#emc-devel | Logs for 2010-01-18

[00:31:39] <jthornton> Dave911: I got the first prototype so I didn't have any choices
[00:34:04] <Dave911> OK
[02:49:25] <kloeri> [Global Notice] Hi all. As you might be aware the spam attacks have picked up again. Please don't click the URLs in the spam messages as you'll be contributing to the problem and most likely immediately klined if you do so. We encourage channel operators to use +R or +r to keep out the spam as needed. For more information see http://blog.freenode.net/2010/01/javascript-spam/. Thank you for using freenode.
[05:23:57] <wyard> jthornton... are you on?
[06:01:12] <CIA-5> EMC: 03cmorley 07master * r5fd3df3cb2e0 10/src/emc/usr_intf/stepconf/stepconf.py: Add classicladder to a thread for test
[07:53:27] <cradek_> cradek_ is now known as cradek
[08:07:42] <cradek> arg
[09:30:09] <christel> [Global Notice] Hi all, just a quick heads up that the js spam is still at large, and we encourage you to NOT click any untrusted URLs as the attack will start a HTTP POST connection using your ip to spam further, this could result in a network ban for you. The blog has more information. Please be careful and show some consideration for your fellow ircers! Thank you.
[11:16:13] <jthornton> wyard: I'm usually on in the mornings (for me) and I'm GMT-6 for time reference. in case you read back on the logs
[11:34:03] <christel> [Global Notice] Hi all, we're noticing that a lot of clients are flooding off due to autoresponding to repeated version requests, you may wish to set your client NOT to send replies as these replies are not rate limited. As an example; '/set -clear ctcp_version_response or /ignore *!*@* CTCPS' should work in Irssi. For any assistance please visit us in #freenode. Thanks
[11:36:33] <christel> [Global Notice] Duh! Apologies, that should be /set -clear ctcp_reply or /ignore *!*@* CTCPS for Irssi. -- These notices will continue during the attacks, as they are our only way of communicating with the user base, we understand its annoying to some and if you are bothered by them, feel free to '/ignore *!*@freenode/staff/* notice'
[12:37:54] <jthornton> wyard: another option to trying to catch me at a computer is to start a topic on the forum in the Documents section http://www.linuxcnc.org/
[15:14:16] <jepler> anyone here have a 9054-based mesa card (i22, i23, i68, x20)? I'd love some feedback on whether the firmwares I built work on your card: http://emergent.unpy.net/01263684229
[17:09:02] <micges> test
[17:50:30] <JT-Work> I guess if you don't need the i20 tested I won't try that again :)
[17:51:52] <jepler> JT-Work: If you have the time and inclination to try it, the data would be good to have
[17:52:09] <jepler> but I think there's a high probability that all the 5i20 firmwares will work
[17:52:44] <JT-Work> I can try it again now that I'm all updated