#emc-devel | Logs for 2010-01-10

[00:37:15] <CIA-5> EMC: 03jthornton 07master * rd4331a377692 10/docs/man/man9/motion.9: update the motion man page
[00:37:15] <CIA-5> EMC: 03jthornton 07master * r4b31ef6dda61 10/docs/src/config/emc2hal.lyx: add info on motion load options
[00:37:16] <CIA-5> EMC: 03jthornton 07master * r3e859468a175 10/docs/src/gcode/main.lyx: Add M67 & M68
[03:03:06] <cradek> wooo, first rigid tap on the Jr.
[03:06:30] <skunkworks> sweet!
[03:08:53] <cradek> 1/4-20 tap in a good jacobs chuck, 500 rpm, into aluminum
[03:10:15] <skunkworks> no issues?
[03:59:52] <jepler> cradek: excellent news
[05:10:26] <cradek> nope, no problems
[05:11:19] <cradek> just a difficult encoder mounting - not done yet, I have to enclose it somehow
[16:40:38] <jthornton> micges: are you around?
[16:45:08] <micges> yep
[16:45:30] <jthornton> http://www.linuxcnc.org/docview/devel/html//gcode_main.html#sec:M67-Analog-Motion
[16:45:33] <jthornton> is that correct?
[16:45:48] <jthornton> and M68?
[16:46:13] <jthornton> and do I need to add anything to them?
[16:46:29] <micges> num_aio
[16:47:45] <jthornton> ok
[16:47:47] <micges> jthornton: M67 and M68 are the same area as M62-65
[16:48:19] <micges> jas I'll read it again
[16:48:46] <jthornton> I see a mistake where I used num_dio instead of num_aio
[16:54:40] <micges> jthornton: this is for m68: http://www.pastebin.ca/1745675
[16:55:28] <micges> jas for m67
[16:55:34] <jthornton> ok
[17:02:01] <jthornton> should M68 be "To control a analog output value immediately"
[17:03:12] <micges> http://www.pastebin.ca/1745683 but you must check correct english
[17:04:01] <jthornton> ok, thanks
[17:04:02] <micges> yes it should
[17:04:08] <jthornton> ok
[17:04:39] <micges> np, thank you
[17:06:02] <jthornton> if you notice anything else missing just holler at me :)
[17:06:30] <micges> yes I saw some errors, letme find
[17:06:37] <jthornton> ok
[17:11:30] <micges> there is missing info about G64 Pn Qm
[17:12:25] <micges> P is motion blending tolerance and q is naive cam tolerace in canon, used for check if lines are colinear and if they can be merged to one line
[17:12:52] <micges> Q0 disable naive cam completely
[17:13:21] <jthornton> ok
[17:13:29] <micges> M67/68 missing in 1.1 table
[17:14:43] <micges> jthornton: arc examlples have pictures, niiiice :)
[17:15:00] <jthornton> :)
[17:19:26] <micges> you can add that user m commands are allowed now when cutter radius compensation is on
[17:19:42] <jthornton> ok
[17:21:34] <jthornton> the naive cam is what merges the lines,arcs into one line?
[17:22:49] <micges> lines with lines in one move if angle between them are about 0 degrees
[17:23:13] <micges> and arc and arc also if their centers are the same
[17:25:18] <micges> if you raise Q value allowed angle between lines will increase
[17:26:52] <jthornton> ok, and the P is described ok that it stays within P of the endpoint?
[17:27:18] <micges> yes
[17:28:32] <jthornton> ok, thanks
[17:29:30] <micges> read about naive cam: http://www.linuxcnc.org/docview/devel/html//common_User_Concepts.html#r1_1_3
[17:30:32] <jthornton> LOL, I've slept since I wrote that :) but I see it is missing the Q as well
[17:42:28] <micges> halui has halui.home-all pin and halui.joint.nn.unhome and halui.joint.selected.unhome
[17:42:55] <micges> halui.home-all will only show if HOME_SEQUENCE is deined in inifile
[17:43:50] <jthornton> ok
[17:54:48] <micges> AXIS_n section has VOLATILE_HOME=0/1 option, when enabled, this joint will be unhomed if machine hit estop or will be off
[18:00:36] <micges> jthornton: that's all I founded
[18:08:37] <jthornton> at least I know two people who have read the manual :) thanks
[18:09:18] <micges> heh
[18:11:15] <micges> many people from Poland asked for translations of docs
[18:11:42] <micges> it's hard work, but now I know what section are importand :)
[18:11:52] <micges> important
[18:13:01] <jthornton> I put VOLATILE_HOME=1 on one axis and took it out of run mode and the axis unhomed as I expected but I get an error when I press Home All
[18:13:16] <jthornton> Cannot home while shared home switch is closed...
[18:13:36] <jthornton> I assume it might have something to do with trying that in the Axis Sim???
[18:13:48] <micges> it doesn't work with sim config
[18:58:25] <CIA-5> EMC: 03jthornton 07master * rf9a85da267fc 10/docs/src/config/ini_config.lyx: add Touchy and some markup fixes and spell check
[18:58:29] <CIA-5> EMC: 03jthornton 07master * r76a7fc2335cd 10/docs/src/common/User_Concepts.lyx: Add Q word to G64 description
[18:58:29] <CIA-5> EMC: 03jthornton 07master * r2a6c50eb6dac 10/docs/src/config/ini_config.lyx: Add volatile home
[18:58:29] <CIA-5> EMC: 03jthornton 07master * red8bd4f53226 10/docs/src/gui/halui.lyx: Add info home-all, unhome pins
[18:58:30] <CIA-5> EMC: 03jthornton 07master * r4dd8fa8d86c9 10/docs/src/gcode/main.lyx: Update M66, M67, G64
[18:58:36] <CIA-5> EMC: 03jthornton 07master * r57dc921d2edc 10/docs/src/gui/touchy.lyx: add info on using Touchy
[18:59:28] <jthornton> * jthornton thinks it is nap time now :)
[20:04:02] <cradek> jthornton: are you sure about G64 Q? I thought it was P
[20:23:01] <micges> jthornton: one importand thing: in G64 if you don't specify Q then it will have same value as P(old behavoiur)