#emc-devel | Logs for 2010-05-02

[15:46:42] <ries> SWPadnos: Happen to be here?
[17:20:36] <ries> hey Guys, I am fooling around with O commands and calling a file... However, as soon as I do something 'stupid' I might get 'File ended with no percent sign or program end'
[17:20:47] <ries> After that, axis refuses to call any file that previously worked
[17:20:59] <ries> This is on 2.6.0~pre
[17:21:19] <ries> currently I try to call o100 call 100.ngc, doesn't work...
[17:21:57] <ries> when I restart axis and call the exact same command it works agin
[17:22:51] <micges> after error try F2 F2 and see if it works again
[17:23:09] <micges> and pastebin.com your 100.ngc
[17:26:45] <micges> after error try F2 F2 and see if it works again
[17:26:46] <micges> and pastebin.com your 100.ngc
[17:29:14] <ries> micges: what does F2 do??
[17:29:29] <ries> aa machine power
[17:33:11] <ries> micges: this is the sub http://pastebin.com/PLDhzsHt saved as 100.ngc
[17:37:43] <ries> The funny thin also is I get some funny error first when I call it incorrectly, EOF in file:/home/rvt/emc2-dev/share/axis/images/agic.ngc seeking o-word: o<rvt> from line : -2147483646
[17:38:13] <ries> second them I call the command I just get : File ended with no percent sign or program end
[17:38:27] <ries> calling teh correct routine again give the same error
[17:45:30] <alex_joni> once you had a bad routine/file the interp gets some hickups
[17:45:41] <micges> ries: you must call external files like this: 'o123 call 100'
[17:46:14] <alex_joni> micges: I think there is a bug if you call a file which doesn't have a valid subprogram
[17:46:24] <alex_joni> afterwards if you call a valid one, there are still problems
[17:46:30] <alex_joni> maybe ries is seeing the same thing
[17:46:59] <micges> yes there is such bug
[18:01:48] <micges> ries: https://sourceforge.net/tracker/?func=detail&aid=2975826&group_id=6744&atid=106744
[18:06:02] <ries> I think it's a bug, because teh system should work after I call it corectly again
[18:06:26] <ries> yes, that's exctly what I am seeing...
[18:07:01] <ries> I will see if I can provide a ptach, I have some time today
[18:18:02] <ries> * ries wonder if 2.3 or 2.4 has this..
[18:19:44] <micges> ries: 2.3 and 2.4 has this :|
[18:21:16] <ries> micges: this bug you mean, right? if so, then I don't have to check what's changed in code... I was getting crazy already!
[18:24:07] <micges> this bug was discovered on feburary 2009
[18:35:03] <ries> ic... going check it, I am not to familiar with the code
[20:16:25] <ries> micges: I have been tracking it down so far that it doesn't seem to happen when doing it within usuall g code
[20:59:59] <ries> Hey all, how can I enable the logDebug function??emc.debug.xxxx always stays empty
[22:37:34] <ries> micges: I know more or less where it goes wrong, but it looks like there are some hacks going on there to speed up O call processing
[22:37:45] <ries> I have a hard time finding out where I should fix it
[22:38:20] <micges> ries: yes it's hard source code
[22:43:43] <ries> I need to learn one day how debuggers work on a Linux platform
[23:09:18] <ries> I give up for today