#emc-devel | Logs for 2008-10-13

[01:47:48] <cradek> well I had success finishing my copper part - I used flood coolant and cut at 20sfm (!) and it worked fine.
[01:52:39] <jmkasunich> what is the part? (or did I ask that before)
[01:52:51] <jmkasunich> when I think copper I think electrical or plumbing
[01:53:03] <SWPadnos> or heat
[01:53:05] <jmkasunich> although I guess jewelry is also a possibility
[01:53:24] <cradek> it's an artsy thing - a gift
[01:53:31] <SWPadnos> hmmm. if you like blue fingers/necks/ears, yeah
[01:54:03] <cradek> SWPadnos: a lot of people wear copper stuff - it has magical healing properties
[01:54:17] <SWPadnos> um. yeah. net to the maggnets? :)
[01:54:19] <SWPadnos> next
[01:54:42] <jepler> maggnets?
[01:54:43] <cradek> does it go green and nasty like brass?
[01:55:01] <SWPadnos> magggggnets!
[01:55:24] <SWPadnos> copper jewelry goes greenish-blue, like the statue of liberty
[01:55:35] <SWPadnos> and it rubs off on your fingers if you're wearing it
[01:55:53] <cradek> maybe that's what makes it magical
[01:56:11] <jmkasunich> yeah, heavy metals are good for you
[02:13:17] <fenn> copper kills microorganisms
[02:13:29] <fenn> and it's nontoxic, even in high doses
[02:14:38] <fenn> i want to make a copper comb but i'm not sure how to cut thin even strips off this sheet
[02:19:41] <jmkasunich> yesterday I told somebody that I was 99.9% sure that EMC could do helical milling in the XY plane with W instead of Z moving to make the helix
[02:19:48] <jmkasunich> was I correct?
[02:19:59] <cradek> yes
[02:20:09] <jmkasunich> good
[02:20:22] <cradek> you could have tried...
[02:20:45] <jmkasunich> that would have required setting up an XYZW config
[02:20:56] <cradek> sim/axis_9axis
[02:20:56] <jmkasunich> (which I'm gonna do anyway, but haven't gotten around to yet)
[02:21:13] <jmkasunich> oh
[02:21:31] <jmkasunich> that one uses trivkins?
[02:22:09] <cradek> yes
[02:22:38] <jmkasunich> right after I asked, I realized that 1) the answer must be yes, and 2) I could have checked myself
[02:23:07] <cradek> hm, something's wrong with it in 2.2
[02:23:29] <cradek> ... and trunk
[02:25:13] <cradek> argh
[02:25:18] <jmkasunich> ?
[02:25:25] <cradek> and there's a units bug
[02:25:37] <jmkasunich> specific to that config?
[02:25:50] <cradek> probably arcs with UVW moving
[02:29:32] <jmkasunich> ah, I see - it only moved 1mm in W
[02:29:40] <cradek> yep
[02:29:47] <cradek> haven't seen one of those bugs for a while.
[02:34:48] <jepler> g0 x0 y0 z0 w0 / g2 f999 i1 w1 ?
[02:34:59] <jepler> I scanned ARC_FEED but didn't spot it
[02:35:01] <cradek> yes
[02:35:06] <cradek> I got it, testing
[02:42:13] <CIA-40> EMC: 03cradek 07TRUNK * 10emc2/src/emc/task/emccanon.cc: fix units bug: g20 / g0 x0 y0 z0 w0 / g2 f999 i1 w1 left you at w=.03937
[02:42:57] <jmkasunich> cradek: thanks
[02:43:07] <jmkasunich> did you see the pic of the "maybe" retrofit machine?
[02:43:23] <cradek> yell if you see any more problems with it - it should work - if it doesn't, it's only bugs, not design
[02:43:27] <jmkasunich> http://jmkasunich.com/pics/gilbert-with-part-2662.jpg
[02:43:50] <cradek> neat - that's a photo i hadn't seen
[02:43:52] <jmkasunich> I've started an HBM vismach, and will be setting up a config for it
[02:44:09] <jmkasunich> one thing that I thought about is the preview panning
[02:44:09] <cradek> are they going to go through with it?
[02:44:12] <jepler> cradek: I'm confused because (in 2.2) it has: u = FROM_PROG_LEN(u);
[02:44:23] <jmkasunich> way too early to tell
[02:44:27] <jmkasunich> they're considering their options
[02:44:31] <jepler> make sure you test with w-offset nonzero
[02:44:48] <jmkasunich> I get the feeling the timeframe is something like "in the next 12 months", rather than in a few weeks
[02:44:55] <cradek> jepler: oh good idea
[02:45:15] <jmkasunich> anyway (since jepler is here), preview panning
[02:45:26] <jmkasunich> AXIS lets you pan all the way around the Z axis
[02:45:36] <jmkasunich> but only from 0 to 90 degrees around X
[02:45:49] <cradek> yes you can't look "underneath"
[02:45:51] <jmkasunich> we hacked that a while back so that vismach models can be panned every which way
[02:46:10] <jmkasunich> for a vertical mill, the current limits are good - you can get confused otherwise
[02:46:27] <jmkasunich> but for an HBM, you might want a wider range of perspectives on the job
[02:48:09] <jepler> looks like the vismach hook can be used in ~/.axisrc, with the following line: o.set_latitudelimits(-180, 180)
[02:48:30] <jmkasunich> cool
[02:48:38] <cradek> jepler: you are right - my fix is wrong with a W offset
[02:49:15] <jepler> cradek: aha! that makes once that you've written that bug and I've cought it
[02:49:17] <jepler> caught
[02:49:25] <jepler> instead of the opposite, where I write the bug and you notice it
[02:49:28] <cradek> grrr
[02:49:49] <cradek> but did you break this in the first place?
[02:49:55] <jmkasunich> heh
[02:50:10] <jepler> that I won't confess to
[02:50:33] <jmkasunich> I think the shop where that machine is must be the first shop I've been in that didn't have a bport somewhere, even if just off in a corner
[02:50:47] <jmkasunich> they have 4-5 HBMs of various sizes, and other large machines
[02:50:55] <jmkasunich> I didn't see a single workpiece that a man could lift
[02:53:05] <jepler> 'night guys
[02:53:12] <jmkasunich> goodnight
[02:53:21] <jmkasunich> 'bout that time here too
[03:04:15] <CIA-40> EMC: 03cradek 07TRUNK * 10emc2/src/emc/task/emccanon.cc: fix units bug (g20 / g0 x0 y0 z0 w0 / g2 f999 i1 w1 left you at w=.03937) in only two tries
[03:04:50] <cradek> what a swirl, as a friend is known to say
[06:51:19] <alex_jon1> alex_jon1 is now known as alex_joni
[11:40:16] <micges> what is spindle brake signal for ?
[11:41:04] <micges> is it to enable em brake to slow spindle speed ?
[11:43:32] <BigJohnT> on my mill it locks the spindle for tool changes
[11:47:50] <cradek> brake stops the spindle when you turn it off
[11:50:12] <cradek> bbl
[12:11:23] <CIA-40> EMC: 03bigjohnt 07v2_2_branch * 10emc2/docs/src/common/Linux_FAQ.lyx: add info on hardware problems
[12:12:02] <CIA-40> EMC: 03bigjohnt 07TRUNK * 10emc2/docs/src/common/Linux_FAQ.lyx: add info on hardware problems
[14:51:54] <CIA-40> EMC: 03cradek 07TRUNK * 10emc2/lib/python/rs274/glcanon.py:
[14:51:54] <CIA-40> EMC: to avoid the extra rapids caused by tool (and TLO) changes messing up
[14:51:54] <CIA-40> EMC: the extents and preview, skip any rapids right after a tool change.
[14:51:54] <CIA-40> EMC: also do this at the beginning of the program. previously only the first
[14:51:54] <CIA-40> EMC: move of the program was skipped.
[14:51:55] <CIA-40> EMC: 03cradek 07TRUNK * 10emc2/src/emc/rs274ngc/gcodemodule.cc:
[14:51:58] <CIA-40> EMC: to avoid the extra rapids caused by tool (and TLO) changes messing up
[14:52:00] <CIA-40> EMC: the extents and preview, skip any rapids right after a tool change.
[14:52:02] <CIA-40> EMC: also do this at the beginning of the program. previously only the first
[14:52:04] <CIA-40> EMC: move of the program was skipped.
[14:55:29] <SWPadnos> if self.suppress: return
[14:55:31] <SWPadnos> + self.first_move = False
[14:55:32] <SWPadnos> self.first_move = False
[14:55:41] <SWPadnos> is that necessary? :)
[14:58:06] <CIA-40> EMC: 03cradek 07TRUNK * 10emc2/lib/python/rs274/glcanon.py: jeez
[14:58:11] <SWPadnos> heh
[14:59:30] <cradek> wow, that's so much better
[14:59:52] <SWPadnos> I'm not sure I even know the problem you just fixed
[14:59:58] <SWPadnos> but good job anyway :)
[15:01:15] <cradek> with tool changes the preview was full of extra rapids that obscured the program. also if using TLO the extents weren't very useful either.
[15:01:33] <SWPadnos> oh, the rapids to/from toolchange position?
[15:02:44] <cradek> when you change tools and apply a new TLO, the tool tip ends up in a crazy spot. then you rapid back into the real working area.
[15:03:04] <cradek> the coordinates only become "real" (related to the workpiece) after you do the entry moves
[15:03:29] <cradek> previously AXIS would show these entries (from way off the screen toward the real work area)
[15:03:41] <SWPadnos> ok. I think I may get it now
[15:03:45] <cradek> this gave you a stupid initial zoom, and also those were calculated into the program extents
[15:05:09] <cradek> on the lathe I almost always do two entry moves, often X then Z, so I have it skip all rapids right after a tool change.
[15:05:31] <cradek> possibly I should also have it do that after a TLO change...
[15:05:52] <cradek> say on turret position 1, I have two tools
[15:08:10] <alex_joni> cradek: thanks for replying to that..
[15:08:20] <cradek> was my reply pretty much right?
[15:08:49] <alex_joni> I think so
[15:08:52] <alex_joni> s/think/hope/
[15:12:17] <CIA-40> EMC: 03cradek 07TRUNK * 10emc2/lib/python/rs274/glcanon.py: you can also get entry moves after changing TLO but not changing the tool, for instance when you have two tools on one turret position. suppress these too.
[15:12:38] <cradek> someday I will get a commit right in only one try
[15:13:24] <BigJohnT> getting commits right the first try doesn't work for documents either :)
[15:47:10] <cradek> huh, I unwittingly fixed https://sourceforge.net/tracker/index.php?func=detail&aid=2000329&group_id=6744&atid=106744
[15:47:26] <jepler> cradek: cool, good job
[15:48:13] <alex_joni> cradek: now we know why you needed 2 commits :)
[15:49:11] <CIA-40> EMC: 03cradek 07TRUNK * 10emc2/src/emc/usr_intf/axis/scripts/axis.py: some silly programs might not have any motion in the preview. give a less silly default view in this case.
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[19:41:09] <BigJohnT> http://www.cnczone.com/forums/showthread.php?p=513132#post513132
[19:41:33] <BigJohnT> does the home all button in Trunk become disabled once you are homed?
[19:43:34] <cradek> no
[19:44:13] <SWPadnos> I don't think it makes sense to disable home-all once homed. you may still want to do it again (after machining something or an estop, for example)
[19:59:11] <BigJohnT> in trunk you have the unhome button...
[19:59:31] <BigJohnT> just wondering out loud
[19:59:36] <cradek> unhome is only on the menu, but it's true you could disallow homing if you're already homed
[19:59:55] <SWPadnos> unhoming llows you to jog outside the soft limits, right?
[19:59:58] <SWPadnos> allows
[20:01:31] <cradek> yes
[20:46:57] <skunkworks> http://www.electronicsam.com/images/KandT/servostart/amp.JPG
[20:47:26] <cradek> wooo!
[20:47:31] <cradek> you're finally building it?
[20:47:32] <jepler> looks nice
[20:47:36] <skunkworks> getting there.
[20:47:47] <jepler> you're soldering the top-side traces only as needed?
[20:47:51] <cradek> looks like a beautiful job milling it
[20:47:52] <skunkworks> yes
[20:47:57] <jepler> remind me what the overall board size is
[20:47:59] <skunkworks> I am happy with it.
[20:48:52] <skunkworks> 4-1/8X3-5/16
[20:48:54] <cradek> how long until we know if it works?
[20:49:55] <skunkworks> the logic didn't smoke.. The disabled/overcurrent led came on. when I enabled the drive - the disabled/overcurrent led went off and the enabled led went on. That is a start :)
[20:50:08] <cradek> nice
[20:50:23] <skunkworks> I need a 10k 10 turn pot yet.
[20:50:37] <skunkworks> (that fits)
[20:55:14] <jepler> do you heatsink the mosfets?
[21:16:16] <skunkworks> yes
[21:18:46] <skunkworks> similar to this I think http://www.electronicsam.com/images/KandT/servostart/mounting.JPG
[21:21:07] <BigJohnT> kinda wimpy for a heat sink, couldn't you find anything bigger :)
[21:23:48] <jepler> aren't the socketed ICs taller than the mosfets, though?
[21:23:53] <jepler> once they're bent over like that
[21:24:18] <jepler> or are they soldered on the bottom side of the board?
[21:26:39] <skunkworks> the componants will be on the top
[21:27:17] <skunkworks> if you can see from ver 1 http://www.electronicsam.com/images/KandT/servostart/ampmess.JPG
[22:49:46] <CIA-40> EMC: 03bigjohnt 07v2_2_branch * 10emc2/docs/src/Master_Integrator.lyx: minor edits
[22:49:47] <CIA-40> EMC: 03bigjohnt 07v2_2_branch * 10emc2/docs/src/examples/mpg.lyx: minor edits
[22:49:48] <CIA-40> EMC: 03bigjohnt 07v2_2_branch * 10emc2/docs/src/config/ini_homing.lyx: minor edits
[22:49:59] <CIA-40> EMC: 03bigjohnt 07v2_2_branch * 10emc2/docs/src/hal/components.lyx: minor edits
[23:05:17] <CIA-40> EMC: 03bigjohnt 07TRUNK * 10emc2/docs/src/examples/mpg.lyx: minor edits
[23:05:27] <CIA-40> EMC: 03bigjohnt 07TRUNK * 10emc2/docs/src/hal/components.lyx: minor edits