#emc-devel | Logs for 2006-06-04

[00:00:12] <alex_joni> find . -path './scripts/*' -prune -o -path './Documentation/*' -prune -o \
[00:00:16] <alex_joni> -path './debian/*' -prune -o -type f \
[00:00:18] <alex_joni> \( -name 'Makefile*' -o -name 'Kconfig*' \) -print | \
[00:00:21] <alex_joni> cpio -pd --preserve-modification-time $(HEADER_SRC);
[00:00:37] <alex_joni> it was "Makefile" before and I changed to "'Makefile*'"
[00:01:02] <cradek> cool
[00:02:06] <alex_joni> this is a bumpy road
[00:03:03] <cradek> you see why I'm happy you're doing it this time
[00:03:35] <alex_joni> I certainly do :)
[00:04:15] <alex_joni> I remember the 'old' days when you actually ran 'make menuconfig && make bzImage && make modules && make modules_install'
[00:04:20] <alex_joni> that was EASY
[00:05:37] <alex_joni> oh,btw.. did you know there is no ADEOS any more?
[00:05:43] <cradek> no
[00:05:49] <alex_joni> CONFIG_ADEOS & such
[00:05:52] <cradek> oh is that IPIPE now?
[00:05:56] <alex_joni> right
[00:06:09] <alex_joni> I kept looking and looking :)
[00:06:33] <cradek> I don't understand the difference but I know for a while both have been options
[00:06:41] <alex_joni> and it seems make-kpkg is kinda borked for making custom kernels
[00:07:08] <alex_joni> lucky me there was a guy in #ubuntu-kernel who tried my first kernel out, and found out why there is no usplash
[00:07:51] <cradek> that's the whole point of make-kpkg
[00:08:03] <cradek> not that I disagree with you
[00:08:27] <alex_joni> Because initramfs-tools isn't finding any framebuffers in /initrd/, it's not
[00:08:27] <alex_joni> loading fbcon.
[00:08:27] <alex_joni> 23:02 < infinity> No fbcon, no usplash.
[00:08:54] <alex_joni> he told me a way to make a custom post-install script
[00:09:08] <alex_joni> to convince make-kpkg to do the needed stuff
[00:10:00] <cradek> yuck
[00:10:53] <alex_joni> oh-oh..
[00:11:01] <alex_joni> something is borked.. check this out:
[00:11:04] <alex_joni> -magma/usr/realtime-2.6.15-magma/modules# pwd
[00:11:04] <alex_joni> /usr/src/modules/rtai-3.3/debian/rtai-modules-2.6.15-magma/usr/src/modules/rtai-3.3/debian/rtai-modules-2.6.15-magma/usr/realtime-2.6.15-magma/modules
[00:11:27] <alex_joni> doesn't quite seem like the right path.. does it?
[00:11:38] <cradek> um, no
[00:12:36] <alex_joni> hmm.. might have borked the rtai-path
[00:13:19] <alex_joni> when I run the make-kpkg .. modules_image
[00:13:27] <alex_joni> I get an menuconfig for rtai eventually
[00:13:33] <alex_joni> what paths do I put in there?
[00:13:40] <cradek> are you using the same rtai as I used?
[00:13:43] <alex_joni> yes
[00:13:49] <alex_joni> apt-get source..
[00:13:50] <cradek> maybe there are udev fixes in rtai cvs
[00:14:07] <alex_joni> hmm.. then I need to debianize it..?
[00:14:11] <cradek> yes
[00:14:17] <alex_joni> hard?
[00:14:39] <cradek> iirc you just use dmake and then fix up its generated files
[00:16:06] <cradek> I also did madwifi that way
[00:16:25] <alex_joni> root@ubuntu:/usr/src/modules/rtai-3.3# dmake
[00:16:25] <alex_joni> dmake: Executing shell macro: $(srctree)/base/config/autoconf/config.guess
[00:16:25] <alex_joni> dmake: makefile: line 20: Error: -- /base/config/autoconf/config.guess: No such file or directory
[00:16:28] <alex_joni> dmake: Error code -1, while making 'Shell escape'
[00:17:32] <alex_joni> maybe I should run ./configure first?
[00:17:56] <alex_joni> hmm.. there is a makefile..
[00:17:57] <cradek> sorry I don't remember
[00:18:03] <alex_joni> :-)
[00:20:23] <alex_joni> was it dmake?
[00:20:42] <cradek> ummm
[00:20:58] <alex_joni> ii dmake 4.3+cvs2006010 make utility used to build OpenOffice.org
[00:21:10] <cradek> guess not
[00:21:40] <cradek> debuild?
[00:22:24] <cradek> there's one that makes the debian directory for you
[00:22:27] <alex_joni> I think that's for building
[00:23:03] <alex_joni> deb-make ?
[00:23:25] <alex_joni> debmake ?
[00:23:49] <alex_joni> debmake - helper package for debian/rules (deprecated)
[00:24:01] <cradek> dh_make
[00:25:04] <cradek> Then dh_make proceeds to generate a "debian" subdirectory and the nec-
[00:25:07] <cradek> essary control files in the program source directory. Those control
[00:25:10] <cradek> files are customized with the packagename and version extracted from
[00:25:13] <cradek> ...
[00:25:25] <alex_joni> yay
[00:25:44] <cradek> what a mess
[00:25:52] <cradek> all package management systems suck
[00:26:00] <alex_joni> yup
[00:26:08] <cradek> rpm is even worse than deb
[00:26:21] <alex_joni> I guess 'kernel module' right?
[00:26:25] <cradek> yes
[00:26:29] <alex_joni> dh_make is asking what package..
[00:54:27] <alex_joni> cradek: your patch produces a Module.symvers, right?
[00:54:37] <alex_joni> so that module builds don't complain..
[00:55:00] <alex_joni> during the rtai build, I see the file vanish, and a new oen appears called __Module.symvers
[00:55:29] <alex_joni> * alex_joni is talkign about /usr/src/linux-headers-2.6.15-magma/Module.symvers
[01:00:50] <cradek> just an empty file
[01:01:24] <alex_joni> yeah, but it gets renamed for who knows what reason
[01:02:01] <cradek> good grief
[01:02:16] <cradek> do you have modversions etc turned off?
[01:02:23] <cradek> you started with my .config right?
[01:03:28] <alex_joni> yes, I do
[01:04:03] <alex_joni> I didn't manage to start with yours.. too many differences.. but I have all the relevant stuff in there
[01:04:09] <cradek> ok
[01:05:42] <alex_joni> I'm having a bit of a problem now..
[01:05:54] <alex_joni> can't figure out what you meant here:
[01:06:28] <alex_joni> cp debian/$(PKGNAME)/usr/src/modules/rtai-3.3/debian/rtai-modules-2.6.12-magma/usr/realtime-2.6.12-magma/modules/*.ko $(CURDIR)/debian/$(PKGNAME)$(RTAI_PREFIX)/modules
[01:06:31] <alex_joni> rm -r debian/$(PKGNAME)/usr/src
[01:07:53] <cradek> probably the rtai makefiles put stuff in the wrong place
[01:08:26] <cradek> obviously the first path it installs to is bogus
[01:08:32] <cradek> so I guess that was my way of fixing it
[01:08:37] <alex_joni> but I don't see that path here..
[01:08:47] <alex_joni> probably you missed a control file or whatever
[01:09:13] <alex_joni> I commented out those 2 lines, and trying again :)