#emc-devel | Logs for 2009-11-27

[08:14:46] <micges_work> alex_joni: around?
[08:34:03] <CIA-40> EMC: 03micges 07tlo_all_axes * rc1e8f5dd2237 10/src/emc/usr_intf/xemc.cc: Fix xemc gui
[09:09:23] <micges_work> cradek: first new tool table: http://www.pastebin.ca/1689285
[09:11:17] <awalli1> how is that better than the current format?
[09:13:11] <micges_work> awalli1: this is new unified file format for tlo_all_axes branch
[09:19:01] <micges_work> awalli1: like this: T2 P3 X1.2 Z2.3 D0.0625 Q3 ;lathe tool T2 in pocket 3 with X,Z offsets, radius 1/32, orientation 3
[09:37:03] <awalli1> I see, setting tool table values from g-code
[09:38:53] <micges_work> yes
[09:39:12] <awalli1> would that be settable from a probe-operation too?
[09:40:19] <micges_work> nope, you must probe -> calculate -> set tool table entry in gcode
[09:41:39] <micges_work> my changes are only for tool table handling
[11:24:01] <alex_joni> micges_work: yes
[11:25:01] <micges_work> re ja3: teleoperating jog could be done in position mode not in velocity mode like it is now?
[11:25:52] <micges_work> alex_joni: I have gantry and everything works ok but in teleop there is no limits in jogging
[11:26:52] <micges_work> and if it is gantry I have all limits hard defined, they could go to ini file and teleop can be done like normal joints jogging (simple_tp)
[13:22:26] <alex_joni> micges_work: sorry.. was busy for a while
[13:22:51] <alex_joni> I think position mode can be done for teleop
[14:08:44] <CIA-40> EMC: 03micges 07tlo_all_axes * ra9f7db4d0c56 10/src/emc/iotask/ioControl.cc: Saving tool table in a new unified format
[14:08:45] <CIA-40> EMC: 03micges 07tlo_all_axes * r4957b5848eb0 10/src/emc/rs274ngc/interp_convert.cc: In G10 L1 allow to enter all tlo at once
[14:08:46] <CIA-40> EMC: 03micges 07tlo_all_axes * rf2e541a14596 10/src/emc/iotask/ioControl.cc: Reading new type tool table
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