#emc-devel | Logs for 2010-04-26

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[12:42:36] <mozmck> jepler: I turned off the setting which makes apt get recommended files and got the lyx download to under 100 MB
[12:44:35] <mozmck> I have a notes for building the ubuntu kernel and emc under 10.04. I haven't had time to mess with it for the last week or so.
[12:45:06] <mozmck> "a notes" huh?
[12:45:31] <jepler> mozmck: aha, that's much better than 491MB!
[12:45:48] <jepler> yay for sensible defaults
[12:46:35] <mozmck> yes. took a little while to figure out what all it really needed though. Let me boot my 10.04 computer in the back room and I can at least pastebin my notes.
[12:46:49] <jepler> I think I know what flag you're referring to
[12:47:16] <mozmck> the latest rtai patch in magma seems to be better than the last number of patches
[12:47:31] <jepler> I'm only interested in running sim on this machine anyway (laptop)
[12:47:33] <mozmck> yeah, but getting all the right packages is the problem
[12:48:23] <mozmck> and the lyx errors are not very helpful sometimes :)
[12:48:37] <jepler> that's another reason I hate lyx
[12:48:47] <jepler> its only advantage is that we already have all this documentation in that format
[12:53:16] <mozmck2> jepler: http://pastebin.com/qP4YgKcp
[12:53:30] <jepler> *whisper*wiki*whisper*
[12:54:21] <mozmck2> oh yeah! I need to clean them up some probably. just stuff I got here and there and jotted down as I worked.
[12:55:05] <jepler> I appreciate it anyhow
[12:55:53] <mozmck2> one package no longer in 10.04 is numarray, and they say numpy is a replacement.
[12:56:36] <jepler> that's fine for them to say, but it requires source code changes to the bits of emc that use it (I think just image-to-gcode)
[12:56:49] <mozmck2> I haven't tested to see if it works yet or not, but I changed the dependency in the debian packages here and emc seems to run fine.
[12:56:51] <jepler> unless I missed something about numpy
[12:57:02] <mozmck2> ah, I haven't used image-to-gcode
[12:57:46] <jepler> python-numarray is in universe in lucid
[12:58:53] <mozmck2> you sure? I just checked in synaptic and it doesn't see it.
[12:58:59] <jepler> er, no, I accidentally searched karmic
[12:59:06] <jepler> oops
[12:59:22] <mozmck2> ah
[13:00:35] <jepler> I'd better look at this ASAP and see whether use of numpy can get into 2.4
[13:25:30] <cradek> haha "Run the following in lucid to put the window buttons back in their proper places:"
[13:29:21] <jepler> in the release candidate, the buttons move back to the accustomed place when you choose most any of the other themes.
[13:32:51] <skunkworks_> jepler: welcome back?
[13:36:47] <jepler> skunkworks_: thanks
[13:37:08] <jepler> only 6 days late because of that volcano :)
[13:45:50] <skunkworks_> oh wow - didn't think of that..
[13:46:18] <skunkworks_> did you sleep in the airport or give up and rent a hotel room?
[13:46:36] <jepler> we stayed in a hotel
[13:51:29] <jepler> that part was no trouble -- we already had a hotel in frankfurt, far enough from the airport and the center that the other stuck folks didn't find it
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