#emc-devel | Logs for 2009-08-30

[00:06:39] <mozmck> in making a userspace HAL component in C, should I #define ULAPI ? and where should this be defined?
[00:10:07] <mozmck> looks like 'man hal' plus a search through the code will tell me what I need...
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[01:10:14] <mozmck> I got my userspace HAL component to run now, but it says "Waiting for component to become ready" forever.
[01:11:35] <mozmck> when I do what should kill the component, it still shows to be loaded using 'show comp' and it's pins show up as well.
[01:12:29] <mozmck> when I call hal_exit(comp_id); should that unload the component?
[01:19:35] <mozmck> duh! I missed the call to hal_ready() in the sample comp I'm looking at.
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