#emc-devel | Logs for 2006-08-20

[09:06:51] <alex_joni> dan_falck: not really a record, we had over 40, but it's not nice either
[17:48:24] <rayh> I don't seem to be getting a proper install of AXIS from the cvs today.
[17:48:33] <rayh> EMC2 - pre-2.1 CVS HEAD
[17:48:33] <rayh> Machine configuration directory is '/home/rayh/emc/emc2/configs/nist-lathe/'
[17:48:33] <rayh> Machine configuration file is 'inch.ini'
[17:48:33] <rayh> Starting emc...
[17:48:33] <rayh> Can't execute DISPLAY program /home/rayh/emc/emc2/bin/axis
[17:48:59] <alex_joni> did you cvs up -dP ?
[17:49:08] <alex_joni> did this emc2 work with axis earlier?
[17:49:12] <alex_joni> did you run make?
[17:49:21] <rayh> Yep to cvs up
[17:49:26] <rayh> yep to make
[17:49:51] <rayh> I don't know about axis earlier. This is the first I've tried with it's code in cvs.
[17:50:13] <alex_joni> did you remove share and lib/python ?
[17:50:39] <alex_joni> cd emc2; rm -rf share lib/python
[17:50:45] <alex_joni> cvs up -dP
[17:50:49] <alex_joni> make ..
[17:51:22] <rayh> checking /Python.h usability... no
[17:51:23] <rayh> checking /Python.h presence... no
[17:51:23] <rayh> checking for /Python.h... no
[17:51:23] <rayh> c
[17:51:39] <alex_joni> sudo apt-get build-dep emc2-axis
[17:53:09] <alex_joni> rayh: regarding the email you sent on the users list.. are you sure that the EMC on BDI 4.38 does have HOME_OFFSET ?
[17:53:20] <alex_joni> rayh: cause I really don't know..
[17:54:10] <rayh> Yes it does.
[17:54:42] <rayh> And having said that I'll got start up the box.
[17:54:46] <rayh> go
[17:55:09] <alex_joni> ok, you probably know more than me about that :)
[17:58:58] <rayh> Yep it's in there.
[17:59:10] <alex_joni> ok
[17:59:11] <rayh> But you did make me look.
[17:59:19] <alex_joni> sorry for that :)
[17:59:42] <rayh> I'm not. Just been a long time since I'd worked with that system.
[18:04:16] <alex_joni> made you waste some time though :D
[18:05:19] <rayh> Nah.
[18:05:25] <rayh> spent some.
[18:06:00] <rayh> Do we want to put user and integrator "config" files in configs?
[18:06:14] <rayh> Or is it better to separate by chapter.
[18:07:08] <rayh> fortunately cradek can fix up the cvs if we make changes.
[18:09:28] <alex_joni> I'm not following..
[18:09:48] <alex_joni> what do you mean by putting user and integrator "config" files in configs ?
[18:17:24] <rayh> docs/src/config
[18:17:41] <alex_joni> anything relevant to config goes in there
[18:17:41] <rayh> or should it be docs/src/kinematics
[18:17:58] <rayh> except hal stuff
[18:18:00] <alex_joni> that can work too, although maybe motion/ is a bit more general
[18:18:19] <alex_joni> and can hold a bit more than just the kins
[18:18:25] <alex_joni> TP and other bits and pieces
[18:19:16] <rayh> Okay. kins will go in motion
[18:19:22] <rayh> as will leadscrew comp.
[18:21:20] <rayh> I've got a ways to go with the python stuff and then I'll work some on getting kins in place.
[18:24:09] <alex_joni> ok, I added the first few bits to the integrator manual
[18:40:00] <rayh> I saw that. Thanks
[18:40:09] <rayh> Still have a problem with axis.
[18:40:12] <rayh> Linking python module hal.so
[18:40:13] <rayh> /usr/bin/ld: cannot open output file ../lib/python/hal.so: No such file or directory
[18:41:00] <alex_joni> did you cvs up -dP after the rm?
[18:41:06] <alex_joni> then a new configure && make ?
[18:42:43] <rayh> Yes to both.
[18:42:54] <rayh> and it did say I've got python stuff.
[18:43:52] <alex_joni> the hal.so needs to be built by the make process
[18:43:59] <alex_joni> but maybe the dir isn't there?
[18:44:19] <rayh> okay let me add a directory.
[18:48:28] <rayh> odd the dirs were in place and part of python built
[18:48:40] <rayh> the second make and I've got axis executable now.
[18:48:54] <alex_joni> good
[18:51:26] <rayh> nope the sim spindle is not set up in nist-lathe.
[18:51:51] <cradek> I think max has a simulated spindle
[18:52:06] <cradek> nist-lathe is the actual config that runs that lathe
[18:52:21] <rayh> * rayh looking
[18:54:06] <rayh> That's it.
[18:54:10] <rayh> Thanks again.
[19:16:14] <rayh> Shall I make a docs/src/motion directory in cvs?
[19:17:14] <rayh> Then kins and motmod lyx would reside there?
[19:17:30] <cradek> sounds good to me
[19:17:47] <alex_joni> same here
[19:17:49] <rayh> k