#emc-devel | Logs for 2006-06-16

[17:18:03] <skunkworks> dapper just puked out a bunch of updates - 60 to be exact including kernel.
[17:38:26] <alex_joni> hmm..
[17:42:17] <skunkworks> not your kernel
[17:42:30] <skunkworks> (this machine doesn't have emc on it)
[17:42:47] <alex_joni> yeah, I figured :)
[17:42:58] <alex_joni> skunkworks: you know your ways around mills?
[17:43:59] <skunkworks> some what
[17:45:14] <skunkworks> whats up?
[17:46:57] <alex_joni> I need a proper description of a ballmill
[17:47:17] <alex_joni> one that you would use to mill Chips
[17:47:23] <alex_joni> (and hopefully will:D)
[17:48:26] <skunkworks> * skunkworks ususally holds the mill up to the light and says - hmmm looks about right.
[17:48:43] <skunkworks> what do you have for a milling machine?
[17:48:55] <skunkworks> I thought you only had a little x-y tabel
[17:48:58] <skunkworks> tabel
[17:49:03] <skunkworks> damn table
[17:49:09] <Lerneaen_Hydra> lol
[18:05:49] <alex_joni> skunkworks: I have no mill.. just want to CAM the tu
[18:05:51] <alex_joni> tux
[18:05:59] <alex_joni> and I wondered what settings to enter into the CAM
[20:07:03] <alex_joni> skunkworks: 71 updates here
[20:18:04] <alex_joni> most of gnome
[20:53:52] <skunkworks> I think a lot of bugs where found in the first few weeks :)
[21:00:02] <alex_joni> yeah.. just read through the kernel changelog
[21:00:05] <alex_joni> nothing interesting