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[17:54:00] <CIA-99> tissf v2.5_branch * r287d59d98ada / (9 files in 5 dirs): French docs - reduced weight images
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[18:32:44] <CIA-99> tissf v2.5_branch * rd76368a72fb2 /src/po/fr.po: French docs - fix wrong link
[18:43:09] <jepler> It's my goal this weekend to get my (virtualized) lucid/i386 system going and test stuff like building and installing modules with comp from the packaged/installed version
[18:43:45] <GoSebGo> Cool
[18:43:53] <jepler> if nobody gets to it before me :-P
[18:44:33] <jepler> I'm sure somebody else is really itching to do it
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[19:16:48] <GoSebGo> I'll work on packaging i guess
[19:17:34] <CIA-99> jepler v2.5_branch * rabebc67a6aab /src/configure.in: fix tcltk and doc paths for run-installed systems
[19:17:34] <CIA-99> jepler v2.5_branch * r45e64c518003 /share/axis/images/axis.ngc: axis splash: update
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[19:48:50] <psha> mhaberler: logger is back
[19:48:54] <psha> and everything else
[19:49:04] <mhaberler> yours, I guess?
[19:49:25] <mhaberler> I fixed mine, search works again and its linuxcncifiedf
[19:49:58] <psha> i've not linuxcncified mine :(
[19:50:04] <psha> it's still #emc and #emc-devel
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[20:10:56] <CIA-99> jepler v2.5_branch * rd9286d8d1791 /src/ (8 files in 6 dirs): fix internationalization after rename
[20:12:19] <CIA-99> jepler v2.5_branch * rb3dde1207cab /src/ (emc/task/emctaskmain.cc hal/utils/meter.c hal/utils/scope.c): fix internationalization after rename (part 2)
[20:24:44] <CIA-99> jepler v2.5_branch * rcbcd32e723e2 /src/configure.in: more name changes to linuxcnc
[20:25:54] <psha> hey, where are cia colors!
[20:26:58] <jepler> I can drop the +c flag if it's not considered a feature
[20:27:12] <jepler> +c (color filter): This mode activates the colour filter for the channel. This filters out bold, underline, reverse video, beeps, mIRC colour codes, and ANSI escapes. Note that escape sequences will usually leave cruft sent to the channel, just without the escape characters themselves.
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[20:35:52] <jepler> any idea why that makes your loggers bounce?!
[20:36:06] <psha> dunno
[20:36:35] <psha> try adding +c again
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[20:37:21] <psha> aha
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[20:37:42] <psha> once more please )
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[20:38:32] <psha> it thinkgs that +- modess are always personal
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[20:45:01] <psha> mhaberler: pull last fix for logbot
[20:46:43] <mhaberler> psha.org.ru is catatonic
[20:52:58] <CIA-99> 03jepler 07v2.5_branch * rba782f33d278 10/emc2-wizard-pickconfig.gif: this image is not used
[20:53:08] <CIA-99> 03jepler 07v2.5_branch * r015baa960d0c 10/ (emc2.xcf linuxcnc.xcf): rebranding
[20:53:16] <CIA-99> 03jepler 07v2.5_branch * ra17f60964a29 10/src/emc/usr_intf/stepconf/stepconf.py: rebranding and path changing
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[21:09:57] <psha> bb
[21:09:58] <psha> night
[21:10:24] <mhaberler> cu
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[22:26:08] <awallin> configure --enable-simulator gives "config.status: error: cannot find input file: `../docs/man/man1/emc.1.in'"
[22:26:31] <cradek> not for me. did you try running autogen.sh again?
[22:26:34] <GoSebGo> Rerun autogen.sh
[22:26:38] <GoSebGo> Heh
[22:26:50] <cradek> wow, now you really know it's good advice.
[22:27:25] <cradek> dpkg-shlibdeps: error: no dependency information found for /usr/lib/libGL.so.1 (used by debian/linuxcnc-sim/usr/lib/pyshared/python2.6/_tk_seticon.so).
[22:27:52] <cradek> I get a failure on package build with this error. am I right that it's probably caused by the godforsaken nvidia shitware I installed?
[22:29:23] <GoSebGo> Not sure... What package provides that file?
[22:29:57] <cradek> on my system, probably none
[22:30:04] <cradek> I had to run their stupid installer to get a version not packaged by ubuntu
[22:30:29] <cradek> (don't laugh at me - I tried for hours to package it correctly)
[22:30:59] <GoSebGo> That sucks :-(
[22:31:29] <awallin> builds, but does not run on 11.10...
[22:31:40] <cradek> forget my question - I'll try building it on my nonscrewy system
[22:32:04] <GoSebGo> dlocate -S filename (or dpkg -S) tells which pkg owns filename
[22:32:34] <GoSebGo> Awallin, linuxcnc 2.5-pre runs on precise for me
[22:32:45] <GoSebGo> What error do you get?
[22:32:55] <awallin> this is what I get http://pastebin.ca/2104609
[22:34:08] <GoSebGo> Run rip-environment instead of emc-environment
[22:34:31] <jepler> and you may want to use v2.5_branch instead of master
[22:34:36] <GoSebGo> You might want to stay on 2.5 instead of master/2.6 for a while
[22:34:45] <GoSebGo> Yeah what he said
[22:35:22] <jepler> and maybe start with a clean source tree (maybe git clean it), so that old scripts like emc-environment and emc are not there to trip you up
[22:35:42] <jepler> git clean -d -x -f from the top level will remove every file not in git
[22:36:15] <jepler> while linuxcnc "make clean" won't know to remove scripts/emc if you're using a version that only creates scripts/linuxcnc
[22:37:30] <andypugh> will src/emc change name too?
[22:37:49] <andypugh> This is much more of a headache than I first thought.
[22:38:30] <andypugh> And, seriously, how about lxcnc? It's shorter. And cryptic, so very Unixy
[22:38:48] <jepler> andypugh: lxcnc is already used as the name of a cnc control
[22:39:03] <GoSebGo> Lmc?
[22:39:24] <andypugh> Ah. You already mentioned lcnc, but not lxcnc afaik
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[22:40:14] <jepler> 5 axis CNC laser drilling machine - LMC - Winbro Group Technologies
[22:40:31] <GoSebGo> Crap
[22:40:45] <GoSebGo> Ok, linuxcnc it is!
[22:40:56] <jepler> LinuxCNC is definitely the name of the project / software now
[22:41:22] <jepler> if we want shorter command names, I think "cnc" is the way to go. it's generic, and it's not used in any debian or ubuntu packages as far as I've been able to tell
[22:43:10] <andypugh> Linux Numerical Control = lnc
[22:44:03] <andypugh> I know! Lets call it "run machines, really fast" or rm -rf for short !
[22:44:10] <jepler> Millmax Knee Mill with LNC CNC Machining Center Controller MPG ...
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[22:48:03] <GoSebGo> Can we at least nickname the 2.5.0 realease "grumpy barrister"
[22:49:17] <awallin> machine / show EMC status -> "couldn't execute "emctop": no such file or directory"
[22:50:03] <GoSebGo> Expect a bunch like that... Maybe open tickets on sf for what you find?
[22:50:34] <GoSebGo> And consider running 2.4 of you want to get actual work done....
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[23:08:00] <cradek> wow, my rt machine is sloooower to build...
[23:09:55] <andypugh> Should a kins inside the tree get picked up, or do I need to put it in the makefile?
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[23:33:05] <jepler> iirc only comps in src/hal/comps and src/hal/drivers are picked up automatically
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[23:35:06] <cradek> lucid rt package builds; dpkg -c including several references to emc, here: http://pastebin.com/deb9npgC
[23:37:48] <jepler> cradek: having non-free opengl installed on systems has caused package building problems before (even when it was fglrx installed by dpkg); you could use a pbuilder if you don't want to mess up your working system
[23:38:50] <jepler> I don't know how far we feel we need to go to get rid of "emc". probably we're in pretty good shape already..
[23:38:50] <jepler> well, except for all the problems that we've created, like programs still trying to invoke emctop
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