#emc-devel | Logs for 2007-12-04

[00:03:09] <alex_joni> skunkworks: upload finished, md5sum matches
[03:06:24] <skunkworks> alex_joni: will download it tomorrow morning.
[03:06:27] <skunkworks> thanks
[06:19:06] <fenn_> fenn_ is now known as fenn
[09:12:36] <alex_joni> jepler: 2 short feature requests for stepconf
[09:12:52] <alex_joni> 1. it would be nice if one could invert an axis direction from stepconf (negative scale)
[09:13:30] <alex_joni> 2. it would be nice if stepconf could handle "sleep" & "boost" pins (to enable extra power in the drives during accel, or lower the power while it's sitting idle)
[09:14:14] <alex_joni> I advised the guys (it seems a lot of people in germany have drives which support boost, to do it in hal, some ddt's to get accel phase, then comp to determine output)
[09:14:21] <alex_joni> but it's a bit of a hackery
[09:14:45] <alex_joni> maybe we can get the info out of the TP.. then hooking it up with stepconf should be fairly easy
[11:32:18] <SWPadnos___> SWPadnos___ is now known as SWPadnos
[13:07:40] <skunkworks502> alex_joni: downloading at 200KBs
[13:07:51] <alex_joni> good
[13:08:24] <skunkworks502> looks like about an hour
[13:11:16] <skunkworks502> or not - 10% done
[13:11:36] <alex_joni> 1 hour sounds a bit much :)
[13:11:51] <skunkworks502> it's windows estimate ;)
[13:11:57] <alex_joni> yeck
[13:12:18] <skunkworks502> I had to watch cradeks' video again this morning. (a few times)
[13:13:36] <alex_joni> heh
[13:13:38] <skunkworks502> * skunkworks502 hits play again
[13:13:43] <alex_joni> getting addicted?
[13:14:24] <skunkworks502> I think it is pretty awesome.
[13:19:58] <alex_joni> skunkworks502: I noticed 2 more things while running the live cd, so it's not the last version
[13:20:26] <alex_joni> however it would really help me a lot if you can test the install, and that it reads emc2.2 in /etc/apt/sources.list (after installing)
[13:24:50] <skunkworks502> No problem. I will throw it on my test machine.
[13:25:41] <skunkworks502> 30% DONE
[13:25:47] <skunkworks502> done
[13:48:47] <alex_joni> 14 minutes for 20%.. so it should be done in about 30 minutes form now
[13:49:14] <skunkworks502> :)
[13:49:39] <skunkworks502> does this make sense? http://www.cnczone.com/forums/showthread.php?t=48086
[13:50:56] <skunkworks502> 61% - seem to be slowing down a bit. 156KBs
[13:55:13] <jepler> alex_joni: emc doesn't support "sleep" or "boost" pins, so I don't see how stepconf can
[13:55:31] <jepler> alex_joni: I also don't understand your comment about negative scale.
[13:58:39] <jepler> you should be able to reverse the direction of travel in two ways: check the "Invert" pin on the setup page, or enter a negative number in "leadscrew pitch" on the axis page. If one of these doesn't work, I'll fix it.
[14:46:59] <skunkworks502> cradek: http://youtube.com/watch?v=IyNRMWubpXk
[14:49:33] <skunkworks502> I used your asf file as it seemed to be a little bit better quality. I think the aspec ratio is a bit off after rotating it with microsoft movie maker. It doesn't look too bad though.
[14:55:03] <jepler> when I rotated it I used a pretty low bitrate
[14:55:46] <skunkworks502> jepler: are you the official circuit board miller now that the max is down?
[14:57:53] <jepler> skunkworks502: I still haven't successfully milled a board on zen .. but then I haven't touched it in two months.
[14:57:56] <jepler> or more
[14:58:24] <jepler> somehow I never get around to it
[14:59:29] <skunkworks502> heh
[15:15:01] <tissf> hi
[15:21:33] <alex_joni> hi tissf
[15:22:42] <tissf> alex_joni: I removed the transparancy on the pic for pdf, it work.
[15:23:28] <tissf> err transparency
[15:23:35] <alex_joni> bbl
[15:23:43] <tissf> ok
[15:25:44] <skunkworks502> alex_joni: nice spash screen :) Repository looks right.
[15:39:18] <skunkworks502> emc runs
[16:00:39] <jepler> skunkworks502: check the apt keys (after installation) and run a media check
[16:00:51] <jepler> those are two other things that people noticed were wrong with the live CD
[16:01:24] <jepler> "sudo apt-key list" and look for a jepler key.
[16:11:22] <skunkworks502> jepler: will do
[16:13:32] <skunkemc> pub 1024D/96935D7D 2004-05-29
[16:13:32] <skunkemc> uid Jeff Epler <jepler@unpythonic.net>
[16:13:32] <skunkemc> sub 1536g/C6D94B20 2004-05-29
[16:15:24] <skunkworks502> umm - was that bad?
[16:16:19] <cradek> no, it looks right
[16:16:32] <skunkworks502> I ment posting it.
[16:16:47] <cradek> not at all
[16:21:47] <skunkworks502> good :)
[16:25:10] <skunkworks502> cradek: did you see the link to you on youtube?
[16:25:31] <cradek> yes
[16:25:41] <cradek> thanks, but that's a terrible video :-)
[16:25:55] <cradek> I'll make more as it progresses. I made a couple more parts last night.
[16:26:06] <skunkworks502> nice
[16:26:37] <skunkworks502> I suppose - your almost done. I would have thought the b axis would be the hardest
[16:27:21] <cradek> getting the travel back that's taken up by all that stuff is going to be the hard part
[16:27:45] <skunkworks502> are you trying to move the spindle back?
[16:27:55] <cradek> yes
[16:28:20] <skunkworks502> is the x/y table separatable from z?
[16:28:38] <cradek> yes I think they are just screwed together with a block for support
[16:28:50] <cradek> I'll probably have to mount everything on a base of some kind
[16:32:19] <skunkworks502> that is going to be neat :)
[16:32:47] <skunkworks502> Have you thought more about the kins?
[16:32:48] <cradek> yeah I'm not sure how useful it will be for making stuff, but it will help the emc project
[16:33:21] <cradek> yes but I haven't started writing anything yet
[16:33:51] <cradek> the funny part will be that the X,Y axes rotate with C. XYZ is the workpiece's coordinate system
[16:34:24] <skunkworks502> * skunkworks502 thinks that sounds complicated ;)
[16:34:38] <cradek> yeah me too
[16:36:13] <cradek> I could model this machine in vismach but I haven't done it...
[16:37:01] <skunkworks502> I bet that helps a lot
[16:37:13] <cradek> yeah
[16:37:31] <cradek> and it's very safe too
[16:37:36] <skunkworks502> I think you will be able to do a lot with it.. Just what is the question.
[16:38:30] <cradek> most (?) people doing 5 axis work use cam. I don't have anything except the simple stuff I write.
[16:38:46] <skunkworks502> right
[16:38:58] <skunkworks502> have to start playing with apt?
[16:39:33] <cradek> well the price is right...
[16:39:48] <skunkworks502> and it is open - isn't it?
[16:39:53] <cradek> I think so
[16:40:20] <cradek> I actually got one program written in apt... it was painful but it would probably get easier.
[16:42:48] <cradek> http://www-groups.dcs.st-and.ac.uk/~history/Diagrams/PlatonicSolids.gif
[16:42:58] <cradek> it would be a fun exercise to make these
[16:44:22] <cradek> I'm off to put up siding... it's warm.
[16:44:27] <skunkworks502> yes - plus it would be cool to make a sphire with a end mill.
[16:44:33] <skunkworks502> Have fun :)
[16:45:10] <skunkworks502> (keeping the flat of the mill perpendicular to the radius
[17:05:16] <alex_joni> hello
[17:05:19] <alex_joni> * alex_joni is back
[17:05:42] <alex_joni> jepler: I ran a media check on the latest livecd, and it failed on md5sum.txt
[17:06:04] <alex_joni> I have no idea why the md5sum.txt has a md5 checksum inside md5sum.txt :)
[17:06:28] <alex_joni> (actually I suspect, I didn't remove it before rebuilding it.. I'll look into it a bit later)
[17:09:54] <skunkworks502> so far so good
[17:28:33] <CIA-19> EMC: 03tissf 07TRUNK * 10emc2/docs/src/ (Master_HAL_fr.lyx Submakefile index.tmpl index_fr.tmpl): French translation new and update
[17:28:34] <CIA-19> EMC: 03tissf 07TRUNK * 10emc2/docs/src/gcode/ (cutting_orientation2.png main.lyx main_fr.lyx): French translation new and update
[17:28:34] <CIA-19> EMC: 03tissf 07TRUNK * 10emc2/docs/src/hal/ (general_ref_fr.lyx tools_fr.lyx): French translation new and update
[17:36:22] <tissf> alex_joni: I continue to work on emc2.v2_2_branch?
[17:36:31] <alex_joni> tissf: I see no reason why not :)
[17:36:33] <alex_joni> jepler: ?
[17:37:05] <tissf> It was just a ques
[17:38:16] <jepler> I'd like to see improvements in the french documentation for the next 2.2
[17:38:30] <jepler> but we need to test it all (including building pdfs) in advance
[17:38:45] <tissf> jepler: Me too
[17:39:14] <tissf> jepler: pdf problem's solved
[17:39:34] <tissf> jepler: at this time!
[17:41:13] <tissf> jepler: I do not do a good job with the pressure, as you :)
[17:42:57] <jepler> I should not have encouraged you to do it at the last minute
[18:23:52] <alex_joni> so I guess no more issues on the live cd?
[18:24:01] <alex_joni> except the borken md5sum.txt thingie
[18:26:36] <skunkworks502> I have been playing around.. No issues yet. The only odd thing was that the dns was already set to
[18:26:40] <CIA-19> EMC: 03tissf 07v2_2_branch * 10emc2/docs/src/config/ (emc2hal_fr.lyx ini_config_fr.lyx ini_homing_fr.lyx): French translation solve the problems of _fr.pdf
[18:26:40] <CIA-19> EMC: 03tissf 07v2_2_branch * 10emc2/docs/src/ (Master_HAL_fr.lyx Submakefile index.tmpl index_fr.tmpl): French translation solve the problems of _fr.pdf
[18:26:43] <CIA-19> EMC: 03tissf 07v2_2_branch * 10emc2/docs/src/gcode/ (4 files): French translation solve the problems of _fr.pdf
[18:26:43] <CIA-19> EMC: 03tissf 07v2_2_branch * 10emc2/docs/src/hal/ (general_ref_fr.lyx tools_fr.lyx tutorial_fr.lyx): French translation solve the problems of _fr.pdf
[18:26:53] <alex_joni> skunkworks502: I think it does that automatically?
[18:27:05] <skunkworks502> It is the first time I have seen that with dapper.
[18:27:06] <alex_joni> or is that something that doesn't work for you?
[18:27:21] <alex_joni> might have been my old resolv.conf in there..
[18:27:23] <skunkworks502> I need 1.1 here - but it was easy to change.
[18:27:30] <alex_joni> * alex_joni is cleaning up the iso now
[18:27:42] <skunkworks502> normally it is blank
[18:28:25] <skunkworks502> Skunkemc: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent
[18:31:00] <alex_joni> isotostick ?
[18:31:52] <skunkemc> that is how I did it last time.. Wanted to play again
[18:33:02] <alex_joni> cool
[18:46:38] <alex_joni> skunkworks502: I'm building anothe one now (hope it's the last one).. will let you know when it's up
[18:48:12] <skunkworks502> sounds good :)
[18:48:23] <skunkworks502> I should be able to test it before I go home then.
[18:52:44] <alex_joni> will probably be another 1.5 hours at least
[18:53:28] <skunkworks502> what the hell of internet connection do you have? ;)
[18:56:32] <alex_joni> I only have 2Mbit upload
[18:57:19] <alex_joni> I'm having issues with this:
[18:57:20] <alex_joni> (cd extract-cd && find . -type f -print0 | xargs -0 md5sum > md5sum.txt)
[18:57:50] <alex_joni> that is also adding md5sum.txt to the newly created md5sum.txt (which obviously can't work..)
[19:00:36] <jepler> "-not -name md5sum.txt -print0"
[19:00:37] <jepler> ?
[19:00:55] <alex_joni> well.. I simply removed the line from the file
[19:01:13] <alex_joni> but it seems like a borken advice on the ubuntu wiki
[19:03:57] <alex_joni> skunkworks502: ETA 1:30 h
[19:04:35] <alex_joni> http://dsplabs.cs.utt.ro/~juve/emc/emc2.2.2-1-ubuntu6.06-desktop-i386.iso
[19:04:46] <alex_joni> size: 706035712
[19:06:46] <alex_joni> md5sum: 21f4ecdcf9f5ab09ed64b5e76fb389e6
[19:07:16] <alex_joni> I'm off to my tennis lesson :) bbl
[19:29:33] <alex_joni> skunkworks502: I'm gone.. another 1:10h
[19:29:41] <alex_joni> bbl
[19:34:49] <skunkworks502> yikes
[19:38:39] <jepler> here's another small ubuntu: http://minibuntu.crealabs.it/
[19:43:00] <jepler> I'm thinking it would be interesting to have a clock which ties a particular time to a particular part of the day. For example, I might make 6:00:00 AM be sunrise every day.
[19:43:51] <jepler> but that means that in general there won't be 86400 legal seconds from one 6:00:00 AM to the next
[19:44:55] <jepler> so should I vary the length of the second, or should I make the day not always begin and end with 00:00:00 and 23:59:59 (remove or add seconds as needed)?
[20:43:14] <skunkworks502> jepler: I understand what your saying - but why?
[20:49:06] <jepler> skunkworks502: why not?
[20:50:37] <skunkworks502> heh
[20:54:38] <jepler> every winter when I have trouble getting up (or at least listening to the alarm) in the morning, hours before the sun comes up, I think "there's go to be a better way to do this"
[21:02:07] <skunkworks502> its up to 673MB
[21:02:43] <skunkworks502> you would rather get up the same time every day in relation to the sunrise?
[21:03:30] <skunkworks502> to keep your kadim rhythms?
[21:04:05] <skunkworks502> or however you spell that
[21:04:39] <jepler> something like that
[21:33:50] <alex_joni> skunkworks502: it finished some time ago
[21:33:59] <alex_joni> * alex_joni doesn't know how long ago
[21:34:07] <alex_joni> jepler messed up my notion of time..
[21:39:35] <skunkworks502> alex_joni: 58% right now
[21:40:28] <SWPadnos> hmmm
[21:40:33] <SWPadnos> hi guys
[21:40:54] <SWPadnos> how many times did my client connect/disconnect this morning?
[21:41:18] <alex_joni> once
[21:41:23] <SWPadnos> oh good
[21:41:30] <alex_joni> 04:21 -!- SWPadnos [n=Me@dsl107.esjtvtli.sover.net] has quit [Read error: 110
[21:41:30] <alex_joni> (Connection timed out)]
[21:41:30] <alex_joni> 13:27 -!- SWPadnos___ [n=Me@dsl107.esjtvtli.sover.net] has joined #emc-board
[21:41:30] <alex_joni> 13:27 -!- SWPadnos___ is now known as SWPadnos
[21:41:42] <alex_joni> for about 9 hours :D
[21:41:52] <SWPadnos> the entire back buffer for the network is filled with "blah blah ... will reconnect in 2 hours" errors
[21:41:53] <SWPadnos> heh
[21:42:03] <SWPadnos> about every 2 minutes though
[21:42:08] <alex_joni> haha
[21:42:15] <alex_joni> that sure sounds "smart"
[21:42:31] <SWPadnos> hey skunkworks: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Hfn7EPM9CE&feature=related
[21:42:31] <alex_joni> maybe they listened to jeff's second change, and got minutes/hours backwards
[21:42:38] <SWPadnos> could be
[21:42:55] <SWPadnos> plus it takes longer since sunrise is much later these days
[21:43:08] <SWPadnos> it's almost the solstice, you know
[21:47:14] <skunkworks502> SWPadnos: thanks - her concert was awesome also
[21:47:20] <SWPadnos> cool
[21:48:54] <alex_joni> finally... 0 checksums failed
[22:00:25] <skunkworks502> 21f4ecdcf9f5ab09ed64b5e76fb389e6 *emc2.2.2-1-ubuntu6.06-desktop-i386.iso
[22:00:37] <skunkworks502> looks good
[22:00:43] <alex_joni> 21:01 < alex_joni> md5sum: 21f4ecdcf9f5ab09ed64b5e76fb389e6
[22:00:47] <alex_joni> yeap
[22:00:59] <alex_joni> hmm.. I just started it on my main emc2 machine
[22:01:16] <alex_joni> just ran latency-test..
[22:01:18] <skunkworks502> * skunkworks502 first time
[22:01:25] <alex_joni> servo-thread: 1950 jitter
[22:01:31] <skunkworks502> nice
[22:01:45] <alex_joni> base-thread: 9402
[22:01:53] <skunkworks502> average
[22:01:56] <alex_joni> it'll grow a bit I reckon
[22:02:32] <alex_joni> it stays udner 10 usec
[22:03:04] <alex_joni> this is the machine I ran with BASE_THREAD = 7500
[22:03:09] <alex_joni> (quite a while ago..)
[22:03:37] <alex_joni> that would have been probably unuseable for steppers
[22:04:24] <skunkworks502> alex_joni: have your plans for the cncworkshop?
[22:04:35] <skunkworks502> SWPadnos: how is it going?
[22:04:41] <SWPadnos> so-so
[22:04:52] <SWPadnos> I just got back from my uncle's funeral
[22:04:57] <alex_joni> skunkworks502: I must admit I haven't made any
[22:05:00] <SWPadnos> and I still have that bad cold, but not as badly
[22:05:06] <skunkworks502> oh - sorry to hear that SWPadnos
[22:05:21] <skunkworks502> alex_joni: get your but in gear
[22:05:41] <skunkworks502> butt
[22:05:59] <alex_joni> skunkworks502: unfortunately I'm in the middle of another project atm
[22:06:21] <alex_joni> skunkworks502: getting a place to live in :)
[22:06:51] <SWPadnos> hmmm. yeah, winter is a good time to have a place to live
[22:07:08] <skunkworks502> alex_joni: great - congradulations.
[22:07:19] <alex_joni> SWPadnos: yeah, well.. I'm not out in the cold either.. it's still mostly ok :)
[22:28:49] <alex_joni> skunkworks: let me know when you tried it :)
[23:22:34] <alex_joni> * alex_joni is going to bed
[23:22:52] <alex_joni> skunkworks: I'll read back in the morning to see if you had any more issues with this livecd
[23:25:18] <alex_joni> good night all