#emc-devel | Logs for 2007-10-06

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[19:59:24] <alex_joni> 'lo
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[21:10:48] <Guest779> hi everyone
[21:11:53] <skunkworks> Hi Guest779
[21:20:38] <kollabierer> hi
[21:26:07] <kollabierer> :(
[21:26:47] <skunkworks> Hi
[21:26:55] <kollabierer> hi
[21:27:03] <skunkworks> not many about right now I think
[21:27:38] <kollabierer> yes i noticed :-(
[21:28:01] <kollabierer> i just compiled emc 2.2
[21:28:29] <skunkworks> issues?
[21:29:48] <kollabierer> i'll try to use the tool length sensor
[21:30:24] <kollabierer> 2.2 has new commands
[21:31:49] <skunkworks> this? http://cvs.linuxcnc.org/cvs/emc2/nc_files/tool-length-probe.ngc
[21:33:09] <kollabierer> hm, yes i think G43.1 is new
[21:34:24] <kollabierer> currently i'm working in a sandbox with ubuntu under windows xp :-)
[21:35:09] <kollabierer> i am new to linux
[21:35:43] <kollabierer> which c++ IDE do you use? which one is the best?
[21:49:09] <skunkworks> heh - I am only a user
[21:49:21] <skunkworks> but your in the right place - just a bit slow right now
[21:49:24] <kollabierer> oh sorry
[21:50:26] <skunkworks> if you check in off and on - you will run into developers that can give you more info
[21:51:16] <jepler> I prefer "old-school" development tools: terminal, vim, gdb. I've never really used what people call an IDE.
[21:51:31] <skunkworks> there is one :)
[21:51:38] <kollabierer> :-)
[21:53:14] <aaa4> hi everyone
[21:53:42] <kollabierer> i like IDEs but i don't know what works fine with linux
[21:55:15] <jepler> some I know of are: anjuta (gnome), eclipse, kdevelop (kde)
[21:55:26] <jepler> no experience with them though
[21:55:53] <jepler> emacs includes a lot of "ide-like" functionality: you can read documentation, build software, and run the debugger all from inside one application..
[21:56:21] <aaa4> I'm using the eclipse IDE right now to play with the emc2 code, it's not bad for C++
[21:56:42] <kollabierer> sounds good
[21:57:10] <kollabierer> oh no - if i compile with --enable-simulator i get make: *** [../rtlib/abs.so] Error 1
[21:57:18] <kollabierer> :-(
[21:58:17] <jepler> use http://pastebin.ca to show at least a few more lines -- it's something just above that is the real problem
[21:58:27] <jepler> >>> u"The\N{no-break space}end is nigh".split(None, 1)
[21:58:27] <jepler> [u'The', u'end is nigh']
[21:58:41] <jepler> sigh, usually Python does exactly what I want, but not this time
[21:59:12] <jepler> (I wanted to get [u'The\xa0end', u'is nigh'])
[22:00:47] <aaa4> Does anyone know if there is a place that utility classes belong inside the code?
[22:01:07] <aaa4> I'm just messing around and added a string class but not sure where it could go
[22:05:00] <kollabierer> ok jepler. wait a minute it is building now. and it runs in virtual pc under windows xp - so it is very slow :-(
[22:05:16] <jepler> if you just type "make" again it should proceed very quickly to the error
[22:05:58] <kollabierer> i cleaned it
[22:06:11] <jepler> aaa4: there's not really a "good" location -- right now some utility libraries (like 'posemath' and 'inifile') are somewhat erroneously under the libnml/ directory; If we need a string library, it should probably go in a new directory libstring/, or lib/string/ if we imagine having more than a dozen or so such libraries
[22:06:29] <aaa4> thanks jepler
[22:06:37] <aaa4> I'm trying to fix the named owords
[22:06:58] <aaa4> and it didn't look like there was a string class
[22:07:07] <jepler> though consider just using std::string -- for historical reasons (I think the Free compilers just weren't mature at the time), the STL is not really used in emc.
[22:07:34] <jepler> now it's just fine, almost everyone is using gcc 4.x, a few stragglers on 3.x ..
[22:07:42] <aaa4> i tried that, but the compiler didn't seem to recognize std::string
[22:07:47] <SWPadnos> I'd love to see some "porting" of the C++ parts of EMC2 to use STL
[22:07:57] <SWPadnos> did you inlcude <string>
[22:08:01] <SWPadnos> or is it <strings>
[22:08:14] <SWPadnos> the important part is no .h on the file name
[22:08:18] <jepler> not all the files are compiled with the C++ compiler, but I would have said offhand that all of the interpreter is
[22:08:25] <aaa4> hmm
[22:08:25] <aaa4> let me try that
[22:08:31] <aaa4> i was doing #include<string.h>
[22:08:33] <aaa4> let me try it without the .h
[22:08:45] <SWPadnos> one of them gets you the C header, the other the C+ header
[22:08:48] <SWPadnos> ++
[22:11:49] <aaa4> looks like using #include<string> followed by using std::string; works
[22:11:55] <SWPadnos> cool
[22:12:05] <aaa4> so it's ok to use STL in the emc2 code?
[22:12:08] <jepler> (you can look at the extension to see if it's compiled with the C++ compiler -- .cc is C++, .c is traditional C)
[22:12:34] <jepler> aaa4: in any file that's already compiled by the C++ compiler, yes.
[22:12:52] <SWPadnos> my preference would be to remove any EMC2 c++ code that replicates standard library functions, and use STL instead
[22:12:53] <aaa4> is there a formal code review or anything like that if I wanted to submit bug fixes?
[22:13:06] <kollabierer> no error this time jepler :-) perhaps due to the previous cleaning
[22:13:27] <SWPadnos> sure - ask here and one of us will take a look. if you do a lot of fixes, then you can ge CVS write access
[22:13:32] <SWPadnos> get
[22:13:53] <SWPadnos> one thing - bug fixes are one thing, porting to STL is another. it's best to keep the changes separate
[22:14:30] <aaa4> I'm looking at fixing the named oword feature since I need it myself for something I'm doing
[22:14:48] <aaa4> the named parameters are not using STL and the code for both are kind of similar
[22:15:11] <aaa4> would you recommend I use STL to fix the name oword code or mimic what was done for named parameters?
[22:15:19] <SWPadnos> that's a tough one
[22:15:31] <jepler> I recommend you get in touch with the guy who has been doing the o-words, and find out how you can effectively collaborate with him.
[22:15:38] <SWPadnos> indeed - that's a good idea
[22:15:44] <aaa4> that sounds like a good idea
[22:16:02] <jepler> aaa4: I /msg'd you with his e-mail address
[22:16:10] <jepler> that's probably the best way to get in touch with him -- he uses IRC but only rarely
[22:17:00] <aaa4> is there a cutoff date to get fixes in before 2.2?
[22:17:59] <jepler> if it's a bugfix, no
[22:18:09] <aaa4> ok
[22:18:19] <jepler> the 'deadline' has passed for new features except for new drivers that don't affect anything else
[22:18:25] <aaa4> i have to go now. I will contact the original developer of the named owords
[22:18:27] <jepler> OK
[22:18:30] <jepler> nice meeting you
[22:18:33] <jepler> drop by anytime
[22:18:35] <aaa4> nice meeting you too
[22:18:41] <aaa4> I'm new to this whole IRC thing
[22:18:43] <aaa4> I'll try to drop in more often.
[22:18:44] <aaa4> bye
[22:35:50] <kollabierer> thanks jepler
[22:35:57] <kollabierer> bye bye ...