#emc-devel | Logs for 2005-12-31

[00:29:56] <alex_joni_laptop> hello
[00:45:38] <lilo> [Global Notice] Good morning all....please take a look at the news page when you get a chance. Happy holidays. :) http://freenode.net/news.shtml
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[01:04:11] <ajoni> hope I'm not bothering anyone by testing a bit
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[09:17:18] <lilo> [Global Notice] Hi all. In about 45 minutes, it will be 2006 on Kiritimati (Christmas Island).... don't forget to go get your invitation to freenode's New Year's celebration.... http://freenode.net/news.shtml :)
[09:57:06] <lilo> [Global Notice] Okay, folks, this is it. We are approaching New Year's on Kiritimati, which is pretty much the first moment it's 2006 on Planet Earth. Please come by #freenode-newyears and help us celebrate! :)
[13:02:01] <rayh> Started a pristine emc2 from checkout yesterday.
[13:02:18] <rayh> issued scripts/emc stepper
[13:02:32] <rayh> got the choice stuff (nice work jmk)
[13:02:49] <rayh> selected inch and ran it.
[13:03:00] <rayh> when I closed it down I got this error.
[13:03:04] <rayh> Shutting down and cleaning up EMC...
[13:03:04] <rayh> _sem.c 72: semctl(1933312,0,0) failed: (errno = 1) Operation not permitted
[13:07:07] <rayh> same result from a directory with a single ini.
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