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conics — console iCalendar tool

conics — console iCalendar tool

Pavel Shramov

Revision History
Revision 0.0.13Sat, 08 Nov 2008 14:03:54 +0300PS

Table of Contents

What is it?
Why one more?

What is it?

conics is a simple console todo manager inspired by [devtodo]. Main feautures are

  • iCalendar files as backend storage [rfc2445]
  • linking different todo files (remote over http[s] are also supported)
  • hierarchical todo list

Up-to-date version of this manual is located at

Feel free to contact me (Pavel Shramov <>) if You have suggestions.

Why one more?

Reason is very simple — I've not found any console tool compatible with GUI tools like Mozilla or korganizer. One of the best tools [devtodo] lacks many features like compatibility and remote lists. Also it's very hard to improve it since it's written in C++ . So goal was to reimplement devtodo's functionality (at least part of it) in python with iCalendar backend.


Links are implemented as extension of VTODO nodes of calendar. X-REMOTE-URI property if found is treated as link to another file. This scheme was chosen so other iCal tools show this as simple todo task. link command also sets description equal to X-REMOTE-URI field. Since link is a todo item all operations with it are possible — changing priority, description, etc.


Install conics

apt-get install conics

or pickup last version from

Add task

conics add --prio veryhigh 'Sample task'
Long description (end with ^D): some description

Add conics todo list from git

conics link --title 'conics todo' \

or watch it directly

conics show \

Watch what you've got


show is default action when nothing else is specified or when first arg is option. Other commands may be found with conics help. Options for each command are available with -h flag e.g. conics link -h.


Current todo list is available from git repo at;a=blob_plain;f=.todo.ics;hb=master

or in text form at;a=blob_plain;f=TODO;hb=HEAD


Available from