatory ?
[06:44:40] <paul_c> No
[06:44:53] <paul_c> It will compile without it
[06:45:17] <Pigi> ok. Could not find tclExtend.h. You might need to install tclx and/or tclx-dev packages. I will ignore then
[06:45:38] <Pigi> also a lot of java errors.
[06:46:11] <paul_c> java can be ignored
[06:46:59] <Pigi> ok.
[06:47:47] <paul_c> Still getting errors on Tk_Main ?
[06:49:18] <Pigi> yes
[06:49:35] <Pigi> searching trough a nm /usr/lib/libtk
[06:50:16] <paul_c> Did you log the g++ line for iosh.cc ?
[06:50:43] <Pigi> no, sorry. I can try to recompile it ?
[06:51:17] <paul_c> make PLAT=linux_rtai 2>&1 | tee err.log
[06:52:17] <Pigi> In effect I can't find a tk_Main in libtk8.4
[06:52:23] <paul_c> Tk_Main should be defined in tk.h
[06:53:03] <paul_c> check for Tk_MainEx
[06:53:43] <Pigi> yes, it's a define :/* Removed Tk_Main, use macro instead */
[06:54:17] <Pigi> #define Tk_Main(argc, argv, proc) Tk_MainEx(argc, argv, proc, Tcl_CreateInterp())
[06:54:33] <paul_c> So you have it - We need to figure out why the compile is failing.
[06:55:07] <cradek> maybe your compile is including a different tk.h
[06:55:19] <Pigi> I have the err.log
[06:55:35] <paul_c> dcc it over
[06:56:09] <Pigi> dcc ?
[06:56:35] <cradek> /dcc send paul_c filename
[06:56:51] <Pigi> oops... sorry
[06:58:08] <Pigi> never used the dcc .. very nice feature :)
[06:58:34] <paul_c> OK failing on the linking stage
[06:59:39] <Pigi> yes, I knew that :) , but can't find where do it include the wrong include path.
[07:00:08] <paul_c> do you have libtk8.4a ?
[07:00:20] <paul_c> do you have libtk8.4.a ?
[07:00:22] <Pigi> The LD_LIBRARY_PATH seems correct. Yes, I have it.
[07:01:18] <cradek> if the linker complains about Tk_Main and Tk_Main was supposed to be a define, it's a problem at the compile stage (with the include file containing the #define), not the link stage
[07:01:57] <Pigi> ok. let me see what iosh.cc include
[07:02:10] <paul_c> You say you also have a tk.h in /usr/local ?
[07:02:49] <Pigi> yes in /usr/local/include, it's from an 8.0 installation
[07:03:09] <paul_c> OK - Let's go to rcslib/etc
[07:03:30] <paul_c> and run tcltkincflags.sh
[07:04:05] <Pigi> tcltkincflags.sh
[07:04:05] <Pigi> Could not find tclExtend.h. You might need to install tclx and/or tclx-dev packages.
[07:05:24] <paul_c> It should have given a set of include flags
[07:05:49] <Pigi> Could it be a problem becaus I use a tcsh instead of a bash ? I've seen that you "export" those variables.
[07:06:20] <Pigi> btw when I "sh -x" it no flags are returned
[07:07:08] <paul_c> Ah... The build system kinda assumes bash
[07:07:32] <Pigi> yes....
[07:07:48] <paul_c> you have bash installed ?
[07:07:55] <Pigi> sure
[07:08:14] <Pigi> do you want me to start from beginning with bash ?
[07:08:27] <paul_c> run make again with bash
[07:08:39] <Pigi> from rcslib or simply from emc ?
[07:08:47] <paul_c> just emc/src
[07:09:06] <Pigi> better a make clean before ?
[07:09:25] <Pigi> no rule to make target clean :)
[07:09:41] <paul_c> you didn't use PLAT
[07:09:49] <Pigi> yes true :)
[07:10:09] <paul_c> the emc make is a bit screwy
[07:10:26] <paul_c> synaptic
[07:10:48] <Pigi> yes, it is :)
[07:14:27] <Pigi> doesn't change too much....
[07:14:59] <Pigi> do you want the full err.log ?
[07:15:08] <paul_c> sure
[07:17:37] <paul_c> Try that again
[07:20:01] <Pigi> there is also the output from tcltkincflags.sh -x
[07:20:55] <paul_c> OK... Looks like it is using the headers in /usr/include
[07:21:50] <Pigi> yes, but at the end, when it export those vars, the are empty.
[07:21:54] <paul_c> both tk and tcl are defined in the linking stage
[07:22:48] <Pigi> but if you use the TK_IFLAGS and TCL_IFLAGS from exportedvars, they are empty.
[07:23:15] <Pigi> if [ 0$TK_IFLAGS = 0-I/usr/include ] ; then
[07:23:15] <Pigi> TK_IFLAGS=
[07:23:15] <Pigi> fi
[07:23:24] <paul_c> if tcl.h & tk.h are in /usr/include
[07:23:31] <paul_c> then they should be.
[07:23:32] <Pigi> ok.
[07:27:33] <Imperator_> * Imperator_ is back
[07:27:59] <Pigi> also with those variables defined it seems to don't work. Will check if defining the some LIB variables itwill work.
[07:28:47] <Imperator_> Paul, if we implement languages, i think it only make sense to use unicode, but i don't know how much work this will cause
[07:29:46] <paul_c> The gettext libs should handle that for us.
[07:29:59] <Imperator_> very good
[07:30:12] <paul_c> at least, I hope it will..
[07:30:21] <Pigi> yes, in effect.
[07:30:30] <paul_c> Pigi: I'm stumped
[07:31:16] <Pigi> mee to :)
[07:31:48] <Pigi> but every time I've tried doing something with tk > 8.0 I had problems :)
[07:32:29] <paul_c> Could try editing the offending line in iosh.cc
[07:34:02] <Pigi> I was thinking this. Should I point to the Tk_MainEx ?
[07:34:25] <paul_c> That's what I was thinking..
[07:34:47] <Pigi> let me see what will happen
[07:36:01] <Pigi> even worst.
[07:36:08] <Pigi> iosh.cc: In function `int main(int, char**)':
[07:36:08] <Pigi> iosh.cc:1579: `Tk_MainEx' undeclared (first use this function)
[07:36:40] <paul_c> Sounds like you have an 8.0 tk.h
[07:37:08] <Pigi> no, I think that we should pass another parameter to Tk_MainEx
[07:38:03] <Pigi> the prototype has one more variable.
[07:38:29] <paul_c> OK... change the line back to how it was...
[07:38:44] <paul_c> go to the top of the file
[07:39:00] <paul_c> and add the full path for the tk.h include
[07:39:09] <paul_c> and the same for tcl.h
[07:39:20] <Pigi> ok
[07:41:28] <Pigi> yeah... that (seems ) did the job
[07:41:59] <Pigi> that's rather strange, but I will try to strace it tomorros, to see what it was including
[07:42:25] <Pigi> same now for emcsh..... Will fix it now
[07:42:29] <paul_c> Looks like you were picking up on the wrong tcl/tk headers
[07:43:16] <Pigi> yes indeed
[07:44:48] <Pigi> ok, Now the compile finished.
[07:45:02] <paul_c> Now to test it
[07:45:06] <Pigi> what's next ? ( make PLAT... install ?
[07:45:11] <paul_c> use generic.run
[07:45:29] <paul_c> in the emc dir
[07:46:24] <Pigi> should compile again for rtai....
[07:48:00] <paul_c> does the generic run fail ?
[07:48:21] <Pigi> yes, complaining that there is no freqmod in rtai
[07:48:53] <sxpert> hmmm, why would I see an issue with wifi enabled printers ?
[07:48:59] <Pigi> starting EMC MOTION PROGRAM -- freqmod.o...plat/rtai/lib/freqmod.o: unresolved symbol rt_task_make_periodic
[07:49:00] <Pigi> plat/rtai/lib/freqmod.o: unresolved symbol count2nano
[07:49:00] <Pigi> plat/rtai/lib/freqmod.o: unresolved symbol rt_task_wait_period
[07:49:00] <Pigi> plat/rtai/lib/freqmod.o: unresolved symbol rt_task_delete
[07:49:00] <Pigi> plat/rtai/lib/freqmod.o: unresolved symbol rt_set_periodic_mode
[07:49:02] <Pigi> plat/rtai/lib/freqmod.o: unresolved symbol nano2count
[07:49:04] <Pigi> plat/rtai/lib/freqmod.o: unresolved symbol rt_get_time
[07:49:06] <Pigi> plat/rtai/lib/freqmod.o: unresolved symbol rt_shm_free
[07:49:08] <Pigi> plat/rtai/lib/freqmod.o: unresolved symbol stop_rt_timer
[07:49:10] <Pigi> plat/rtai/lib/freqmod.o: unresolved symbol start_rt_timer
[07:49:12] <Pigi> plat/rtai/lib/freqmod.o: unresolved symbol rt_task_init
[07:49:18] <Pigi> plat/rtai/lib/freqmod.o: unresolved symbol rt_linux_use_fpu
[07:49:20] <Pigi> plat/rtai/lib/freqmod.o: unresolved symbol rt_get_time_ns
[07:49:22] <Pigi> plat/rtai/lib/freqmod.o: unresolved symbol rt_shm_alloc
[07:50:06] <paul_c> go to the /lib/module/`uname -r`/
[07:50:35] <paul_c> and make a symlink (e.g. rtai) that points to /usr/realtime/modules
[07:50:44] <paul_c> and run depmod
[07:53:40] <Pigi> same as before.
[07:54:24] <Pigi> should I insmod some other module before freqmod ?
[07:54:47] <paul_c> try modprobe rtai_up
[07:55:36] <Pigi> modprobe: Can't locate module rtai_up.o
[07:56:03] <paul_c> OK... the symlink isn't working...
[07:56:16] <Pigi> eheheh. It seems maybe an hard link ?
[07:56:58] <paul_c> copy the contents of realtime/modules to a new directory in the {KVER}/ tree
[07:58:24] <Pigi> plat/rtai/lib/freqmod.o: unresolved symbol rt_shm_free
[07:58:53] <Pigi> after modprobe rtai_shm
[07:59:05] <Pigi> freqmod can be insmodded
[07:59:38] <Pigi> well, apart for colors, it works now.
[08:00:52] <paul_c> You running KDE ?
[08:01:21] <Pigi> Yea I am
[08:01:49] <Pigi> but colors aren't a problem
[08:02:07] <paul_c> find kcmdislayrc in .kde
[08:02:22] <paul_c> exportKDEColors=false
[08:02:37] <paul_c> or do it in /etc/kde3
[08:04:19] <Pigi> could emc be runned by normal user or need to be run as root ?
[08:04:47] <paul_c> yes, but
[08:05:02] <paul_c> you need sudo installed
[08:05:03] <Pigi> I need to insmod modules as root ....
[08:05:13] <Pigi> ah ok. Not a problem
[08:05:18] <paul_c> and a few changes have to be made to the run script
[08:05:42] <paul_c> Best bet is to take a look at the work happening with emc2
[08:06:13] <Pigi> yes, sure. That's where I started :)
[08:06:26] <Pigi> btw, where do you are from ?
[08:06:35] <paul_c> Que ?
[08:07:09] <Pigi> I've seen that you are connection from a .fi domain. I was asking if you are from finland
[08:07:17] <Pigi> just curiosity btw
[08:07:44] <paul_c> * paul_c should be on a .com connection
[08:07:53] <paul_c> picnet is Finland
[08:07:58] <Pigi> ah ok.
[08:08:06] <paul_c> * paul_c is in England
[08:08:29] <paul_c> Well... Now that you have EMC running
[08:08:43] <paul_c> what changes are you planning to make ?
[08:09:08] <Pigi> ehehe. Ok I'll explain.
[08:10:20] <Pigi> i did the L297 board from http://webpages.charter.net/pminmo/cncelectronics.htm
[08:10:33] <Pigi> and the BreakOutBoard from the same source.
[08:11:12] <Pigi> The pinout for this board it's slightly different from the steppermod or freqmod modules
[08:11:42] <Pigi> and moreover there is an "enable" pin that are not existant in the same modules.
[08:12:23] <Pigi> What I would like to do is to implement a similar ( 90% copied ) module for this board with the correct pinout ( or maibe with a pinout read from an ini file
[08:12:43] <Pigi> and ( most important ) by adding the use of the enable pins.
[08:12:53] <Pigi> do you think it would be really hard ?
[08:13:22] <paul_c> OK...mapping the step/dir signals to different pins isn't too hard
[08:13:33] <paul_c> as long as you are comfortable using C
[08:14:01] <Pigi> i'm almost comfortable with C.
[08:14:18] <paul_c> reading the pin definitions in from an ini file is NOT a trivial exercise
[08:15:01] <paul_c> You may not want to loose yourself in the emc code though..
[08:15:06] <Pigi> I'm sure it is not .... after some thousand or more of C code, I think nothing it's really easy in C :)
[08:15:15] <Pigi> but I do love this language :)
[08:15:42] <paul_c> The NIST idea of modula code is 5-6,000 lines per source file
[08:17:04] <paul_c> The routine you need is line 3989 of emc/src/emcmot/emcmot.c
[08:18:04] <paul_c> freqfunc()
[08:18:07] <Pigi> just after freqfunc, right ?
[08:18:39] <paul_c> yup
[08:20:16] <Pigi> I see. That's for the pin. I will start from here to see how do the signals are sent to port.
[08:21:10] <paul_c> most of it is shift functions near the end of freqfunc
[08:21:33] <Pigi> Yes, I see. I think that for the enables pin it should not be more that use a fixed mask to what you sent to parallel port.
[08:21:40] <Pigi> could this be correct ?
[08:22:47] <Pigi> something around line 4122...
[08:23:45] <paul_c> That is where the byte is written out, yes.
[08:23:49] <Pigi> but before anything I will take the dust out from my old oscilloscope, or wait for my new logic analyzer to understand a bit better something.
[08:24:54] <paul_c> line 4068 to 4122 do the shifts to generate the byte
[08:25:06] <Pigi> Yes, seen.
[08:25:39] <Pigi> I will also give a look to some other module, because actually there is already some module that read infos from the ini file ....
[08:26:01] <Pigi> I don't remeber, but reading in the manual there is something about this
[08:27:31] <paul_c> Oh you don't want to go there..
[08:27:55] <Pigi> It's really late here, now. I will thanks everyone for the moment, and specially you paul_c for all the support.
[08:28:06] <paul_c> The ini file is parsed by task
[08:28:12] <Pigi> ah ok.
[08:28:30] <paul_c> and messages passed around in various formats
[08:28:46] <paul_c> It gets confusing and real ugly in places
[08:29:08] <Pigi> ok. I will work in another direction then.
[08:29:23] <Pigi> BTW I will post a miniminihowto for the compile stage in emc user list in a couple of days.
[08:29:32] <paul_c> I can give you a few pointers another day
[08:30:08] <Pigi> it will be very nice, but don't loose too much time on this for the moment. I think EMC2 has precedence.
[08:30:52] <paul_c> * paul_c has a whole bunch of other stuff to do...
[08:31:01] <Pigi> eheheh right.
[08:31:06] <paul_c> Another BDI release to get ready...
[08:31:36] <Pigi> nice work with BDI btw. For who don't know linux it's a really good thing.
[08:31:52] <Pigi> I've read a lot of entusiathic comment on a lot of forums
[08:32:08] <paul_c> about BDI ?
[08:32:13] <Pigi> yes sure
[08:32:36] <paul_c> so much for it being a secret then
[08:32:56] <Pigi> eheheh linuxcnc,org is not so much secret actually
[08:33:03] <Pigi> s/,/.
[08:33:39] <les> I should say not
[08:34:21] <paul_c> I blame the Yoopers
[08:34:29] <les> haw
[08:34:41] <Pigi> * Pigi need sleep now
[08:34:55] <les> must be late
[08:35:00] <paul_c> goodnight Pigi
[08:35:18] <Pigi> paul_c: feel free to contact me for translating thing.
[08:35:22] <Pigi> gn8 all
[08:35:58] <les> I am just in the office because I am not in a leaf raking mood
[08:36:09] <les> well leaf blowing
[08:37:05] <paul_c> Would the workshop extractor work ?
[08:37:39] <les> hmm yeah..but it would be several hundred bags I guess
[08:38:22] <les> the leaves ar good stuff though...free fertilizer
[08:38:49] <paul_c> I see one of the industrial dust extractors has a hoover type attachment
[08:38:52] <les> and inorganic fertilizers like so many other commodities have gone through the roof
[08:39:18] <les> Yes I have been meaning to pick one of those up
[08:39:29] <les> hoover with a 6 inch hose
[08:39:34] <paul_c> wait till oil hits $5/gal
[08:40:07] <les> yeah really it is still cheap here at $2...but we complain
[08:40:43] <paul_c> saw it @ $3 in Callifonia
[08:41:05] <les> I am installing more wood stoves here as I expect $1200/mo heating bills from gas
[08:41:14] <les> natural gas
[08:41:48] <les> wood we have
[08:41:50] <paul_c> mix the wood dust with pva and make your own pellets
[08:42:09] <les> yeah...pellet stoves are neat
[08:42:30] <paul_c> and just for fun...
[08:42:40] <paul_c> add some black powder to the mix
[08:42:54] <les> pva burned= nasty halogens
[08:43:19] <les> Oh I was out firing my black powder pistol sunday
[08:43:24] <les> big boom
[08:43:28] <les> big smoke
[08:45:04] <les> ach I still have not gotten my head switched from turkeys to digital logic
[08:45:32] <les> I was going to give up and hit the golf course to clean out my head
[08:45:49] <les> but then the phone started ringing
[08:46:11] <les> tommorow morning for sure
[08:46:34] <les> when I go I will think about turkey calls
[08:46:48] <les> when I come back it will all be TTL
[08:46:58] <paul_c> I'm just about shagged here...
[08:47:09] <paul_c> time for bed methinks.
[08:47:12] <les> oh I got the entire production for the call company
[08:47:27] <les> go to bed. Talk tommorow!
[08:47:54] <paul_c> You have news n ITW ?
[08:48:00] <les> yeah
[08:48:25] <les> I have to give a project review friday
[08:48:52] <les> I will ask about a plan for the manufacturing line
[08:49:12] <les> as soon as they stop yelling at me for being late
[08:49:44] <les> I would like a where and when kind of thing
[08:50:16] <paul_c> Sounds like an interesting project.
[08:50:18] <les> and whether I can pick one or both of those
[08:50:30] <les> high stress
[08:50:46] <les> worked myself right into the hospital once there
[08:51:21] <les> I want to really start a Linux push with them
[08:51:33] <les> I will be fairly insistent
[08:52:00] <paul_c> Sherline are committed to EMC
[08:52:14] <les> We'll see how that goes
[08:52:23] <les> They seem to be
[08:52:33] <paul_c> and we have a new manufacturer starting to launch a line
[08:53:02] <les> That's one reason I asked ray about getting "chips" on the GUI
[08:53:03] <paul_c> BDI-Live is handy for demos
[08:53:18] <les> yes I had better download it
[08:53:26] <paul_c> Chips on the splash screen ?
[08:53:54] <les> Well right on the emc GUI with the coordinates and stuff
[08:54:23] <les> He said no problem
[08:54:38] <paul_c> embed chips in a corner of the GUI
[08:54:47] <les> static image should not slow anything down right?
[08:55:10] <les> yeah the Corner...would be fine
[08:55:17] <paul_c> as long as it isn't re-drawn every 100mSec
[08:55:24] <les> right
[08:55:53] <paul_c> The GUI is not the system hog
[08:56:19] <les> That would give a nice visual hook in a demonstration
[08:56:29] <les> people remember images
[08:57:19] <paul_c> bold clean lines
[08:57:32] <les> yes
[08:58:38] <paul_c> I need to get stuck in on the next BDI CD, and fix some of the EMC code
[08:59:01] <les> I plan to mention you in the project review and see how it goes if that's ok
[08:59:22] <paul_c> Got a couple of areas I want to clean up that should improve the performance
[08:59:23] <les> need to feel them out for ca$h
[08:59:47] <paul_c> * paul_c doesn't have a problem with ca�h
[08:59:59] <les> just the spelling haha
[09:00:22] <les> well I would rater have x pounds than dollars...
[09:00:48] <paul_c> at the current exchange rate, me too.
[09:01:20] <les> but anyway I cannot do what I want to do just by myself
[09:01:36] <les> But it is a sell job
[09:02:21] <les> first I have to put out the fires
[09:03:47] <les> BTW...just so I know...would you entertain being an ITW employee either here or in GB?
[09:03:51] <paul_c> I'm always interested in new projects
[09:04:12] <les> is that a yes?
[09:04:28] <paul_c> Been looking at us.gov and work visas
[09:04:41] <les> I need to know if it happens to come up
[09:04:42] <paul_c> they sure as hell don't make it easy
[09:05:07] <les> one phone call from the republicans there
[09:05:24] <paul_c> on that score, it might be easier to be GB employed, but based where ever I'm needed.
[09:05:46] <les> yeah
[09:06:04] <les> well ITW is all over GB so possible
[09:06:09] <paul_c> but US employed would be more flexable
[09:06:23] <les> ok
[09:06:42] <les> I just want to know the answers to questions before I am asked
[09:06:57] <paul_c> in either case, tax will be a royal pita
[09:08:06] <les> yes
[09:08:35] <les> I just want to continue being a hired gun no more than half the time
[09:08:44] <les> too much stress
[09:08:51] <les> they want my ass back
[09:09:09] <paul_c> something to nail to the wall ?
[09:09:18] <les> yeah
[09:10:17] <les> I am not making nearly as much but I like my work situation here
[09:10:27] <paul_c> Well... Should the question come up...
[09:11:26] <paul_c> Yes I can come over and work. I'm not bothered you pays. as long as the required visas can be arranged
[09:11:41] <les> ok
[09:11:56] <paul_c> and am available anytime.
[09:12:33] <les> because I will be quite insistent about not just bringing a bunch of troops in from Warner or something
[09:12:57] <paul_c> Don't Warner own M. Mouse now ?
[09:13:10] <les> I want a linux factory automation solution
[09:13:26] <les> warner as in motion control
[09:14:08] <les> include kollmorgen, Pac sci, Thompson, etc
[09:14:49] <les> I don't want their proprietary magic boxes
[09:15:27] <paul_c> At the motor drive end, you will need one or the other
[09:15:55] <les> well yeah but not the software and firmware
[09:17:38] <les> and no expensive embedded RT operating systems either
[09:17:58] <paul_c> that rules out QNX and a few others
[09:18:04] <les> right
[09:18:31] <paul_c> Hard realtime with RTAI or maybe RTLinux-Free
[09:18:44] <les> of course they may disagree...
[09:18:49] <paul_c> soft realtime with the standard 2.6 kernel
[09:19:06] <les> but I am the only one who knows how to make this thing
[09:19:24] <les> soft rt good for some things
[09:19:52] <paul_c> the FOSS advantage - No licencing fees or patent royalties to cough up
[09:20:04] <les> yup
[09:20:04] <paul_c> source code included
[09:20:15] <paul_c> A huge knowledge base
[09:20:30] <les> I think it's just the right way to go
[09:21:01] <les> Lets see if they agree
[09:21:07] <paul_c> and they do NOT have to disclose any changes made in house - and they can have their own proprietory apps running..
[09:21:18] <les> right
[09:21:26] <paul_c> subject to the terms of the GNU GPL
[09:21:44] <les> well the only thing theirs would be c source
[09:21:47] <les> aps
[09:22:15] <paul_c> as long as it is for in house use, and not distribution
[09:22:31] <paul_c> they can do pretty much anything with the code
[09:22:48] <les> ITW never distributes manufacturing software
[09:23:53] <les> So I think any sticky points with calls to some GPL RT function in source code will be covered
[09:24:38] <les> if any
[09:24:46] <paul_c> as long as the code is not redistributed, it is not a problem
[09:24:57] <les> that will work fine
[09:25:24] <les> I'll give all this a shot friday
[09:25:43] <paul_c> http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-faq.html
[09:25:57] <les> well let me have some dinner and you some shut eye
[09:26:05] <les> I will check the link
[09:26:42] <paul_c> some of the faqs under "General understandings" will be relevant
[09:26:54] <les> I will check them out
[09:27:37] <les> off to the latin quarter....
[09:28:01] <paul_c> pizza or pasta ?
[09:28:10] <les> pasta
[09:28:30] <paul_c> OK. catch you later.
[09:28:36] <les> later
[10:04:43] <A-L-P-H-A> evening folks.