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[02:40:44] <GoSebGo> Long live the LinuxCNC project!
[02:41:21] <jepler> Please make an orderly exit to #linuxcnc-devel.
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[03:35:24] <CIA-9> EMC: 03jmelson 07v2.5_branch * r46a54c08496f 10/docs/src/drivers/pico_ppmc.txt: clarified enumeration
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[11:16:35] <jthornton> forum name changed... check
[12:05:38] <psha[work]> i've to recreate whole search database for IRC logs :(
[12:07:23] <jthornton> I have to change a million emc EMC EMC2 to LinuxCNC :( dunno if I'll make Feb 1 now
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[12:27:30] <Ekkeri> http://buildbot.linuxcnc.org/doc/v2.5_branch/v2.5.0-pre2-621-g46a54c0/html/drivers/hostmot2.html#_parameters_4 will there be update to that "output-type"-thing?
[12:27:53] <Ekkeri> should it be output_type? and why locked antiphase needs direction?
[12:29:07] <Ekkeri> I would like to have 0% duty = -100% speed, 50% duty = 0 speed, 100% duty = +100% speed and enable in second output
[12:39:19] <Ekkeri> not sure if I should use pwmgen or 3ppwmgen (which wastes "some" pins since I only need one pwm/channel and it has A, B, C, /A, /B & /C, but it has Enable
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[12:40:40] <awallin> Ekkeri: there's usually a "dir" output that controls + or - direction
[12:41:14] <Ekkeri> awallin, but you should not need dir when 50% is 0
[12:41:46] <awallin> maybe. could be a bit dangerous if the pwm dies or is cut off and the drive interprets that as -100%
[12:42:17] <Ekkeri> how 'dir' helps? that's why there should be 'enable'?
[12:43:29] <Ekkeri> in 3ppwmgen there's this text, but knowone seems to know what it means: "(bit input) enable: When high the PWM is enabled as long as the fault bit is not set by the external fault input pin. When lowthe PWM is disabled, with both high- side and low-side drivers low. This is not the same as 0 output (50% duty cycle on both sets of pins) or negative full scale (where the lowside drivers are "on" 100% of the time)"
[12:43:31] <awallin> well, if 0V means 0% duty then that's 0% speed if you have a problem..
[12:45:11] <Ekkeri> I'm not sure how my drivers interpret 0V, there were some mention that you can use 0% & 100% and recommended 5 - 95%
[12:46:20] <Ekkeri> when, re-read, and it's not a problem
[12:46:34] <Ekkeri> "0% and 100% duty cycles are theoretical references only and in practice cannot be used. Drive sets output command value to zero if PWM input is not detected (i.e. no logic transitions pass through optoisolator). To stay in valid duty cycle range, limiting input to 5%...95% range is recommended."
[12:48:16] <Ekkeri> but enable should still be nice, with "output-type 4" I don't have it.. Not sure what kind of "locked antiphase" that 4-mode is
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[12:58:48] <Ekkeri> hmm, pwmgen seems to have Not-Enable output IO pin also..
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[13:01:26] <tissf> hi all
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[13:02:14] <jepler> hi tissf
[13:03:01] <jthornton> Hi Francis
[13:03:30] <tissf> in the docs, linuxcnc must immediately replace emc?
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[13:04:29] <Ekkeri> tissf, http://linuxcnc.org/index.php/english/component/kunena/?func=view&catid=29&id=16867
[13:05:33] <tissf> yes I have read that
[13:05:34] <jepler> tissf: work on important places first (like cover page, table of contents, introduction).
[13:06:00] <Ekkeri> "Rebranding will begin right away."
[13:06:30] <tissf> it is not difficult to directly change all occurrences
[13:06:41] <jepler> what we want to do is avoid saying that the name of the product or service offered on linuxcnc.org is one of the forbidden names
[13:07:18] <jepler> but for now the command you would type in the terminal is still "emc", so changing that term in a "type this command" block in the documentation is not correct
[13:08:34] <jepler> so global search-and-replace is not a suitable way to deal with this
[13:10:31] <tissf> ok I understand, by visiting each occurrence, it can go fast too
[13:11:25] <jepler> Thank you for helping us deal with this
[13:13:35] <jepler> we are still trying to figure out the exact boundaries of what we will change. now that the news is public, we can figure it out with all the contributors and developers
[13:13:52] <Ekkeri> hmm, forum says: Fatal error: Unable to load post.\nDB function reports no errors in /home/emcboard/www.linuxcnc.org/components/com_kunena/lib/kunena.debug.php on line 54
[13:14:21] <Ekkeri> tried to post in a thread
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[13:15:40] <tissf> no problem, thank you, I will start now in the French translation
[13:15:55] <jepler> Ekkeri: I have no idea what that means. I notice there were other posts as recently as 10 minutes ago. some administrator may be doing a renaming that has temporarily caused a problem?
[13:16:00] <tissf> v2.5_branch
[13:16:41] <jepler> yes, v2.5_branch
[13:16:53] <jepler> there's no need to touch v2.4 or earlier for this
[13:17:14] <jepler> and of course master will get the changes from v2.5_branch later
[13:17:31] <tissf> jepler: OK
[13:20:32] <jepler> time to go to $DAY_JOB. bbl.
[13:20:50] <Ekkeri> jepler, yup, maybe, I will try later, still doesn't work
[13:28:39] <jthornton> Ekkeri: I just posted to the forum, is that an old post from more than an hour ago?
[13:31:22] <jthornton> will the emc script be renamed in 2.5?
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[13:39:21] <alex_joni> jthornton: jepler just said it won't
[13:40:43] <jthornton> oh, I missed that
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[13:44:42] <Ekkeri> jthornton, yup, last reply is 6.12.
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[13:45:12] <Ekkeri> jthornton, tried to make a new reply from zero, didn't help
[13:48:29] <jthornton> dunno, someone just replied a minute ago
[13:49:51] <jthornton> you might try shutting down your browser then reloading the forum
[13:50:12] <jthornton> that's just a swag...
[13:54:24] <Ekkeri> still: http://ekke.kapsi.fi/temp/.linuxcnc_forum.jpg
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[14:11:07] <jepler> did you spend a long time composing your message?
[14:11:21] <jthornton> I see your logged in
[14:12:04] <jepler> there seems to be some guard against spending a very long time(?) on the compose screen
[14:12:57] <Ekkeri> jepler, I tried again with Quote -> paste -> preview -> submit, <30 seconds total
[14:13:10] <jthornton> did you log out and back in?
[14:13:16] <jepler> so much for that idea :/
[14:14:00] <jthornton> I see someone just posted 14 minutes ago
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[14:14:56] <Ekkeri> jthornton, tried that now, still doesn't work
[14:15:14] <jthornton> so much for that swag :/
[14:15:38] <jthornton> which thread are you trying to post to?
[14:15:46] <Ekkeri> http://linuxcnc.org/index.php/english/component/kunena/?func=view&catid=24&id=15161
[14:17:24] <jthornton> I just posted to the thread...
[14:18:01] <Ekkeri> I still can't :)
[14:18:44] <Ekkeri> funny, test post worded
[14:18:55] <Ekkeri> worked*
[14:19:33] <jthornton> maybe some local cash or something needs clearing < another swag
[14:19:40] <Ekkeri> and now I edited it to my real post and it worked :)
[14:19:47] <jepler> I am not familiar with the way you are using the word "swag".
[14:19:55] <Ekkeri> :)
[14:20:06] <jthornton> scientific wild ass guess
[14:21:05] <jepler> Ekkeri: glad you got your message posted .. wish somebody knew what the problem was
[14:22:03] <Ekkeri> jepler, yup, kinda funny it didn't work with that post but "test post 2" went through
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[16:34:45] <tissf> jthornton: around?
[16:57:14] <jthornton> I'm in and out Francis
[17:03:06] <tissf> If you agree, I can change the names of the masters pdf?
[17:03:35] <alex_joni> hi tissf
[17:03:51] <tissf> hi Alex
[17:04:26] <tissf> lot of work this time
[17:04:35] <alex_joni> let me know if you have problems with translating the webpage ;)
[17:05:14] <alex_joni> for now I suggest you wait though, until the english version is fixed
[17:05:48] <jthornton> tissf: I don't understand
[17:06:11] <tissf> ok I have already started on the French version
[17:06:37] <jthornton> oh, you mean change EMC_ to LinuxCNC_?
[17:06:57] <tissf> Yes John
[17:07:00] <alex_joni> tissf: remember to translate from joomfish, not directly in the webpage
[17:07:40] <tissf> ahhhh Yes Alex :( I am ashamed
[17:07:48] <jthornton> for the English and untranslated I was saving any file name changes to last
[17:08:30] <jthornton> there is a bit of an issue with loosing history when you change the file name iirc
[17:08:38] <alex_joni> tissf: don't be. you're the only one that does so much translation work
[17:08:40] <jthornton> losing
[17:09:47] <CIA-99> jthornton v2.5_branch * r402b6cdd08c4 /docs/src/ (21 files): Docs: rebranding
[17:09:50] <jepler> git handles renames acceptably. imo, in this case I think it's fine to rename
[17:10:20] <jthornton> ok, thanks for clearing that up jepler
[17:11:28] <jthornton> actually the pdf names are magic from the submakefile
[17:11:36] <tissf> yes
[17:11:56] <jthornton> are you going to change them all at once?
[17:12:11] <tissf> yes if you agree
[17:12:19] <jthornton> I agree :)
[17:12:24] <tissf> ok
[17:12:30] <alex_joni> tissf: I only said, because you can end up overwriting the english version if you do it from the webpage
[17:14:34] <tissf> that's what I'm doing with a copy and paste and after that, impossible to go back!
[17:15:33] <alex_joni> right...
[17:16:26] <alex_joni> what I use when I want copy-paste, is to view html and do the copy paste there
[17:17:23] <tissf> I changed a few names on the site just now, my memory is back
[17:17:42] <alex_joni> good :)
[17:18:17] <tissf> :)
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[17:27:15] <CIA-99> jepler v2.5_branch * r51fc09fd2d58 / (240 files in 76 dirs): Rename many user visible parts to "linuxcnc"
[17:27:44] -!- skunkworks has quit [Quit: ChatZilla [Firefox 3.6.22/20110905191234]]
[17:32:35] * jthornton wonders if jepler just did what I just did
[17:34:26] <jepler> it's unlikely that we did *precisely* the same thing :-P
[17:35:16] <jepler> I should have tested at least a little harder before pushing :-/
[17:36:06] <jthornton> it looks like you didn't touch any files that I did... whew
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[17:38:46] <jepler> hm, that's not the failure I expected.
[17:38:46] <jepler> a2x: failed: invalid command options, run: a2x --help
[17:39:50] <jthornton> you got a failure building the docs?
[17:40:05] <jepler> yes but I can't promise you when the last time was I built the pdf docs on this system
[17:40:17] <jepler> it's a 10.04 system so I do sort of expect it to work
[17:41:15] <CIA-99> jepler v2.5_branch * rd954005f8ae1 /src/configure.in: fix reference to generated manpage
[17:41:15] <CIA-99> jepler v2.5_branch * r1ec424a0e1ad / (5 files in 3 dirs): linuxcncmkdesktop: use right command to invoke linuxcnc
[17:41:15] <CIA-99> jepler v2.5_branch * rc5e5c3447dd6 / (4 files in 4 dirs): rename icon file
[17:41:15] <CIA-99> jepler v2.5_branch * r9f401f1d9be1 /src/ (5 files in 5 dirs): fix references to liblinuxcnchal
[17:41:15] <CIA-99> jepler v2.5_branch * r6f119fad3d86 /src/emc/rs274ngc/Submakefile: fix references to liblinuxcncini
[17:41:15] <CIA-99> jepler v2.5_branch * r816f58244da9 /src/po/Submakefile: fix references to tklinuxcnc
[17:44:19] <CIA-99> jthornton v2.5_branch * rf8048d00df8c /docs/src/ (32 files in 3 dirs): Docs: re-branding
[17:45:12] <jepler> I have the same problem when I check out a commit on jan 16, so it's probably something about my system
[17:46:07] <jepler> it looks like I have installed a weird version of a2x on this system in my home directory
[17:46:16] <jthornton> jepler: are you going to do any more of the txt files in the documents?
[17:46:30] <jepler> jthornton: not at the moment
[17:46:54] <jthornton> ok, didn't want to collide
[17:50:32] <CIA-99> tissf v2.5_branch * r274a318f8caf /docs/ (21 files in 4 dirs): docs: re-branding
[17:53:14] <jthornton> tissf: are you going to change any more of the English docs?
[17:54:17] <tissf> I have time :)
[17:54:47] <jthornton> we need to be careful not to be both working on the same documents
[17:55:54] <tissf> ok I will only work on _fr
[17:56:02] -!- servant741 has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
[17:56:20] -!- IchGucksLive [IchGucksLive!~chatzilla@95-89-244-199-dynip.superkabel.de] has joined #linuxcnc-devel
[17:57:18] <tissf> I pull --rebase all time before pushing
[17:57:29] <jthornton> me too
[17:57:37] <tissf> fine
[17:58:29] <IchGucksLive> is ther a need of help on turning over from emc to linuxcnc
[17:59:37] <jthornton> can you fix the splash page you find in the pdf files?
[18:01:34] <jthornton> http://git.linuxcnc.org/gitweb?p=emc2.git;a=blob;f=docs/src/common/images/emc2-intro.png;h=4870c26c10b137630d839da749506f5024b0819c;hb=refs/heads/v2.5_branch
[18:03:05] <jthornton> and fix .gitignore
[18:03:42] <CIA-99> jthornton v2.5_branch * rd21b604002da /docs/src/config/ (pncconf.txt pncconf_de.txt pncconf_es.txt pncconf_pl.txt): Docs: re-branding
[18:06:08] <tissf> I have to change tkemc :)
[18:08:51] <jepler> I'm working on getting a package build going again
[18:28:00] -!- ve7it [ve7it!~LawrenceG@S0106001c10b7770f.pk.shawcable.net] has joined #linuxcnc-devel
[18:40:21] <CIA-99> jthornton v2.5_branch * rb6c73ec78f05 /docs/src/ (48 files in 3 dirs): Docs: re-branding
[18:40:51] <psha> jepler: i hope git repositories won't be renamed? :)
[18:42:32] <GoSebGo> Psha: it's easy to change the url on your remotes, so renaming the cenrral repo is not that big a deal
[18:44:50] <cradek> I hope the outrage runs out soon on the list...
[18:45:45] * GoSebGo shrugs
[18:47:29] <cradek> they could have sued any of us individually. they could have done a dmca takedown on our website and/or wiki. the folks saying "there's not even an entity to sue!" have not thought it through (or are not familiar enough with how crazy the US is)
[18:48:05] <cradek> but I guess it'll run its course.
[18:48:35] <psha> GoSebGo: heh, in each one...
[18:49:51] <GoSebGo> Ianal, for sure, but i'm surprised our long history of using the old name didnt confer some sort of protection
[18:54:30] <cradek> which of us would have eventually prevailed in court fighting over trademarks, given infinite resources on both sides, is almost totally irrelevant
[18:54:40] -!- andypugh [andypugh!~andy2@cpc2-basl1-0-0-cust492.basl.cable.virginmedia.com] has joined #linuxcnc-devel
[18:56:17] <CIA-99> jthornton v2.5_branch * rda32a1cab7f1 /docs/src/ (24 files in 4 dirs): Docs: re-branding
[18:57:51] <IchGucksLive> Thanks to all that are involved in the overtake of linuxcnc
[18:58:36] <IchGucksLive> someone shoudt register this under wikipedia to a source trademark
[19:00:14] -!- LawrenceSeattle has quit [Ping timeout: 244 seconds]
[19:00:14] LawrenceSeattle_ is now known as LawrenceSeattle
[19:13:14] -!- IchGucksLive has quit [Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.87 [Firefox 9.0.1/20111221214946]]
[19:14:24] <jepler> cradek: something to remember is that we board members have been aware of this and have had time to process it
[19:14:46] <jepler> cradek: many of the things the "outraged" people are saying are the same things I was saying at the beginning.
[19:16:09] <GoSebGo> I dont sense the outrage... Folks are surprised and mostly making suggestions for new names
[19:17:49] <jepler> OK, outrage might be an unfair term
[19:17:54] <jepler> I used it to echo cradek's earlier remark
[19:18:02] <GoSebGo> Sure
[19:21:01] -!- linuxcnc-buildma has quit [Quit: buildmaster reconfigured: bot disconnecting]
[19:21:40] <cradek> jepler: you're right.
[19:23:41] -!- TRW_Aguascalient has quit [Quit: Leaving]
[19:27:20] <CIA-99> jepler v2.5_branch * r33cfebe5a1b7 / (12 files in 7 dirs): rename more files to linuxcnc
[19:27:21] <CIA-99> jepler v2.5_branch * r891c99d36775 /debian/ (41 files in 4 dirs): fix package building
[19:27:42] <cradek> must've worked
[19:27:47] <jepler> and for those who are keeping track, that marks the first use of our new 'linuxcnc' project on cia.vc. http://cia.vc/stats/project/linuxcnc
[19:27:55] <cradek> wonder why the color is gone...
[19:28:05] <cradek> yay!
[19:29:32] <jepler> interesting -- I don't know
[19:33:31] -!- psha has quit [Quit: leaving]
[19:34:43] -!- dgarr [dgarr!~dgarrett@adsl-75-61-74-108.dsl.pltn13.sbcglobal.net] has joined #linuxcnc-devel
[19:39:28] <dgarr> i was working on an i8n update so i added rebranding and rebased as of a few minutes ago. for consideration:
[19:39:30] <dgarr> http://www.panix.com/~dgarrett/stuff/ngcgui_18jan12.mbox
[19:40:39] <CIA-99> jthornton v2.5_branch * r5245c8d8d411 /docs/src/ (40 files in 5 dirs): Docs: re-branding
[19:42:38] -!- linuxcnc-build [linuxcnc-build!~linuxcnc-@174-16-121-79.hlrn.qwest.net] has joined #linuxcnc-devel
[19:43:18] <jepler> dgarr: thanks, will apply.
[19:44:08] -!- rob_h has quit [Quit: Leaving]
[19:48:26] -!- rob_h [rob_h!~rob_h@5ace704a.bb.sky.com] has joined #linuxcnc-devel
[19:48:53] -!- vladimirek [vladimirek!~vladimire@bband-dyn226.178-40-36.t-com.sk] has joined #linuxcnc-devel
[19:49:09] <jepler> dgarr: though I seem to have gotten myself mired in something .. ping if I haven't pushed your changes in 2 hour.
[19:49:13] <jepler> s
[19:57:26] <CIA-99> jthornton v2.5_branch * r6fccffc6c77c /docs/src/ (16 files in 2 dirs): Docs: re-branding
[20:05:56] <CIA-99> jepler v2.5_branch * r4d82dfa23d8d / (32 files in 3 dirs): branding: rename the packages to linuxcnc
[20:05:57] <CIA-99> jepler v2.5_branch * rcc5e7aae2ac3 /tcl/ (ngcgui.tcl ngcgui_app.tcl ngcgui_ttt.tcl): ngcgui.tcl: more internationalization items
[20:05:58] <CIA-99> jepler v2.5_branch * r7e396dfc1cd4 /tcl/ngcgui.tcl: ngcgui.tcl: remove unused alternate behavior
[20:05:59] <CIA-99> jepler v2.5_branch * r93ba7d81b648 /tcl/ (ngcgui.tcl ngcgui_app.tcl ngcgui_ttt.tcl): ngcgui: rebranding
[20:06:03] <tissf> john in your commit b2140611a7319e54e68ff88b6c0cf8787e5c64f0 you translated /common/Linux_FAQ-fr.txt in English language ;)
[20:06:32] <jthornton> opps
[20:06:53] <jthornton> I bet I missed the pl one...
[20:07:04] <jthornton> you want me to put it back?
[20:07:07] <tissf> ... :)
[20:07:48] <tissf> I can if you tel me how
[20:08:33] <tissf> small problem, take your time
[20:08:36] <jthornton> I have a local copy of the git repo before all the shooting started so I can just copy it from there
[20:09:02] <tissf> yes ok
[20:09:59] <jthornton> hmm, in English one step back...
[20:10:22] -!- Rogge has quit [Quit: Never put off till tomorrow, what you can do the day after tomorrow]
[20:10:29] <jthornton> ah ha there is a French one :)
[20:11:14] <tissf> http://git.linuxcnc.org/gitweb?p=emc2.git;a=commitdiff;h=2221cb1a477c44a1c687a5dca65de2070df1899a
[20:11:36] <tissf> yes _fr but you translated it in english
[20:11:59] <jthornton> that happened before that commit
[20:12:25] <jthornton> but no problem I found the original one and will commit it in a few
[20:12:53] <tissf> thanks for that
[20:13:53] <jthornton> yea, I did that this morning by accident :/
[20:14:12] -!- ries has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
[20:14:18] <jthornton> yep missed the pl one
[20:14:36] <jthornton> grabbed the fr one by mistake
[20:18:04] <tissf> no problem
[20:25:13] -!- ries has quit [Ping timeout: 276 seconds]
[20:25:47] -!- ries_ has quit [Ping timeout: 252 seconds]
[20:27:10] <CIA-99> jthornton v2.5_branch * rda55c4719aba /docs/src/common/Linux_FAQ_fr.txt: Doc: opps copied over by mistake
[20:27:11] <CIA-99> jthornton v2.5_branch * r35f0bf7d583e /docs/src/ (32 files in 4 dirs): Docs: re-branding
[20:27:54] <jthornton> Francis, there you go... sorry about that
[20:31:04] -!- ries has quit [Ping timeout: 240 seconds]
[20:31:04] ries_ is now known as ries
[20:37:34] -!- n2diy has quit [Ping timeout: 276 seconds]
[20:38:30] <dgarr> a couple of minor rebranding patches for consideration: http://www.panix.com/~dgarrett/stuff/more_rebranding.mbox
[20:38:50] -!- ries has quit [Ping timeout: 255 seconds]
[20:41:03] -!- GoSebGo has quit [Quit: Bye]
[20:41:18] -!- GoSebGo [GoSebGo!~Seb@184-222-69-111.pools.spcsdns.net] has joined #linuxcnc-devel
[20:53:59] -!- linuxcnc-build has quit [Quit: buildmaster reconfigured: bot disconnecting]
[20:55:23] <CIA-99> jthornton v2.5_branch * r628c3154647d /docs/src/hal/ (32 files): Docs: re-branding
[20:59:58] <CIA-99> jepler v2.5_branch * r5db9a46baa24 /scripts/latencyplot.in: latencyplot.in: rebranding
[20:59:59] <CIA-99> jepler v2.5_branch * r267f506872f4 /scripts/linuxcnc.in: linuxcnc.in minor rebranding fix
[21:02:08] -!- e-ndy [e-ndy!~jkastner@static-84-242-102-36.net.upcbroadband.cz] has joined #linuxcnc-devel
[21:05:55] -!- e-ndy has quit [Client Quit]
[21:06:50] -!- linuxcnc-build [linuxcnc-build!~linuxcnc-@174-16-121-79.hlrn.qwest.net] has joined #linuxcnc-devel
[21:08:40] <tissf> No problem without a solution John, thank you for making the revert
[21:10:13] <CIA-99> jthornton v2.5_branch * r19d124647d08 /docs/ (10 files in 3 dirs): Docs: re-branding
[21:12:11] <jthornton> I can see the submakefile needs some more work :/
[21:17:32] <CIA-99> jthornton v2.5_branch * rd4af024a6d7a /docs/src/config/ (stepper.txt stepper_de.txt stepper_es.txt stepper_pl.txt): Docs: re-branding
[21:17:47] -!- tissf has quit [Ping timeout: 258 seconds]
[21:18:34] <jthornton> jepler: will the installed path be changed from ~emc2 to ~linuxcnc when you create a new config after installing from the LiveCD?
[21:19:25] <jthornton> so far I have not changed any paths on purpose
[21:34:05] -!- tissf [tissf!5a1363d4@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #linuxcnc-devel
[21:34:34] <tissf> ok fixed rm's in submakefile
[21:40:47] <jthornton> cool
[21:41:04] -!- syyl has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
[21:44:47] <CIA-99> jthornton v2.5_branch * r0b1799714636 /docs/src/common/ (4 files): Docs: re-branding
[21:46:54] <tissf> make clean before commit
[21:47:02] <jthornton> ok
[21:47:50] <tissf> compiling before commit.. real pain :)
[21:48:44] <jthornton> bbl
[21:51:02] <tissf> ok
[21:57:54] -!- vladimirek has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
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[22:18:49] <CIA-99> tissf v2.5_branch * rb605c0182ee9 /docs/src/ (21 files in 7 dirs): docs: re-branding
[22:22:17] -!- cmorley has quit [Ping timeout: 252 seconds]
[22:37:55] -!- cmorley [cmorley!~chris@] has joined #linuxcnc-devel
[22:38:39] -!- tissf_ [tissf_!5a1363d4@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #linuxcnc-devel
[22:40:21] <jepler> jthornton: a live cd is so far from my thoughts right now, but I would say that the next live cd will have a "linuxcnc" user
[22:41:21] -!- tissf has quit [Ping timeout: 258 seconds]
[22:43:21] -!- stormlight has quit [Quit: stormlight]
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[23:06:27] <CIA-99> jepler master * r65cf9ebed45e / (622 files in 107 dirs): Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/v2.5_branch'
[23:11:32] -!- Fox_Muldr has quit [Ping timeout: 252 seconds]
[23:22:15] -!- KimK [KimK!~Kim__@] has joined #linuxcnc-devel
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