#emc-devel | Logs for 2009-12-03

[00:05:42] <CIA-13> EMC: 03micges 07tlo_all_axes * r17e245eeb3b5 10/ (110 files in 56 dirs): Merge branch 'master' into tlo_all_axes
[00:05:52] <CIA-13> EMC: 03micges 07tlo_all_axes * ref577dd55506 10/src/emc/iotask/ioControl.cc: Ignore tool table lines with invalid fields
[00:37:13] <CIA-13> EMC: 03micges 07tlo_all_axes * r3fb35ff737ca 10/configs/ (4 files in 4 dirs): Convert lathe tool tables to new format
[12:10:52] <piasdom> g'mornin all
[12:17:49] <piasdom> i'm not getting any email from the forum....is that just because it's new?
[12:19:51] <micges_work> did you subscribed?
[12:20:11] <jthornton> he is a moderator in Milling and Turning
[12:20:21] <jthornton> no new posts I assume
[12:20:54] <micges_work> ah ok
[12:21:30] <jthornton> I just posted one piasdom so you should get an email in a bit
[12:41:44] <piasdom> k...thanks
[14:47:22] <piasdom> jthornton; still didn't get an email
[14:56:36] <piasdom> i got a few at the start,but none for about a month
[14:59:47] <JT-Work> I'm not sure how long it takes or if it does it more than once a day
[15:28:32] <alex_joni> * alex_joni just uses rss for the forum
[15:28:34] <alex_joni> way nicer
[15:47:28] <piasdom> JT-Work;thanks...i'll wait
[15:47:36] <JT-Work> ok np
[15:47:44] <piasdom> alex_joni; don't know how :)
[15:48:43] <piasdom> never use rss for anything
[15:49:10] <jepler> hi seb_kuzminsky
[15:49:21] <seb_kuzminsky> good mornink
[15:50:29] <seb_kuzminsky> it's stopped snowing, there's a few inches of crusty frozen slush & powder
[15:50:42] <seb_kuzminsky> it's gonna be cold for the next couple of days, so it wont be all melted by the weekend
[15:50:55] <seb_kuzminsky> but i bet the roads will be easily travelled
[15:50:59] <seb_kuzminsky> so you should come!
[15:51:04] <jepler> I assume the snow removal people know what they're doing there
[15:51:12] <seb_kuzminsky> yeah :-)
[15:58:28] <piasdom> we're getting snow friday :) we get about every ten years
[16:29:46] <seb_kuzminsky> hi micges
[16:30:02] <seb_kuzminsky> have you had a chance to try the hm2 encoder nan-finding patch i sent you?
[16:30:32] <micges> unfortunately no :|
[16:30:38] <seb_kuzminsky> ok no rush
[16:31:20] <micges> but I remember to do it if I can ;)
[16:31:47] <micges> sadly only one servo machine have this bug
[16:32:17] <seb_kuzminsky> you have other machines that dont show the bug?
[16:32:25] <micges> yes
[16:32:35] <seb_kuzminsky> is the machine that *does* show the bug otherwise stable? passes memtest86 & other stress tests?
[16:32:55] <micges> I have 6 servo construction and only z axis on one machine shows his
[16:32:57] <micges> this
[16:33:07] <seb_kuzminsky> ah
[16:33:23] <micges> yes working 24/7 from about 16 months
[16:35:58] <cradek> seb_kuzminsky: have you tried testing with bogus quadrature?
[16:38:13] <micges> jepler: around?
[16:41:05] <micges> cradek: tlo_9 will be ready for test, just extending python interfaces left
[16:48:30] <seb_kuzminsky> cradek: no... and i'm not sure how to do it
[16:48:40] <seb_kuzminsky> here are the "controlled input to the encoder" tests i have now:
[16:48:44] <seb_kuzminsky> http://highlab.com/~seb/bzr/fabrication/projects/emc2-hacking/hm2/test/loopback/gpio-to-encoder/
[16:49:17] <cradek> I was just thinking if it's one axis on one machine ... that's one encoder, could be a bogus one
[16:49:41] <seb_kuzminsky> that makes sense
[16:49:53] <seb_kuzminsky> gray code is pretty hard to mess up though
[16:50:11] <seb_kuzminsky> the only way i can think of is to have both A and B inputs change at the same time
[16:50:18] <cradek> yeah that's exactly what I meant
[16:50:25] <seb_kuzminsky> which i could simulate by running the same gpio output to both encoder inputs
[16:50:33] <seb_kuzminsky> ok i'll add a test for that
[16:50:44] <seb_kuzminsky> i'll have to change my test setup wiring harness but that's no big deal
[16:51:00] <cradek> shot in the dark...
[16:51:18] <seb_kuzminsky> dark is all we got at this point :-(
[16:51:34] <micges> but there is no visible position loss
[16:51:52] <micges> but I can measure it
[16:52:08] <cradek> it would take a LOT of counts to be visible wouldn't it?
[16:52:32] <seb_kuzminsky> the only way i could see for vel to go to Inf and pos not to be affected would be if it somehow got confused and thought dt was zero
[16:52:54] <seb_kuzminsky> the patch i sent micges checks for that before using dt, and logs a warning
[16:53:10] <seb_kuzminsky> but it makes no sense that it does that on just one encoder on just one machine
[16:53:22] <seb_kuzminsky> if it was a time-tracking bug in the driver i'd expect it to fail all over the place
[16:53:48] <cradek> micges: what OS and kernel is on that machine?
[16:53:54] <micges> I spent half a day trying to reporduce it on another servo
[16:53:56] <cradek> it's not SMP is it?
[16:53:58] <micges> hardy
[16:54:11] <cradek> just our usual kernel?
[16:54:12] <micges> no linuxcnc image
[16:54:16] <micges> yes
[16:54:18] <cradek> ok
[17:29:48] <Dave911> This is a bit off topic - ok it is totally off topic but I'd like you opinions....
[17:29:50] <Dave911> I have a customer asking for recommendations on NAS servers - similar to this
[17:29:52] <Dave911> http://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductReview.aspx?Item=N82E16822102030&cm_re=nas_raid-_-22-102-030-_-CustomerReview
[17:29:54] <Dave911> I thought someone was talking about one of these a while back. Any experiences good, bad, ugly ?? :-)
[17:29:55] <Dave911> I have an old NAS box that has worked well for me but these guys really need a box capable of RAID. Mirrored or Raid 5.
[17:32:07] <cradek> Dave911: you could try asking in #emc
[17:32:36] <Dave911> OK, thanks I'll do that.
[17:33:21] <cradek> seb_kuzminsky: I wonder what hm2 does when both channels change together? I think some systems note/log that error somehow. I think it always means you've lost position.
[17:35:32] <seb_kuzminsky> there's a bit in a firmware register that i think reports this condition to the driver, but the driver doesnt look at it yet
[17:35:38] <alex_joni> cradek: on the bots we work with (the really old ones with encoders) such a failure stops everything
[17:35:49] <seb_kuzminsky> i remember you asked for this failure mode to be exported to HAL so you could estop the machine
[17:36:09] <cradek> oh did I? :-)
[17:36:27] <cradek> I'm predictable I guess - kind of the same from day to day, if forgetful
[17:37:03] <alex_joni> another thing that gets checked is A vs /A, B vs /B and Z vs /Z
[17:37:52] <cradek> I'm surprised anything reads those separately - I figured they always just went to a differential receiver
[17:38:17] <alex_joni> I'm trying to revive an 1990 bot
[17:38:31] <alex_joni> and since there's no encoder connected, that bit me
[20:00:39] <Dave911> OK, this question is actually development related.....
[20:00:41] <Dave911> What debugger do you guys use for Python development? WinPDB ?? Or ?
[20:00:42] <Dave911> Like everything else Linux there seems to be 10 different ways to debug Python code
[20:01:00] <cradek> I have never used a debugger for python code
[20:01:26] <Dave911> Seriously ?
[20:01:57] <Dave911> I'll take that as a yes ....;-)
[20:01:59] <cradek> seriously
[20:02:10] <cradek> I use a debugger for C all the time, but never for python
[20:03:14] <Dave911> I'm not sure what to ask next ... but how do you do that without a debugger have you just been coding with Python for quite a while ??
[20:03:37] <cradek> no, I suck at python, but it's easy to add prints here and there
[20:04:21] <cradek> what I wish is I could have it run to a certain place and then give me the REPL prompt
[20:04:23] <Dave911> OK, that is how I used to do old basic code debugging way back when
[20:04:32] <cradek> maybe that's what a breakpoint in a python debugger is, I dunno
[20:04:39] <cradek> I've never bothered to figure it out
[20:05:47] <Dave911> The WinPDB debugger is not exactly obvious in how it works, but then I haven't spent much time with it yet either. It seems to have a lot of non-obvious features
[20:07:26] <Dave911> Well I guess I will plug away with WinPDB for a bit and see what happens.. Thanks!
[20:07:37] <cradek> let us know if it's useful
[20:08:31] <Dave911> I will.. I'd really like to do breakpoints etc..
[20:09:04] <Dave911> Is there any written reference you use for Python or do you use the man pages or docs at Python.org
[20:09:20] <cradek> python.org
[20:10:05] <Dave911> OK, I'll just do that then also...
[20:59:41] <skunkworks_> matt!
[21:00:05] <mshaver> Sam!
[21:00:32] <alex_joni> guys!
[21:00:58] <skunkworks_> wow - now the snow is really coming down.
[21:02:16] <Jymmm> skunkworks_: testing your new garage roof?
[21:02:56] <skunkworks_> as we speak I guess. ;)
[21:03:24] <skunkworks_> still just a dusting - but white-out for a while there.
[21:03:56] <Jymmm> skunkworks_: and here I am in t-shirt and shorts
[21:05:09] <alex_joni> it's about 10C here
[21:05:29] <alex_joni> 50F
[21:05:53] <Jymmm> San Jose International, California - 56°F / 13°C, Haze - Dew Point 41°F / 5°C - Humidity 57% - Wind from the North at 5 mph - Barometer 30.07" - Visibility 5.0 miles