#emc-devel | Logs for 2010-03-31

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[21:56:05] <robh__> hi, did any one notice if u give an axes value on tool change, motion will return to point before tool change was issued on all axes (testing in sim here with defind tool change point)
[21:57:29] <robh__> is there a way to say rotate A axes while doing a tool change , as seems to do axes command after the tool change has finished so seems little odd to issue a axes command on tool change line
[22:01:03] <cradek> not sure I understand - are you asking whether an A axis setting can be part of the tool change point?
[22:03:16] <robh__> indeed
[22:03:27] <robh__> so say while changing tool, u can rotate the indexer into place
[22:03:33] <robh__> when done, off u go no need to wait
[22:04:33] <cradek> the tool change point I'm talking about is the one the machine moves to automatically when you issue M6. it's defined in the ini file or the G30 saved reference point
[22:04:45] <cradek> and I think yes A motion can be part of either of those
[22:05:14] <cradek> other than that, no motion happens during tool change
[22:05:17] <robh__> yes, just if u try it in sim, when it has done tool change it rapids back to where it was before the tool change issued
[22:05:25] <robh__> where with no axes word it waits in tool change place
[22:06:07] <robh__> i guess no body issues axes in m06 so never seen it do it
[22:06:09] <cradek> a line like T1 M6 G0 A33 means first prep the tool, then change the tool, then do a rapid to A=33
[22:06:29] <cradek> this is just the order of execution of the gcode
[22:06:34] <robh__> yea, i was wundering if u can move A to 33 while in tool change state
[22:07:04] <cradek> no, not if A33 is just specified in the gcode - it only means what I said above
[22:07:51] <robh__> was just a way to save time and throught,
[22:08:20] <cradek> here is how it's handled when you put different things on the same line: http://www.linuxcnc.org/docview/html//gcode_overview.html#sec:Order-of-Execution
[22:08:47] <cradek> in my example you have #5, #6, then #20 in that order
[22:09:31] <robh__> i just wanted to do what brother CNCs do, move pallet into place, or index the part into place while doing a tool change, then get right back into machiing, handly on slow heavy indexer, can save abit of time in production
[22:10:21] <cradek> I don't know of any way to do that, sorry
[22:10:57] <robh__> its no problem throught id give it a shot as docs said u can issue an axes word on tool chagne line, didt know how it handles it that was all
[22:11:48] <cradek> yep that list shows how that kind of thing is handled
[22:13:24] <robh__> the other issue was only the fact that sim shows that all axes returned to the last position after the tool change when including an axes word on the m06 line, maybe a bug i dont know?
[22:15:19] <cradek> yep I agree - I don't think that behavior is right
[22:16:04] <robh__> 1 other thing if u have 5 mins?
[22:18:26] <robh__> with G76 i noticed that the cycle stops at the end of the last pass, it does not return to the Z start point, only i was doing internal threading,
[22:19:32] <cradek> yep g76 starts at the start and ends at the end of the drive line
[22:20:30] <robh__> aah right ok didt know if was ment to come back out or not, its ok on left hand just need rember program safe Z out
[22:22:42] <robh__> thx for time cradek
[22:22:49] <cradek> anytime