#emc-devel | Logs for 2010-07-24

[03:10:53] <CIA-4> EMC: 03cradek 07master * r6e29f79f926e 10/src/emc/task/emccanon.cc: fix and reenable tolerance mode arc substitution
[04:24:04] <CIA-4> EMC: 03seb 07v2.4_branch * r6416843ced54 10/debian/configure: add missing build-dependency on texlive-font-utils
[05:50:09] <CIA-4> EMC: 03seb 07master * rde5237f3fff3 10/debian/configure: add missing build-dependency on texlive-font-utils
[22:27:37] <JT-Hardinge> interesting when I use the run button on Axis I get an X out of bounds error but when I use halui and my physical start button I get no error
[22:27:49] <JT-Hardinge> don't know if this is a clue or not
[22:28:43] <andypugh> I seem to be seeing spurious out-of-bounds on my (unknown) 2.5 pre version
[22:30:52] <JT-Hardinge> I get Program exceeds machine maximum on axis X when ever I use a G0 after a feed move
[22:32:42] <andypugh> Not the same issue as me then. (if, indeed, I have an issue)
[22:33:00] <JT-Hardinge> and use the run button on axis
[22:33:00] <JT-Hardinge> I can run the same program with the halui input and no error
[22:33:57] <micges> JT-Hardinge: right that's current emc behaviour
[22:34:48] <micges> Out of bound warning with YES NO buttons are only in Axis gui
[22:35:41] <micges> JT-Hardinge: does program really exceed limits or is it bogus warning?
[22:37:31] <JT-Hardinge> it's definitely a bug what I'm seeing
[22:37:31] <JT-Hardinge> I guess I should follow my own advice and put in a bug report :)
[22:48:24] <JT-Hardinge> micges: it is bogus
[22:49:02] <micges> how can I reproduce?
[22:49:20] <JT-Hardinge> seems like any G0 move after a feed move causes is
[22:49:49] <JT-Hardinge> I can change the G0 moves to G1 and the warning goes away
[22:50:44] <micges> JT-Hardinge: I must go but I'll happly try to locate this issue tomorrow
[22:50:57] <JT-Hardinge> ok thanks micges
[22:51:05] <JT-Hardinge> also this is on 2.5
[22:51:12] <micges> good night all
[22:51:15] <JT-Hardinge> it's very late for you
[22:51:18] <JT-Hardinge> good night
[22:51:34] <micges> indeed ;)