#linuxcnc-devel | Logs for 2012-01-21

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[00:40:00] <andypugh> My 2.5 doesn't work any more...
[00:40:54] <andypugh> jepler: I think there is a problem with the tool/offset box in Axis, it takes the offset from the T number, not the H number.
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[02:05:57] <cradek> I think that's by design
[02:11:21] <cradek> jepler: thanks for the pointer to pbuilder.
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[04:04:05] <jepler> hm, I just got a curious failure with a parallel build that included the docs.
[04:04:23] <jepler> http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=5Ev0b9L5
[04:14:45] <seb_kuzminsky> oh good, something to do while waiting for our ridiculous translations to build: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=7ezeYJUz-84#!
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[04:41:31] <clytle374> seb_kuzminsky, has hm2 been tested with any newer kernels? Just wondering
[04:42:12] <seb_kuzminsky> clytle374: nothing newer than 2.6.32 (lucid) afaik
[04:43:01] <clytle374> thanks. I gave up on it, just curious if it was "just me"
[04:51:26] <clytle374> I might just be me, but I've tired so many kernels/rtais/config combos I'd think I'd stumbled across one that works. If you want to look sometime, let me know. Gotta get some sleep. good night all
[04:51:44] <seb_kuzminsky> goodnight clytle374!
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[05:37:36] <CIA-99> 03seb 07v2.5_branch * rb5de49d7dcce 10/debian/rules.in: rename: dont try to remove nonexistent files
[05:37:37] <CIA-99> 03seb 07v2.5_branch * r496707f8b831 10/debian/copyright: rename: update copyright
[05:37:38] <CIA-99> 03seb 07v2.5_branch * r7c133fabd35b 10/ (11 files in 6 dirs): rename: make axis run again when packaged
[05:37:40] <CIA-99> 03seb 07v2.5_branch * r797bb820510d 10/debian/ (configure control.in): fix package relationships after rename
[05:37:40] <CIA-99> 03seb 07v2.5_branch * red5774497dde 10/scripts/realtime.in: rename: find rtapi.conf in the new place
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[08:30:03] <mhaberler> actually the kins should be picked up automagically
[08:31:02] <mhaberler> sorry, stop the presses. look at src/Makefile
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[11:47:10] <CIA-99> 03mhaberler 07master * r2869df4903e6 10/src/rtapi/ (rtai_rtapi.c rtai_ulapi.c rtapi.h sim_common.h): rtapi: introduce rtapirtapi_shmem_size()
[11:47:10] <CIA-99> 03mhaberler 07master * ra1b051cecb8e 10/src/hal/halmodule.cc: halmodule: make hal.shm() size parameter optional
[11:47:12] <CIA-99> 03mhaberler 07master * r95974c09b136 10/src/ (3 files in 2 dirs): probekins: first cut (dummy)
[11:47:13] <CIA-99> 03mhaberler 07master * r4425ebf02b85 10/configs/sim/axis/ (pk.ini pk_sim.hal): probekins: example config
[11:47:14] <CIA-99> 03mhaberler 07master * r6f0812bccf19 10/configs/sim/axis/buf.py: probekins: python example to access probekins shm buffer
[11:47:15] <CIA-99> 03mhaberler 07master * r73e762413d8e 10/ (4 files in 2 dirs): probekins: triangle test works
[11:47:16] <CIA-99> 03mhaberler 07master * r8e544a0f1432 10/src/emc/kinematics/ (probekins.c probekins.h): probekins: use STL binary file layout for shared memory area
[11:47:17] <CIA-99> 03mhaberler 07master * rcc1ddda4e26c 10/configs/sim/axis/pk_sim.hal: probekins: adapt example params
[11:47:18] <CIA-99> 03mhaberler 07master * r4e703c4b3bea 10/ (8 files in 2 dirs): probekins: add loading an STL file
[11:47:18] <CIA-99> 03mhaberler 07master * r4a8ccaaa6cd4 10/src/emc/kinematics/ (stlcorr.py stltool.py): switch to stltool.py from https://github.com/kliment/Printrun
[11:47:19] <CIA-99> 03mhaberler 07master * r333f0f052c49 10/src/emc/kinematics/probekins.c: probekins: touchup
[11:47:20] <CIA-99> 03mhaberler 07master * rfdd0653868f9 10/src/emc/kinematics/probekins.c: probekins: inline triangle/ray test, measure timing
[11:47:21] <CIA-99> 03mhaberler 07master * ra2ecf79a22af 10/src/emc/kinematics/probe2stl.py: probekins: add probe2stl conversion
[11:47:22] <CIA-99> 03mhaberler 07master * r364002c5032b 10/configs/sim/axis/ (pk.halshow pk.ini pk_sim.hal): probekins: demo configuration
[11:47:25] <CIA-99> 03mhaberler 07master * rfea0850c0824 10/src/emc/kinematics/ (stlcorr.py stlimport.py stltool.py): probekins: add stlcorr tool
[11:47:26] <CIA-99> 03mhaberler 07master * rcfa4dcdcf728 10/src/emc/kinematics/ (probekins.c probekins.h): probekins: kinematics module
[11:47:26] <CIA-99> 03mhaberler 07master * rdf3945db9d19 10/src/emc/kinematics/ (probe.txt two.stl twotriangles.stl): probekins: sample files
[11:47:27] <CIA-99> 03mhaberler 07master * r9b3028842d8a 10/src/emc/kinematics/stlcorr.py: stlcorr: add -B flag for bounding box output
[11:47:30] <CIA-99> 03mhaberler 07master * rfbf7932be125 10/src/emc/kinematics/stltool.py: touchup
[11:47:33] <CIA-99> 03mhaberler 07master * r4160eba79082 10/src/emc/kinematics/probe2stl.py: probe2stl.py: less fattening
[11:47:37] <CIA-99> 03mhaberler 07master * rde3b11330353 10/src/emc/kinematics/probe2stl.py: probe2stl: detect missing mayavi2 package
[11:47:39] <CIA-99> 03mhaberler 07master * rbc104fe5dd57 10/src/emc/kinematics/ (README.probekins probe.txt): probekins: update README
[11:47:40] <CIA-99> 03mhaberler 07master * r03ac66501c6e 10/src/emc/kinematics/probemesh.png: probekins: visualization example
[11:47:43] <CIA-99> 03mhaberler 07master * rd4619a600c8e 10/src/emc/kinematics/Submakefile: probekins: install targets
[11:47:45] <CIA-99> 03mhaberler 07master * rb7735da20d8d 10/src/emc/kinematics/README.probekins: probekins: note package dependencies in README.probekins
[11:47:47] <CIA-99> 03mhaberler 07master * r8631336f0c4c 10/ (configs/sim/axis/pk.ini src/emc/kinematics/probe2stl.py): probe2stl: add machine boundary
[11:47:48] <CIA-99> 03mhaberler 07master * rc7ea4e2fa419 10/src/emc/kinematics/probe2stl.py: probe2stl: import emc only when needed
[11:47:49] <CIA-99> 03mhaberler 07master * rff5fbd5b3523 10/src/emc/kinematics/README.probekins: README: note pacakge sizes
[11:47:50] <CIA-99> 03mhaberler 07master * rea11d563b0e5 10/src/emc/kinematics/probekins.c: probekins: remove warning
[11:47:51] <CIA-99> 03mhaberler 07master * r7386a2c48574 10/src/emc/kinematics/probe2stl.py: probe2stl: improve import robustness for mayavi2
[11:47:52] <CIA-99> 03mhaberler 07master * red936e3d93dc 10/src/emc/kinematics/probe2stl.py: probe2stl: fix triangulation
[11:47:53] <CIA-99> 03mhaberler 07master * r9cfb48e5abb8 10/ (21 files in 5 dirs): Merge branch 'probekins' of git://git.mah.priv.at/emc2-dev
[11:47:54] <CIA-99> 03mhaberler 07master * rb9f3efd02676 10/configs/sim/axis/probe.txt: probekins: test file
[11:47:55] <CIA-99> 03mhaberler 07master * re23eadbcd20d 10/configs/sim/axis/probe.txt: Merge branch 'probekins' of git://git.mah.priv.at/emc2-dev
[11:47:56] <CIA-99> 03mhaberler 07master * r54813fe8ea50 10/src/emc/kinematics/probe2stl.py: probe2stl: fix boundary handling
[11:47:57] <CIA-99> 03mhaberler 07master * rb73cdf69311e 10/src/emc/kinematics/probe2stl.py: Merge branch 'probekins' of git://git.mah.priv.at/emc2-dev
[11:47:58] <CIA-99> 03mhaberler 07master * r56e7e23a4f7b 10/src/emc/kinematics/probe2stl.py: probekins: one more typo
[11:48:01] <CIA-99> 03mhaberler 07master * r5bcc55db32ea 10/src/emc/kinematics/probe2stl.py: Merge branch 'probekins' of git://git.mah.priv.at/emc2-dev
[11:48:02] <CIA-99> 03mhaberler 07master * r3f5a83b7447d 10/src/emc/kinematics/probekins.c: probekins: add x,y debug pins
[11:48:04] <mhaberler> darn, I pushed the wrong branch - sorry
[11:48:04] <CIA-99> 03mhaberler 07master * ra6c74c209b21 10/src/emc/rs274ngc/ (interp_check.cc interp_cycles.cc): interp/g84: attempt #0
[11:48:06] <CIA-99> 03mhaberler 07master * rbd518a798f45 10/docs/src/gui/gladevcp.txt: Merge branch 'master' of git://git.linuxcnc.org/git/emc2
[11:48:07] <CIA-99> 03mhaberler 07master * rb518e41911a6 10/src/emc/rs274ngc/ (interp_check.cc interp_cycles.cc): Merge branch 'g84-dev' of git://git.mah.priv.at/emc2-dev
[11:48:09] <CIA-99> 03mhaberler 07master * r1cb99da1512d 10/nc_files/g84demo.ngc: interp/g84: demo ngc file
[11:48:11] <CIA-99> 03mhaberler 07master * rd8819c0c9e87 10/ (446 files in 40 dirs): Merge branch 'master' of git://git.linuxcnc.org/git/emc2
[11:48:14] <CIA-99> 03mhaberler 07master * r7d1223ca6717 10/ (748 files in 111 dirs): Merge branch 'master' of git://git.linuxcnc.org/git/emc2
[11:48:15] <CIA-99> 03mhaberler 07master * r46fbb5303662 10/lib/python/gladevcp/hal_actions.py: hal_actions.py: cleanup post rebranding frenzy
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[11:57:21] <mhaberler> ok, fixed
[12:02:00] <awallin> I still get "couldn't execute "emctop": no such file or directory" when trying Machine/show emc status. Git tells me I'm on v2.5.0-pre2
[12:04:12] <CIA-99> 03mhaberler 07master * rd354d9db5061 10/lib/python/gladevcp/hal_actions.py: hal_actions: cleanup post rebranding
[12:04:53] <mhaberler> its now 'linuxcnctop'
[12:08:50] <CIA-99> 03mhaberler 07v2.5_branch * rff93e600b50d 10/lib/python/gladevcp/hal_actions.py: hal_actions: cleanup post rebranding
[12:09:01] <psha> mhaberler: server up
[12:09:11] <mhaberler> yep, saw that - thanks!
[12:09:27] <psha> on host in the middle had MTU 1000!
[12:16:32] <mhaberler> duh.. an MSCE at work?
[12:18:36] <CIA-99> 03jthornton 07v2.5_branch * r0a4f21de99ed 10/docs/src/gcode/ (overview.txt overview_de.txt overview_es.txt overview_pl.txt): Docs: fix rs274 name to match nist document name
[12:18:37] <CIA-99> 03jthornton 07v2.5_branch * r11e4aa0375d0 10/docs/src/common/System_Requirements_es.txt: Docs: translate to spanish
[12:18:38] <CIA-99> 03jthornton 07v2.5_branch * r6a858b00f4de 10/docs/src/index_es.tmpl: Docs: begin spanish translation
[12:18:39] <CIA-99> 03jthornton 07v2.5_branch * rc8f8194c14d1 10/docs/src/motion/ (4 files): Docs: fix error in forumula
[12:18:45] <psha> dunno, probably traffic is temporary routed though something like dsl
[12:19:03] <mhaberler> ah, a 'hot fix'
[12:19:37] <mhaberler> "cludges 'r us"
[12:19:47] <jthornton> YEA! the Spanish Translations have started thanks to Oscar
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[14:28:35] <tissf> jthornton: around?
[14:29:33] <JT-Shop> out here in the shop Francis
[14:29:43] <tissf> are you ok to rename emc2-intro.png in linuxcnc-intro.png?
[14:30:20] <JT-Shop> yes
[14:30:32] <JT-Shop> be back in a bit breakfast time for me
[14:31:36] <tissf> ok waiting for your signal good breakfast
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[14:49:10] <JT-Shop> ahhh FD&H
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[15:08:57] <tissf> what is it?
[15:09:28] <JT-Shop> Fat Dumb and Happy with a full tummy
[15:10:04] <JT-Shop> tissf: I see some svg images do they work for you?
[15:10:04] <tissf> sure :)
[15:10:57] <tissf> yes realy fine, that's the better quality but for v2.6
[15:11:42] <JT-Shop> ok, I noticed some in 2.5 but I know the eps won't work for 2.5 so I was wondering about the svg images
[15:12:46] <tissf> That work after smal bug correction in the Inkscape library
[15:13:10] <tissf> bug away after Lucid
[15:15:39] <JT-Shop> ok
[15:17:41] <tissf> look at baillifard Marc-André mail 27/11/2011 sourceforge list #emc-developpers for fix this bug
[15:21:08] <tissf> http://pastebin.com/r7ciEtQW
[15:21:25] <tissf> more simple
[15:24:20] <JT-Shop> so the bug has been corrected in master only?
[15:24:40] <tissf> do a test and look at the results in the .pdf and .html tell me what you think of the quality
[15:25:22] <tissf> it is not fixed anywhere
[15:25:58] <tissf> only manually
[15:26:28] <JT-Shop> then that won't work for us unless all users manually fix the bug?
[15:27:16] <tissf> I don't know
[15:28:14] <tissf> if the library is used to visualize
[15:28:31] <tissf> or only for the build
[15:28:48] <tissf> I have to test that
[15:29:06] <JT-Shop> ok
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[15:32:46] <tissf> mhaberler send; here's a test for the bug:
[15:33:00] <tissf> grep -e '(format, input, output)' `dpkg -L dblatex|grep imagedata.py`
[15:33:16] <IchGucksLive> hi all can i put 2 patches together or how does this work i made some more changes
[15:35:19] <psha> you may send two patches
[15:35:29] <JT-Shop> yes you can have several patches in one
[15:35:29] <psha> or incorporate some changes into last one
[15:36:22] <IchGucksLive> do i need to do this by hand
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[15:37:35] <JT-Shop> I have that command downstairs if psha doesn't know it by heart
[15:47:33] <CIA-99> 03tissf 07v2.5_branch * r110fad24672b 10/ (5 files in 3 dirs): French docs - fix link - sync images after renaming
[15:47:33] <CIA-99> 03tissf 07v2.5_branch * r4ab6bc00fa2f 10/ (13 files in 7 dirs): French docs - fix links - rename
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[16:03:42] <psha> 'git commit -a' to 'amend' last patch
[16:03:56] <psha> git commit + git format-patch HEAD^^ - to send two patches separately
[16:04:14] <IchGucksLive> thanks
[16:05:13] <IchGucksLive> 'amend' is the name of the last patch ?
[16:07:24] -!- GoSebGo has quit [Ping timeout: 240 seconds]
[16:14:10] <jepler> "git commit --amend" means to amend (change) the most recent commit instead of creating an additional commit.
[16:14:50] <jepler> if you've already created a second commit, then "git commit --amend" will not modify the first commit
[16:15:44] <CIA-99> 03jepler 07v2.5_branch * r151e4a190781 10/debian/configure: debian 6.0.3 deserves tk8.5
[16:15:47] <CIA-99> 03jepler 07v2.5_branch * r57483e90838d 10/ (10 files in 4 dirs): refer to linuxcnctop
[16:15:49] <CIA-99> 03jepler 07v2.5_branch * r1173b36fc173 10/tcl/bin/pickconfig.tcl: refer to linuxcncmkdesktop
[16:15:49] <CIA-99> 03jepler 07v2.5_branch * r8aeb50913285 10/share/axis/tcl/axis.tcl: refer to LINUXCNC_TCL_DIR
[16:15:49] <CIA-99> 03jepler 07v2.5_branch * rc70673eda064 10/ (12 files in 4 dirs): refer to LINUXCNC_EMCSH
[16:15:50] <CIA-99> 03jepler 07v2.5_branch * rb400f53a86fe 10/ (8 files in 5 dirs): refer to linuxcncrsh
[16:15:50] <CIA-99> 03jepler 07v2.5_branch * r94e012aa28cc 10/scripts/linuxcnc.in: more 'linuxcnc' in the runscript
[16:15:52] <CIA-99> 03jepler 07v2.5_branch * re153441b2208 10/ (scripts/linuxcnc.in src/configure.in tcl/linuxcnc.tcl.in): refer to LINUXCNC_CONFIG_PATH
[16:15:52] <CIA-99> 03jepler 07v2.5_branch * r73cf3753b4eb 10/docs/src/Submakefile: attempt to work around an intermittent build error
[16:15:52] <CIA-99> 03jepler 07v2.5_branch * rbaf62b8e439e 10/tcl/bin/pickconfig.tcl: pickconfig: don't use fixed font everywhere
[16:15:52] <CIA-99> 03jepler 07v2.5_branch * r4d6de540eee2 10/tcl/bin/pickconfig.tcl: pickconfig: refer to linuxcncrc, LinuxCNC
[16:15:52] <CIA-99> 03jepler 07v2.5_branch * rfa4472e236bc 10/src/configure.in: use linuxcnc in config paths
[16:16:02] <CIA-99> 03jepler 07v2.5_branch * rd25818b593e1 10/configs/.gitignore: ignore position files better
[16:16:02] <CIA-99> 03jepler 07v2.5_branch * r5c8811c2b41d 10/docs/man/man9/.gitignore: ignore more generated manpages
[16:16:02] <CIA-99> 03jepler 07v2.5_branch * ra341a7bc9622 10/docs/man/man1/linuxcnc.1.in: refer to linuxcnc
[16:17:53] <IchGucksLive> jepler: thanks i created a second one
[16:18:47] <IchGucksLive> i think i will do it that way take the 5 files out of the git folder pull a new git and then redou all
[16:19:45] -!- Roguish [Roguish!~Roguish@c-67-174-215-143.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] has joined #linuxcnc-devel
[16:26:43] -!- cstop has quit [Client Quit]
[16:37:55] <psha> you may always checkout new branch in same repo
[16:37:59] <psha> without pulling new one
[16:38:08] <psha> for example you have two commits and want to redo them
[16:38:14] <psha> git checkout -b work HEAD^^
[16:38:21] <psha> will create new one two commits earlier
[16:38:32] <psha> then git cherry-pick -n COMMIT-HASH
[16:38:46] <psha> will pick commit diff without commiting it to new branch
[16:39:31] cjdavis1 is now known as cjdavis
[16:42:56] -!- mhaberler has quit [Ping timeout: 240 seconds]
[16:53:52] -!- e-ndy [e-ndy!~jkastner@static-84-242-102-36.net.upcbroadband.cz] has joined #linuxcnc-devel
[16:59:47] <IchGucksLive> i try
[17:05:39] <IchGucksLive> psha: fatal: Cannot find 'COMMIT-HASH'
[17:06:56] <psha> replace commit-hash with SHA1 of commit you want to pick
[17:07:10] <psha> what was name of branch you'd worked previously on?
[17:07:21] <IchGucksLive> do the patches need to have the same name ?
[17:07:26] <psha> nonono
[17:07:33] <psha> probably it was 'master'?
[17:07:36] <psha> or 'v2.5_branch'?
[17:07:40] <psha> do you remember?
[17:07:48] <psha> nether less you may check
[17:07:49] <IchGucksLive> no 2.6-pre
[17:07:51] <psha> run 'git log master'
[17:08:17] <psha> first two entries have to be your commits
[17:08:48] <IchGucksLive> yes
[17:09:37] <IchGucksLive> 'git checkout -b master HEAD^^'
[17:09:45] <IchGucksLive> this to do ?
[17:10:07] <psha> nono
[17:10:28] <psha> commit 89341b9869bd86f01f2c562b0daae254478d7de4
[17:10:29] <psha> Author: Andy Pugh <andy@bodgesoc.org>
[17:10:33] <psha> log entries looks like this
[17:10:43] <psha> 89341b9869bd86f01f2c562b0daae254478d7de4
[17:10:47] <psha> it's commit hash
[17:11:03] <psha> you may use either whole string or first 6 chars
[17:11:08] <IchGucksLive> commit 3d2d8d5fc86323416a82e682a2e4a04e324ea8b7
[17:11:10] <IchGucksLive> Author: Sammel Lothar <SammelLothar@gmx.de>
[17:11:25] <psha> 3d2d8d5fc86323416a82e682a2e4a04e324ea8b7 <- this is your commit hash
[17:11:46] <psha> but remember that you have to pick commits in correct order - first older one
[17:11:58] <IchGucksLive> commit 95f46951c7fea7fe93f2a7a3dcb6a2427caaa460
[17:12:00] <IchGucksLive> Author: Sammel Lothar <SammelLothar@gmx.de>
[17:12:05] <IchGucksLive> ok
[17:12:08] <psha> btw you may use 3d2d8d and 95f469
[17:12:10] <psha> shorter form
[17:12:34] <psha> or even master^ and 'master'
[17:12:37] <psha> as commit names
[17:12:57] <IchGucksLive> so git cherry pick -n hashNR old hashNr new
[17:13:19] <psha> maybe you'll need to run it twice - once per hash
[17:13:23] <psha> i don't remember exactly
[17:16:03] <IchGucksLive> Finished one cherry-pick. got this 2 times B)
[17:16:23] <IchGucksLive> now new git commit
[17:18:05] <IchGucksLive> SEB did also 2 changes on this so there are more commit hashes to cherry
[17:18:39] -!- mhaberler [mhaberler!~mhaberler@] has joined #linuxcnc-devel
[17:18:52] <psha> you want to incorporate seb's changes?
[17:19:10] <psha> probably that's not good idea if seb's commit is already in main tree
[17:19:32] <IchGucksLive> no the 'git log master' told me 2 more changes
[17:20:18] <IchGucksLive> its only for the xyuv plane view change so only special people whout use this already
[17:20:39] <IchGucksLive> i trhink its better to start with a new git pull
[17:21:18] <IchGucksLive> Fix typos in the docs for source-highlight by seb
[17:21:26] <IchGucksLive> so no axis or glcanon effected at all
[17:24:22] <psha> so you don't need pick anything except your two patches
[17:25:43] <IchGucksLive> i cleand all up and start from /
[17:26:21] <psha> heh
[17:26:31] <psha> with separate git pull you won't be able to 'cherry-pick'
[17:26:36] <psha> and you have to apply them manualy
[17:26:59] <IchGucksLive> its easyer to change this 4 files now
[17:28:09] <IchGucksLive> there is no german doc for this git system
[17:28:21] <IchGucksLive> and i cant get throu this in english
[17:33:19] <psha> i bet there are lot of howtos and tutorials for git in any language
[17:33:49] <psha> unfortunately i'm not able to help you finding them
[17:33:49] <psha> since i don't know germal at all :(
[17:34:32] -!- hm2-buildmaster has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
[17:34:55] <IchGucksLive> Thanks done
[17:35:24] -!- GoSebGo [GoSebGo!~Seb@] has joined #linuxcnc-devel
[17:37:57] -!- isssy has quit [Quit: Bye Bye]
[17:39:38] <IchGucksLive> done http://paste.pocoo.org/show/538327/
[17:40:19] <psha> bad
[17:40:28] <psha> line 51-52
[17:40:36] <psha> -import linuxcnc
[17:40:36] <psha> +import emc
[17:41:01] <psha> probably it should not be part of this patch
[17:41:07] <psha> WTF?!
[17:41:12] <psha> even module names are renamed?!
[17:41:15] <psha> :(
[17:41:28] <IchGucksLive> not from me
[17:41:49] <IchGucksLive> there are lots of changes i dident made
[17:42:02] <psha> so why there are in your patch?
[17:42:18] <psha> point is to make patch with only your changes
[17:42:23] <psha> that will simplify merging a lot
[17:42:25] <psha> bbl
[17:42:34] <IchGucksLive> agree
[17:43:20] <IchGucksLive> how did change this import emc to linuxcnc
[17:43:59] <IchGucksLive> or is the module now called linuxcnc since 2 daxs
[17:45:26] <IchGucksLive> oh now so i need to put line by line to the new git as the modules are renamed in 2.6
[17:47:26] <IchGucksLive> so this wars the name change by seb
[17:47:28] <seb_kuzminsky> awallin: i think i fixed that last night... pull & reubild (maybe from scratch)
[17:47:31] -!- acemi has quit [Changing host]
[17:48:16] <IchGucksLive> seb_kuzminsky: did you change the module name in glcanon.py from emc to linuxcnc
[17:48:45] <mhaberler> psha: the latin term for what's currently happening is 'damnatio memoriae' ;)
[17:50:33] <IchGucksLive> seb_kuzminsky: http://paste.pocoo.org/show/538327/ line 51-52
[17:52:33] <IchGucksLive> so im done for today tomorrow lots of work to get this miss fixed up for mee the 3rd time
[17:52:51] <GoSebGo> IchGucksLive: i'm not in front of my computer atm, run 'git blame filename' to see who changed each line most recently
[17:53:29] <IchGucksLive> it is clear thar seb has changed the module name in the past 4 days
[17:53:37] <IchGucksLive> on 2.6-pre
[17:53:41] <GoSebGo> I dont think i changed that line but it's easy for you to check
[17:54:21] <IchGucksLive> filename is the patch or the file glpython.py
[17:54:34] <IchGucksLive> glcanon.py
[17:55:10] -!- tom3p [tom3p!~tomp@75-150-195-235-Illinois.hfc.comcastbusiness.net] has joined #linuxcnc-devel
[17:59:00] <IchGucksLive> no one to blame on
[17:59:21] <jepler> when you do things like make a new git clone and copy files from another git clone, you are working against git, not with it. It's the same problem as before, when you took files from v2.4.? and effectively undid changes by other developers.
[17:59:35] <IchGucksLive> so its better not to work on this in this days and start allover with programming sometime later
[18:00:05] <jepler> it would be fine if you stayed in the same git clone
[18:00:06] <IchGucksLive> jepler: i agree on that
[18:00:38] -!- acemi has quit [Quit: WeeChat 0.3.2]
[18:01:04] <IchGucksLive> i will find a way throu this and start alover wonth more sometimes next week
[18:02:10] <IchGucksLive> first is to find a Docu in my language
[18:04:20] <IchGucksLive> by for today
[18:04:24] -!- IchGucksLive has quit [Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.87 [Firefox 9.0.1/20120117091749]]
[18:05:04] <CIA-99> 03jepler 07v2.5_branch * r4a4eda9e6d2a 10/README: refer to LinuxCNC
[18:05:10] <jepler> GoSebGo: working on the buildbot?
[18:05:10] <jepler> remote: git_buildbot: ERROR: Could not connect to buildbot.linuxcnc.org:5133: Connection was refused by other side: 61: Connection refused.
[18:05:25] <GoSebGo> Yes
[18:05:59] <GoSebGo> It ran out of disk, i'm growing it, should be back within the hour
[18:06:23] <jepler> ouch, ok.
[18:07:01] <jepler> need more spindles yet, or just need to reapportion what you have?
[18:07:36] -!- john__ [john__!~john@host86-169-144-216.range86-169.btcentralplus.com] has joined #linuxcnc-devel
[18:07:50] <CIA-99> 03jepler 07v2.5_branch * rc121b7464416 10/COPYING: refer to LinuxCNC and Enhanced Machine Controller
[18:08:00] <jepler> bbl
[18:09:08] -!- john__ [john__!~john@host86-169-144-216.range86-169.btcentralplus.com] has parted #linuxcnc-devel
[18:11:18] -!- jprentice [jprentice!~john@host86-169-144-216.range86-169.btcentralplus.com] has joined #linuxcnc-devel
[18:19:55] -!- ve7it [ve7it!~LawrenceG@S0106001c10b7770f.pk.shawcable.net] has joined #linuxcnc-devel
[18:21:01] -!- hm2-buildmaster [hm2-buildmaster!~hm2-build@174-16-121-79.hlrn.qwest.net] has joined #linuxcnc-devel
[18:21:02] -!- linuxcnc-build [linuxcnc-build!~linuxcnc-@174-16-121-79.hlrn.qwest.net] has joined #linuxcnc-devel
[18:22:55] <seb_kuzminsky> ok jepler, it's back with more room and building 2.5 now
[18:23:21] <seb_kuzminsky> what craziness happened on master? should i trigger a master build too?
[18:24:25] <seb_kuzminsky> oh i see, looks like master was cleaned up
[18:24:31] <seb_kuzminsky> i'll trigger it anyway, for good measure
[18:24:38] -!- Farthen has quit [Excess Flood]
[18:26:12] <psha> current policy is to rename emc to linuxcnc everywhere?
[18:26:20] <psha> scripts, modules, glade packages etc?
[18:26:24] -!- GoSebGo has quit [Ping timeout: 240 seconds]
[18:27:52] -!- GoSebGo [GoSebGo!~Seb@] has joined #linuxcnc-devel
[18:30:36] <CIA-99> 03tissf 07v2.5_branch * rfff028292077 10/docs/src/common/Getting_linuxcnc_fr.txt: French docs - fix links
[18:37:31] <tom3p> hello, now writing halgui from scratch and wanting to use tools already supplied with linuxcnc.
[18:37:32] <tom3p> are the python modules [wx, rsvg, cairo, numpy,] normally supplied with linuxcnc?
[18:40:23] <mhaberler> cradek: is your mori seiki config online somewhere?
[18:40:52] <mhaberler> tom3p: no, these are external package deps
[18:41:01] <seb_kuzminsky> tom3p: cd into the debian directory of the repo, run "./configure sim" or "./configure -r" as appropriate, then look in the file named "control"
[18:41:02] <mhaberler> wx I guess isnt
[18:41:40] <seb_kuzminsky> find the "Package: linuxcnc" or "Package: linuxcnc-sim" section, and look at the Depends line below
[18:41:54] <seb_kuzminsky> it lists all the packages that we already depend on
[18:42:33] <seb_kuzminsky> er, except it hasnt been expanded by debhelper yet....
[18:42:48] <seb_kuzminsky> you might be better off looking at the Depends section in "apt-cache show linuxcnc"
[18:44:06] <psha> seb_kuzminsky: apt-cache depends emc2
[18:44:22] <psha> no?
[18:44:48] <tom3p> wow your local copy is already linuxcnc, yah emc2 here
[18:44:58] <tom3p> thx
[18:57:35] <tom3p> python seems to have its own dependancies apt-cache showpkg python2.6 which shows up wxpython & numpy but not rsvg or cairo
[18:57:37] <tom3p> so is it bad to build with the tools wx, rsvg, cairo & numpy?
[18:59:21] <tom3p> i shuld have asked... 'which canvas should i use?'
[19:02:16] -!- sumpfralle has quit [Ping timeout: 240 seconds]
[19:04:58] <psha> i bet cairo is installed via gtk dep
[19:06:14] <psha> yes
[19:06:29] <psha> python-gtk2 depends on python-cairo
[19:07:04] <mhaberler> what's your plan?
[19:08:15] <mhaberler> wxpython.. that could be the idle IDE
[19:15:21] -!- vladimirek has quit [Read error: Operation timed out]
[19:32:01] -!- mhaberler has quit [Quit: mhaberler]
[19:36:14] -!- mhaberler [mhaberler!~mhaberler@] has joined #linuxcnc-devel
[19:36:15] -!- clytle374 [clytle374!~clytle374@75-105-212-57.cust.wildblue.net] has joined #linuxcnc-devel
[19:41:37] <CIA-99> 03seb 07master * rb9baa4d105ea 10/ (284 files in 43 dirs): Merge remote branch 'origin/v2.5_branch'
[19:50:53] <jepler> idle is based on tkinter, just like axis. as far as I know, wxpython would be a new dependency not already in linuxcnc or the ubuntu live cd.
[19:53:27] -!- mrsun has quit [Quit: Leaving]
[19:56:50] <mhaberler> what would you use if you wrote axis today, gtk? qt?
[19:58:33] <jepler> that's a tough question.
[19:59:34] <jepler> part of me would still choose tk, and be resigned to the way it doesn't look like the rest of the desktop apps--tkinter is not bad to program for and it's still where the vast majority of my experience lies
[20:00:09] <jepler> the rest of me would choose gtk(+python of course). this is in the base system everywhere gnome is, it will give apps that look like your other apps
[20:00:34] <jepler> I don't have enough experience with qt or wx to say much about them
[20:01:21] <jepler> after tk, I have the most experience with gtk so that obviously figures into my decision
[20:02:15] <jepler> also, not that I've done anything with it, that glade+python+hal stuff looks pretty awesome and powerful
[20:08:26] <mhaberler> I understand you wrote gremlin; could you comment on how fit it is as a replacement for the current Axis preview/live plot arrangement?
[20:11:08] <mhaberler> 'visually it looks ok' but then that might not be good enough to base a decision on; for instance Norbert Schechner is building HAL/Python/gladevcp apps for simple automation tasks, and the question came up - I wouldnt have an answer since I cant grasp the axis control flow (mostly due to the python/tcl language breaks)
[20:21:39] -!- stormlight has quit [Quit: stormlight]
[20:26:13] -!- stormlight has quit [Ping timeout: 252 seconds]
[20:29:25] <jepler> gremlin's yet another unfinished project. I had originally intended to make a gui with an axis-like layout during the 2.5 development cycle, but my interest was lacking.
[20:29:54] <jepler> axis is an organizational mess (it grew very organically) and the hypothetical gremlin-based UI would hopefully fix at least some of that
[20:30:13] -!- psha has quit [Quit: leaving]
[20:30:30] <jepler> the preview/backplot is still pretty much a big ball of wax, but at least it's separated enough that axis and gremlin run from mostly the same code as far as the preview is concerned
[20:45:35] <CIA-99> 03seb 07master * r8af4084bd803 10/docs/src/gcode/overview.txt: docs: fix a typo in a filename
[20:52:10] <mhaberler> can I encourage you to scribble a few comments into gremlin.py what's missing, so other folks dont trip over it? you know, the 'power of comments' ;)
[20:54:36] <cmorley> mhaberier I started a patch to expose some features of gremlin to gladevcp. For instance currently you can't change the DRO from metric to imperial units.
[20:55:19] <cmorley> I haven't figured out how to clear the screen of old moves yet
[20:57:16] <mhaberler> you mean just the moves, not clearing the canvas?
[20:57:41] <cmorley> all you can do at the moment is reload the file
[20:59:42] <mhaberler> but I think progress backplot works, doesnt it?
[21:00:04] <cmorley> progress backplot?
[21:00:16] <mhaberler> during execution
[21:00:29] <cmorley> yes backplot works
[21:01:53] <cmorley> possible to change views currently too
[21:02:28] <mhaberler> so the 'old moves' refer to execution backplots?
[21:02:29] <cmorley> except for lathe view that is hard coded at the moment
[21:03:23] <cmorley> hard coded false
[21:04:14] <cmorley> What i mean is in AXIS at any moment you can clear the screen of tool moves. you can't in gremlin
[21:05:09] <mhaberler> so it's: clear canvas, redraw preview, start execution backplot?
[21:05:18] <cmorley> also in AXIS if you touch off, AXIS updates the view to reflect this. Gremlin has no way to do this
[21:06:22] <cmorley> that I can figure out anyways...
[21:07:14] <mhaberler> A mystery I wish I understood is how the motion position is funneled back into Axis
[21:10:28] <cmorley> well in gremlin see emc.positionlogger(emc.stat()........
[21:12:42] <cmorley> Anyways gremlin needs some work before it will be useful as a plotter for a stand alone GUI.
[21:12:59] -!- acemi has quit [Quit: WeeChat 0.3.2]
[21:13:06] <cmorley> I have been playing with a screen ui too...
[21:13:59] <cmorley> psha did you comment on the gladevcp patch I sent to the list... I may have missed it if only on irc...
[21:22:40] -!- tissf has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[21:23:31] <CIA-99> 03jepler 07v2.5_branch * raa24f4142eba 10/src/hal/utils/comp.g: comp: fix search path for Makefile.modinc
[21:23:32] <CIA-99> 03jepler 07v2.5_branch * r3fd4c468fc75 10/debian/linuxcnc-dev.files.in: packaging: put Makefile.modinc in the -dev package
[21:28:13] <jepler> with this, I can build and install components on sim .. testing rtai next
[21:30:20] <jepler> all the menu items in axis work
[21:42:17] -!- LawrenceSeattle has quit [Ping timeout: 255 seconds]
[21:42:17] LawrenceSeattle_ is now known as LawrenceSeattle
[21:51:29] <jepler> creating desktop shortcuts work, configs are found in ~/linuxcnc
[21:51:47] <jepler> the desktop shortcut icon didn't work with an RIP system, but I don't know if it did before
[21:53:52] <CIA-99> 03jepler 07v2.5_branch * r97f36f23ae01 10/debian/extras/usr/share/applications/ (4 files): say LinuxCNC in .desktop files
[21:55:43] <cradek> yay!
[21:58:23] <mhaberler> cradek: is your mori seiki config online somewhere?
[21:59:51] <cradek> nope
[22:00:15] <mhaberler> would you make it available?
[22:00:45] <cradek> why - there's nothing special about it?
[22:02:34] <mhaberler> some other guy asked me about an MV Junior, and before inventing it a second time I thought I' ask
[22:03:10] <mhaberler> in particular the magazine position decode - is that just a quadrature encoder?
[22:03:27] -!- Mjolinor has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
[22:03:32] <cradek> mine is, but the factory proxes don't give quadrature
[22:03:40] <cradek> I changed mine around
[22:04:43] <mhaberler> you changed the encoder hw on the magazine spindle ?
[22:04:49] <cradek> I'm reluctant to make the config available for that reason among others
[22:05:04] <cradek> it has three proxes; I moved them because I didn't like the factory setup
[22:05:41] <cradek> it could lose position and not know, and I understand the original control often did that :-/
[22:05:56] <mhaberler> sorry.. what is a 'proxes'?
[22:06:06] <jepler> proximity switch
[22:06:10] <mhaberler> aja
[22:06:12] <cradek> brb
[22:07:44] -!- A2Sheds has quit [Ping timeout: 240 seconds]
[22:11:19] <cradek> I think line 96 is my error: what do I do about it? http://pastebin.com/ChnMDcvQ
[22:12:39] <jepler> those packages are from universe. you have to figure out how to enable universe in pbuilder.
[22:13:16] <cradek> oh!
[22:13:17] <jepler> ooh I see another heading on this page is how to make ccache work with pbuilder; that'd be nice. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PbuilderHowto#Universe_support
[22:13:38] <jepler> not that the stuff that takes the majority of the time is ccacheable
[22:14:27] <CIA-99> 03jepler 07v2.5_branch * r138bfdc1da65 10/debian/extras/usr/share/applications/ (4 files): fix some paths in desktop files
[22:15:27] <mhaberler> cradek: did you just reposition sensors, or completely rearrange position detection?
[22:16:01] <cradek> not sure what you'd call it - it did involve cutting metal.
[22:19:43] <cradek> jepler: thanks - that looks like it fixes it.
[22:21:40] -!- e-ndy has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
[22:22:08] -!- Nick001 has quit [Ping timeout: 240 seconds]
[22:23:21] <jepler> and everything seems to run just as well on (virtualized) rtai as on sim
[22:23:39] <cradek> sweet
[22:24:11] <mhaberler> what would you recommend to somebody trying to retrofit an MVjun wrt to magazine position detection?
[22:26:50] -!- andypugh [andypugh!~andy2@cpc2-basl1-0-0-cust492.basl.cable.virginmedia.com] has joined #linuxcnc-devel
[22:31:57] -!- tom3p [tom3p!~tomp@75-150-195-235-Illinois.hfc.comcastbusiness.net] has parted #linuxcnc-devel
[22:37:17] <CIA-99> 03jepler 07v2.5_branch * r3e555ded6de1 10/debian/extras/usr/share/ (3 files in 2 dirs): fix icons for desktop shortcuts
[22:37:18] <CIA-99> 03jepler 07v2.5_branch * r58bd636d1eea 10/configs/ (56 files in 33 dirs): Use LinuxCNC for 'machine' name in configs
[22:37:19] <CIA-99> 03jepler 07v2.5_branch * r973d39feccc6 10/tcl/ (7 files in 3 dirs): a few more LinuxCNCs in tcl
[22:51:50] <CIA-99> 03jepler 07v2.5_branch * r5b8bf37a490a 10/src/emc/usr_intf/touchy/touchy.py: make touchy work after renaming python module to linuxcnc
[22:51:51] <CIA-99> 03jepler 07v2.5_branch * rb708e2d3b0da 10/src/emc/usr_intf/gremlin/ (gremlin-run gremlin.py): make gremlin run again after renaming python module to linuxcnc
[22:51:52] <CIA-99> 03jepler 07v2.5_branch * r4636d7f54629 10/configs/gladevcp/probe/probe.py: make config work again after renaming python module to linuxcnc
[22:51:53] <CIA-99> 03jepler 07v2.5_branch * r17ddfec323b5 10/src/hal/user_comps/vismach/hexagui.py: remove unneeded import
[22:51:54] <CIA-99> 03jepler 07v2.5_branch * r2dadcaa4ab36 10/src/ (8 files in 2 dirs): Say LinuxCNC in a user-interface string
[22:53:38] -!- Fox_Muldr has quit [Ping timeout: 252 seconds]
[22:55:37] -!- jts [jts!~jts@cpe-67-49-64-146.socal.res.rr.com] has joined #linuxcnc-devel
[22:57:01] <CIA-99> 03seb 07v2.5_branch * r14dfd5803807 10/debian/control.in: packaging: new docs debs replace old
[23:00:55] <cradek> yay pbuilder!
[23:02:20] -!- SWPLinux [SWPLinux!~ChattyOne@67-130-103-34.dia.static.qwest.net] has joined #linuxcnc-devel
[23:02:44] <seb_kuzminsky> pbuilder is the bee's knees
[23:03:04] -!- SWPLinux has quit [Changing host]
[23:03:04] -!- SWPLinux [SWPLinux!~ChattyOne@emc/developer/SWPadnos] has joined #linuxcnc-devel
[23:03:04] -!- mode/#linuxcnc-devel [+v SWPLinux] by ChanServ
[23:03:13] <cradek> if it works, does it mean the package's build-deps are right?
[23:03:41] <seb_kuzminsky> yes
[23:03:51] <seb_kuzminsky> well
[23:03:58] <seb_kuzminsky> it means there are no missing build-deps
[23:04:03] <seb_kuzminsky> there could still be superfluous ones
[23:05:02] <CIA-99> 03jepler 07v2.5_branch * rd65fcc3c566d 10/tcl/tklinuxcnc.tcl: whoops, restore reference to not-yet-renamed variable
[23:05:02] <CIA-99> 03jepler 07v2.5_branch * r88eb36751f13 10/ (src/Makefile tcl/TkEmc tcl/TkLinuxCNC tcl/tklinuxcnc.tcl): rename TkLinuxCNC's resource file
[23:05:03] <CIA-99> 03jepler 07v2.5_branch * r6449bb1fa8a9 10/configs/sim/tklinuxcnc/ (tklinuxcnc.ini tripod.ini): use LinuxCNC in machine names
[23:05:33] <jepler> I think you can now run axis, touchy, and tklinuxcnc without ever seeing the three-letter word
[23:05:56] <cradek> I see it in the titlebar :-/
[23:06:14] <seb_kuzminsky> jeff just fixed that i think
[23:06:17] <cradek> doh
[23:06:55] <cradek> my packages are out of date!
[23:07:12] <seb_kuzminsky> by the way, the Help->About Axis image looks really cool (and always has)
[23:07:30] <seb_kuzminsky> i just noticed it again while looking for The Project That Must Not Be Named
[23:07:33] <jepler> I really need to remember --reference when cloning. it makes it so fast
[23:07:33] <jepler> $ git clone --reference=linuxcnc git://git.linuxcnc.org/git/emc2.git linuxcnc-rip
[23:08:39] <seb_kuzminsky> jepler: cool, i didn't know about --reference
[23:09:03] <seb_kuzminsky> i sometimes clone a local repo and then rewrite the origin remote url, but --reference is cleaner (if i can only remember it next time i need it)
[23:09:04] <cradek> hey that is neat.
[23:09:24] <cradek> although full clones are awfully fast for me.
[23:10:02] <seb_kuzminsky> heh
[23:20:13] <jepler> I probably have not run linuxcnc this much in a year
[23:24:52] <cradek> cool, rebuilt and now I don't see the dreaded acronym either
[23:24:58] <cradek> whee!
[23:25:58] <jepler> yay
[23:26:18] <jepler> the string still appears in config files and installed filenames
[23:26:36] <jepler> but imo we're in good shape, and should probably stop doing more lest we break it all
[23:27:19] <jepler> (not to mention in source files and in source filenames)
[23:27:36] <jepler> nobody could believe the product or service being offered was anything but LinuxCNC, though.
[23:35:09] <jepler> or do we only need to worry about what perfectly spherical people think? maybe that was it.
[23:46:58] <JT-Shop> LOL
[23:51:43] <alex_joni> heh
[23:54:17] <CIA-99> 03jepler 07v2.5_branch * rab2f7c556dd6 10/docs/src/common/overleaf.txt: Note LINUX trademark
[23:54:18] <CIA-99> 03jepler 07v2.5_branch * r4ff1b6fa99d8 10/docs/src/common/overleaf.txt: markup tweak
[23:54:28] <seb_kuzminsky> http://wiki.linuxcnc.org/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?UpdatingTo2.5
[23:55:04] -!- LawrenceSeattle has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
[23:57:14] -!- SWPLinux has quit [Ping timeout: 245 seconds]
[23:59:46] <JT-Shop> I'll update the manuals to reflect the new path