#emc-devel | Logs for 2006-07-25

[14:29:57] <jepler> what I'm working on today: http://emergent.unpy.net/files/sandbox/show_errors.png
[14:32:10] <jepler> hi rayh
[14:32:15] <jepler> rayh: 09:40:15 <jepler> what I'm working on today: http://emergent.unpy.net/files/sandbox/show_errors.png
[14:33:34] <jepler> if the 'emc' script exits with an error, it will pop this up and show everything to the user
[14:35:13] <rayh> Fantastic.
[14:44:35] <jepler> I guess I'll take a chance and check this stuff in
[14:48:31] <rayh> I'd support that.
[14:54:59] <rayh> Long ago we had a similar report run from tickle. Your setup here is much more detailed.
[15:05:15] <jepler> I don't think I knew about that.
[15:37:40] <rayh> That was way back.
[15:50:12] <rayh> jepler, Do you have image magic on your default ubuntu install?
[15:50:52] <rayh> a command "convert -v" should give a pile of reply.
[15:53:06] <cradek> I do
[15:53:57] <cradek> well one of my machines has it and another doesn't, so it must not be installed by default
[15:54:09] <jepler> I don't think it's installed by default
[15:54:19] <jepler> why do you ask? Did I write something that requires it?
[15:56:44] <jepler> we can add it to the requirements for the emc2 package if necessary
[15:59:46] <rayh> Okay. I instalaled it for my LyX program but was going to suggest another ubuntu user compress images with it.
[15:59:57] <rayh> installed
[16:00:17] <rayh> Thanks guys.
[16:00:29] <jepler> ah, ok
[20:56:10] <jepler> by the way, if you're running emc from the shell, you can trigger the new graphical error window by adding "< /dev/null" to the commandline
[20:56:46] <jepler> when stdin is a terminal, it just prints a note about the failure and tells you where the files are; if not, it assumes it's running from an icon and pops up the little wish app
[20:58:24] <jepler> someone with systems other than ubuntu should add regular expressions to recoginze the first kernel message logged by emc when it starts; I hardcoded a string that the adeos.ko module prints when loaded.