#emc-devel | Logs for 2010-08-08

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[02:40:30] <mozmck> #ubuntu-installer
[02:40:36] <mozmck> oops!
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[13:16:32] <SWPadnos> jthornton, I just noticed on http://www.linuxcnc.org/docview/html//gcode_overview.html that the #subs are incorrectly named
[13:16:58] <SWPadnos> hmmm. maybe not
[13:17:29] <SWPadnos> the name of the table of functions is unintuitive though :) (#sub:Unary-Operation-Value)
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[16:54:43] <IchGuckLive> someone around here?
[16:57:37] <Dave911> I count about 2 dozen .... Just ask a question :-)
[20:07:19] <jthornton> Axis Lathe Sim on 10.04 http://imagebin.ca/view/WU2vzop.html
[20:08:02] <jthornton> I think it is the default theme Ambiance
[20:09:00] <jthornton> Visual Effects set to Normal again default I think
[20:11:19] <jthornton> after starting Axis http://imagebin.ca/view/OWGmEobw.html
[20:12:38] <alex_joni> jthornton: that feels like a broken graphics driver
[20:13:03] <alex_joni> surely not an issue of AXIS itself.. do you get it with any other OpenGL aps?
[20:13:33] <jthornton> what other apps might be opengl? open office?
[20:13:56] <jthornton> I've not seen any other menus like that
[20:14:08] <alex_joni> surely not OpenOffice
[20:14:16] <alex_joni> maybe glxgears, but that doesn't have a menu
[20:15:46] <jthornton> I just tried every thing that came with 10.04 and nothing is affected like Axis
[20:16:06] <alex_joni> how about a different GUI? mini/tkemc/touchy?
[20:16:18] <alex_joni> did this behaviour start recently? was it always there?
[20:16:35] <alex_joni> did you upgrade lately?
[20:16:38] <jthornton> I just started some sims
[20:16:44] <jthornton> no upgrades
[20:16:54] <jthornton> it does not affect the submenus at all
[20:17:20] <jthornton> tkemc is fine
[20:17:44] <jthornton> mini is fine
[20:18:08] <jthornton> touchy looks fine
[20:19:15] <jthornton> * jthornton looks at the graphics driver
[20:22:00] <alex_joni> did this behaviour start recently? was it always there?
[20:22:34] <jthornton> this is a fresh install and the first time I have started up a sim on this computer
[20:23:27] <alex_joni> I see..
[20:23:35] <alex_joni> what graphics driver?
[20:23:40] <jthornton> I'm using 8.04 on the same motherboard on my Hardinge
[20:23:56] <jthornton> nvidia
[20:24:51] <jthornton> if I change visual affects to None it looks fine
[20:25:17] <alex_joni> well, we had that already ;)
[20:25:23] <alex_joni> same was for 8.04
[20:25:44] <alex_joni> I saw wierd things for intel graphics with visual effects on
[20:25:55] <alex_joni> so I switched them off for the LiveCD
[20:26:15] <jthornton> I just changed visual affects back to normal and it did some driver searching and it looks fine now :/
[20:26:17] <alex_joni> mozmck: maybe you should switch desktop effects off for the LiveCD if you hadn't already
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